Preachers Wife Chapter 6 from Preachers Daughter S

Pam, the 38D MILF preachers wife that had become my willing cum slut and sex slave had been getting fucked by me about once a week and before church each Sunday morning, although she did not know it, her husband, John, the preacher I was blackmailing him too.

It had been two months since I fucked John but we would text or call on the phone and I kept him informed of how I was using his wife and 23 year old daughter, whom was pregnant with my c***d...he would jack off while I talked to him or sent him pictures.

Anyway, back to Pam. Last Wed was a awesome day. It started just after midnight with Pam's daughter Jaimie crawled into my room wearing a short teddy and nothing else as I had told her to do. I and my wife went to bed at ten PM that night, I had slipped my wife a sl**ping pill into her wine so soon after I fucked her and we both cum, she fell asl**p very soundly and content. Just after midnight Jaimie whom was up studying for her college classes crawled into my bedroom as I had told her too. She had her number #1 slut dog collar on and leach, as directed.

She crawled to my side of the bed, I watched her crawl to me watching her tits move hanging down but them feigned sl**p.

Jaimie slowly pulled back the covers and found my cock. She went down and began to lick it, no doubt she could smell my wifes pussy and taste her dried juice and cum as well as my dried cum on it. Jaimie licked and expertly sucked me hard, she sucked harder and I reached down wrapping her leach in my hands. My live in cum slut was now my trained obedient cum slut. She sucked me until I cum hard, Jaimie swallowing all of it, then licking me clean. I then roughly said, "crawl back to your room bitch!"

Jaimie lowered her head and I watched her crawl away, her shaved pussy and ass looking so nice as she crawled from my bedroom. I sat the alarm for 3 AM and went to sl**p.

At 3 AM I got up, shut off the alarm and went to take a leak. Then I walked next door and entered Jaimies room. She had removed the leach and hid it from my wife in our secret hiding spot. I pulled the covers from her and looked at her sexy young 23 year old perfect body, starting to show a little belly from my baby, which my wife did not know. I then roughly put a hand over her mouth and roughly slapped her face and pinched her nipple, she squirmed, first alarmed then realized it was me. But it hurt, as I pinched and twisted Jaimie teared up and I told her not to scream nor make a sound. I stopped pinching her nipple and I rolled her onto her back, spread eagled and then I ripped her sexy teddy away, slapping both of her tits hard. She winched.
"Master, what if Charlotte hears of comes in?" I told her my wife was sound asl**p and for speaking or questioning me, she would be ass fucked.

I took the torn teddy and gagged her then I began to pinch her, tease her, and alternated pain and pleasure. By now, I know what she enjoyed and it was not long until she was soaking the bed and arching her pussy to me.

I then dived into that hot snatch and I ate my number #1 slut to a big orgasm, then I rolled her over, pulled her on all fours and spanked her hard, rubbing them spanking alternating with clit and pussy and asshole play. I tongued that pussy from behind and her ass and Jaimie cum again.

I then stood, grabbed her hard by her hair and pulled her up from the bed and told her to grab my cock and not let go as I let her to bedroom. I opened all doors quietly, then I whispered "do not wake Charlotte" and I put Jaimie on all fours on the floor and I began to fuck her, I fucked her tight young pussy hard and she cum again, she enjoyed me using her in front of my unaware sl**ping beauty wife.

I stopped before I cum and made her come closer, I then moved the covers some and reached up and fingered my wife pussy a minute, she moaned. I then got back behind Jaimie and removed the gag, as I stuffed those pussy smelling fingers under her nose and into her mouth I pressed me hard cock into her tight pussy. I was kind to my slut and lubed me cock this time but as I pounded her tight asshole she whimpered. But as I reached down and fingered her pussy and clit, she tightened up and cum yet again with my cock stretching her tight butt out, that put me over and I dumped a pint of cum into my live in sex slaves asshole a few feet from my sl**ping wife. I then pulled out and made her lick and suck me clean, as a final note, I raised the covers and told Jaimie she had to run her wet tongue along the crack of my sl**ping wifes ass one time before she returned to her room to sl**p. She looked at me funny, but she complied!

Jaimie then went to sl**p in her room and I went back to sl**p. In the morning I woke up with wood and fucked my wife again thinking about how that cock had been in Jamies ass earlier.

Wife went to work, Jaimie got out k**s off to school, and then she got ready for her daytime college class she now had a couple days per week.

I then Decided NOT to shower, instead, I took a Viagra and called the preachers wife!

John, the preacher answered the phone. I asked him what he was doing today, "nothing really" he replied. I told him, "well, your daughter woke me at midnight sucking my cock, and I butt fucked her at 3 AM and she cum, she is a real slut John!" Now, I want you to go somewhere and saw you will be home at 5 PM but come home at 3 PM instead. Now, let me talk to your wife bitch!"

I heard John say, "Pam honey, it is for you"

Pam, "Hello"

Me, "good morning slut! How is my number #2 cum slut this morning"

Pam, "wow, glad to hear Jaimie is doing so well with school and helping around the house."

Me, "I hear John is going somewhere today, don't matter, I want you. In fact, I want you at my house in one hour! I want you to drive into my garage. Be wearing a summer dress like I like, sexy bra and panties. text when you are five minutes away!" I hung up.

I did not hear Pam say after I got off the phone, sure, we can think of something for Jaimies birthday. John asked what I wanted and she said they wanted to throw Jaimie a surprise 24 year old birthday party for her birthday coming soon. John wondered if that was true or not and wondered what it really meant. He was hurt, angry and humiliated as he know he wife, of all these years, would probably be fucking me today.

As mad as he was, he also remembered how hot it made him to think about it, about me fucking his wife and daughter and although they were blackmailed, he wondered if they secretly liked it...because, he felt so guilty but he now knew the feeling of another mans cock and help him, but he loved it and secretly wished I would take him again. It had been two months and nothing!

Anyway, he did as he was ordered and told Pam he would be gone until 5 PM and he started to get ready to go. She told him she was going shopping but he noticed on a chilly day she was pressing a summer dress.

John left and although he wanted to follow her, he did not. He had preacher duties to do but he could not. Instead, he went to a hotel, after going "shopping" for his wifey and in the hotel for the first time he dressed in a short dress, and spent the day masturbating and thinking...

Pam, she showered, shaved, trimmed her hairy bush and put perfume on her breasts and waist. She wanted to "please Master"...she got her special hidden toy box out and took the leach and collar and put in her purse. She hurried to Masters house.

As she was about five minutes out she texted she was close. Master texted, pull into the open garage, affix your collar and leach and get out of the car, stand in front of your car facing the hood.

She did as told, the garage door closed and she heard Master come into the garage. Then she felt his tender hands that could be rough on her, touching her, kissing her neck, feeling her large tits, rubbing her hard nipples, hard from the cold and excitement, then Masters hands were up Pams dress checking her, she was already wet. I let her know I liked that. Then she felt my hard cock against her dress pressing into her ass, she pressed back. Then a blind fold covered her eyes, her arms were roughly yanked back and cuffed, her legs were roughly kicked apart then she was f***ed to stand spread legged, she felt Master reach around and just rip her dress open, she felt something cold against her skin and realized it was a knife or scissors, it cut the bra and her tits hung free, she was then pushed roughly over the hood of her car and her legs brought up on the bumper, she knew Master would take her soon.

Pam was loving this. In Masters house, vulnerable as a controlled sex slave. She had come so far in a few months from the innocent proper preachers wife to a cum loving BDSM whore. Yes, she felt guilt. But, now, she felt NEED.

Pam moaned and screamed out as she felt Masters hard cock penetrate her pussy, no foreplay, just rough taking her and using her for Masters pleasure.

Well, I fucked Pam hard, I spanked that perfect MILF married ass, watched it jiggle and I rough fucked her pussy, pulling her arms and telling her what a slutty preachers wife she was and how I was going to use her all day, I filled her with my cum and she cum too, what a slut!

I then pulled her up, spun her and slapped her, then kissed her soft, then slapped her tits, then tenderly sucked them and licked them. I pulled her over near the work bench and the wall. I dropped down a hoist and I hooked in onto her hands, which I now had bound in front of her. I raised her to her tippy toes.

I ripped and cut the remaining dress from her body and I took nipple clamps and tightened them on Pam. Until she squirmed and a tear appeared.

I then cut away her panties and put them in her mouth.

I removed her sandals and looked at my naked tied up slut. Next I took rope and bound her tits hard.

Pam then was subject to me using her leach on hitting her tits and clit. Finally, I took some of my wifes cloths pins and put on her pussy lips and finally her clit.

The whole time my hard on wanted her. I finally removed the cloth pins from her pussy and lifted her legs as I fucked her again against the wall. I just used her, calling her dirty names and fucking her for all I was worth. It took a while but I did cum again and she then cum.

Finally, I lowered the hoist and removed the ropes and clamps and clips, I removed the gag and holding her leach I told her to get on her knees on the concrete garage floor and suck my cock, lick my balls and tongue my ass, not to get off her knees until she made me cum again. She did, it took a while, her knees were red, swollen and sore, I told her how I fucked my wife last night, how at midnight her daughter had crawled into my room and sucked me off, how at 3 AM I had went into her daughter Jaimies room and took her hard, and how I had ass fucked her in front of my sl**ping wife and finally how I made Jaimie lick my sl**ping wifes ass. As I talked to her, I could sense shame, disgust, humiliation, and also a horny sexual energy. Finally Pam asked me, "Master, may I please play with myself as I suck you" -- I allowed her. Pam cum as I told her these things and I in turn filled her mouth again with my cum. Pam swallowed every drop.

A check of the clock told me I had used and fucked her for 3 hours in the garage.

I then took her to Jaimies room and fucked Pam in her daughters bed.

Finally, I took her to my bed and fucked her in my marital bed. Wow, did she ever work for it.

I told her how at the Fall Women's retreat she was to share a room with my wife and get close to hear. On the return they should detour and get a separate hotel. I told her she was to get two bottles of wine, my wifes favorite, and confide to my wife that "as a preachers wife I never drink but want to try it" and I want you to get my wife d***k. You act d***k, but get her d***k and then pour her some whiskey. I told her she was confide to my wife that she knew it was wrong but she had always wanted to, "kiss another woman" and that she found my wife so attractive and I ordered her to try to make out, and more it possible, with my wife. To place a hidden camera and take a shot at it. When Pam started to refuse I reminded her of the consequences and of all the new video I had of her being a willing submissive cum slut. She agreed to try. I told Pam I had been talking to my wife about fucking another woman when we had sex and had watched some girl on girl porn and she always cum hard. I know it was a fantasy for her, I wanted Pam to seduce her, and record it. She agreed. We talked more in detail about how and what she could do. Pam began to get excited at the thought and I went down on her, she cum and as I crawled over her fucking her I asked if she was ready to fuck my hot wife and she said, yes

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Great job I'm enjoying this series but when we find out how you doing with this other girl or such a teenager thanks for posting gray story :-)