Young Mother from garage sale fucked rough

I waited until Friday and then called Katrina's cell number.

I told her who it was and asked if she was still game for a good time. She was nervous, somewhat hesitant, but she said, "OK, I will do the same as last time for $500" I told her "No, you will do the same as last time and I will fuck you for $500 dollars"

She asked where and I told her to slip away from her friends (see earlier story) and to meet me at a nice hotel where I would have a room reserved. She was to go to the desk, ask for me by name, and call the room. I would then let her come up.

I asked how long she had, she said an hour and I said bull shit, plan on 3 or 4 hours and hung up. I told her to wear a dress or short skirt and a sexy thong.

I fucked the wife hard, Jaimie hard and the preachers wife each day until Thursday, then I made up a business trip story and waited. I wanted a big load of cum for this young mother.

I went to the hotel and checked in that afternoon and put hidden cameras in four locations, I wanted to catch this young 19 or 20 year old mommy as I might later decide I wanted more, and the video would be handy.

I then hooked up the thumb drive to a lap top and run over to the big screen, I had some clips of my wife sucking my cock, the preacher's wife and daughter sucking my cock and some of the BDSM sessions of the preachers wife and daughter.

I was in my room when I took the call, and she sounded very nervous. I told her the room number and to come up.

There was a knock at my door, I watched her, I made her knock again.

I let her in, you look lovely my dear I told her. Come in. She hesitated and walked in, I could smell alcohol. I said, "I thought nursing mothers should not drink?"

She told me she normally did not but had to drink for the courage to come over. I asked what she told her friends to get away and she said she told them she felt sick and wanted to go home. Her MILF mommy was watching the little one.

I told her I wanted to see her drivers license, to make sure she was 18. She is like, "come on asshole, you should have done that before you paid me to suck your cock at the garage sale" -- she produced her license and I held it so the camera would catch it. Mmmmm, only 19 huh? Married and a mommy. "Yes she said"

I told her that her husband was a asshole out fishing with friends spending money they did not have when he could be home fucking such a lovely young wife. She said she would take that as a compliment, but sometimes he was a asshole. She then said, "what about you, here paying me for a fuck when you are married, where is your wife mister?" I laughed and said I was a pussy hound and for her to get naked, "NOW"

She removed her dress bra with feeding pads and shoes, only in her jewelry and thong. I told her to take it off too. I then told her to lay back on the bed and watch the big screen.

I removed my shirt and began to kiss and tease her young body, sucking milk and squeezing those milky tits, I then told her to look at the big screen again and I turned on the video clips I had made. As I kissed her neck and fingered her wet pussy I saw her gasp when she saw my MILF wife sucking me, I told her, "there is my wife, she is a great cock sucker and fuck" then Jaimie came on, I told her, "that is my number #1 cum slut and sex slave, see how I dominate her and watch how she cums the way, that little belly on her is my baby...." then I showed her clips of the preachers wife, "that is my number #2 cum slut, if you note a resemblance, that is Jaimies MILF married mommy"

I told her I had a wonderful wife, two wonderful cum slut sex slaves, and I was still horny for her and her little recently had a baby weight body and milk filled tits.

I told her how I loved her blond hair as compared to "my other sluts".... she looked at me and said, "I am not your slut!" I laughed and shoved three fingers in her soaking wet cunt making her jump, catch her breath and a slight moan, "Katrina, you are not my slut that is true, you are my fucking cheap whore that I am going to fuck for $500....lets see if you are worth it"

I then ate her young married pussy while fingering her pussy and asshole, she cum hard, very hard.... I then crawled up kissing her and moved into a 69, she clawed at the hard on in my pants.... damn, she was hot...

I then stood and told her to get on her knees and remove my pants, shoes and socks.

I had her remove the belt and I made a leach and wrapped it around her neck like she saw in my video clips and tightened it. I then told her to suck my cock and balls and to lick my asshole. She looked up sweetly, "I have never licked a ass before" she did... I teased her and milked her nipples while she sucked me. I stopped her before I cum. I pulled her up by her hair and my belt and removed the belt. I threw her onto the bed and jumped on her, I grabbed her ankles and without stopping I just shoved my hard cock balls deep into her 19 year old blond trimmed pussy. OMG she yelled, then she begged me not to cum in her and that I promised to wear a rubber.

I told Katrina, "I never promised to wear a rubber bitch, that's what you said!"

"I am going to breed this hot wet pussy of yours bitch" and I fucked and pounded without mercy, watching her mill filled tits bounce and I would reach down twisting and pulling a nipple watching them squirt.

She began to moan, raise her hips to mine and fuck me back. I asked her if her husband fucked her that way and she said never. I asked her if she liked being a whore and cock slut for me and she said yes. I pounded harder and she moaned more.

I told her I was about to fill her young cunt with my cream and she said, "yes, please, mister please, fill me, give me your cum" and I did! She cum hard as well.

Well, after a rest I had her suck me hard again and then I teased and fingered her until she was ready to cum again, next I rolled her over doggy style and got up to fuck her. She did not complain about no rubber this time as I teased and fucked her cunt, she was loving it. I stopped, reached into a bag by the bed and pulled out a remote controlled vibrator. I put it in her cunt and toyed with her inside her pussy and on her clit. She was going crazy and soaking the bed. Finally, I poured some oil on her ass and shoved a finger in deep, she tightened and screamed "No, Not my ass...not even my husband has my ass" I poured more oil spanked her ass and shoved two fingers in. She screamed and I slapped her ass hard calling her a whore cunt slut and so forth. I then grabbed a gag from the bag and gagged her, she tried to fight and I slapped the bitch hard calling her a 'whore" and asking her what she expected when she "sold her body to men"

Next I yanked back her arms and cuffed her and f***ed her legs apart, working my fingers in her ass and the vibrator. After about ten minutes she relaxed and started humping the vibrator on her clit and going in her pussy and she relaxed. I positioned my cock and as I removed my fingers I f***ed my large thick cock into her ass. Wow, I had not had ass this tight since I took Jaimie, the preachers daughters, 23 year old virgin ass then fucked her mommy in the ass. I worked and worked and finally with pressure and thrusts got half way in her asshole. I pulled out and poured oil and worked it easy as I worked the control on the vibrator. Katrina has a orgasm with my cock in her ass from all the sensations. When she finished cumming, I pulled mostly out then rammed all the way home! She tensed and screamed and seemed to pass out. I just worked that tight asshole until I filled it with my cum. I pulled out and watched the stretched ass and pussy and watched my cum dripping from both. I reached over to my wallet, pulled out $500 in front of the hidden camera, one hundred dollar bill at a time. I rolled them together and stuffed the roll into her cum filled asshole.

I walked around her and wiped my dirty and cum covered cock off on her pretty blond hair she had taken time to fix just right.

I then removed the gag and she "whimpered, calling me a asshole and she began to cry" I removed the hand cuffs and put them all in the bag.

I sat across from her and watched as she began to set up.

She said, "I need to use your shower" and I said, "No, you are not my mistress, sex slave cum slut not a nice call girl--you are a fucking whore--now go home to you husband, your mommy that you guys live with and your baby."

She got up and began to dress when I walked over and took her thong, "I will keep these" and I watched as she retrieved the money from her asshole.

"Why did you treat me like this?" Katrina cried, I told her "I liked the control and I liked using you whore...if you were my private mistress or call girl I would treat you nice, making you cum as we did earlier and not rough fuck your ass like that."

I told her I would call be again, Katrina said, "don't bother asshole, you made me feel good, you made me do things I don't even do with my husband, then you wrecked my virgin asshole...we can get by without any more money from you!"

Very well I said and I let her walk out. I watched her as she walked through the lobby, makeup running, cloths messed up, no panties and looking freshly fucked, she also walked like she had a sore ass. I smiled.

Then I went to retrieve all the hidden cameras and watched the video. I had to jack off looking at them.

I would be calling her again after all, surely, she would not want mommy nor her new husband to see her selling herself like this to a man that she gave a blowjob to at their garage sale!

Looks like another young woman to corrupt then look at fucking her MILF mommy.

I have two cum slut slaves now, the preachers wife and daughter, why not make two more.

I still have my wife to corrupt and to get some blackmail stuff on from the upcoming lesbian seduction and the black cock on white wife blackmail stuff to come.

Damn, I still have that cum slut faggot that probably wants to suck my cock and take me in his ass. That was a new experience, but a damn hot tight ass too!
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This is such a good series. Keep it up