Preachers Daughter Chapter 10

Well, sure enough sexy little Jaimie was carrying my baby! I had bred her good!

So, as directed, she told her m_mmy who of course knew I was the father of her baby.
Jaimie told her m_ommy what I had told her to tell her dad so Pam went along with the lie to John. Boy, was the preacher pissed. He even cursed! Jamie cried.

She knew she could not go back to her Christian University in a few weeks so she was going to have to stay there, and they would have to tell the church. She would have to go forward and ask for forgiveness and there would be church meetings on topic and gossip would be all over.

I called Jaime mid-week and told her to meet me mid week at a nearby hotel.

I took her in and she opened her purse, and began to take out the collar and leach and prepare herself for me! I nodded my approval but told her to stop and I removed the collar the leash. I then told her, that I loved her and would see the baby was taken care of and although she would remain my cum slut sex slave, I would arrange for her to live with me and my wife as a nanny while she went to night college. I then told her, for a change, my lovely young Jaimie, I am going to spend the next three hours making love to you. She was shocked but boy, did she ever respond to me.

After telling her parents about the baby, the fight with the preacher (her crying and listening while he yelled) and Pam who normally would have been yelling also as the preachers wife, understood since she was also my cum slut blackmailed sex slave. Pam tried to hold the middle ground and tell her husband, "she is not perfect, what about forgiveness, it happens, etc." So, with all those emotions going in her she needed her Master to make love to her.

I tenderly kissed her for a change and she responded. I sucked her nipples and played with those tits that I knew soon would be full of milk to play with. Jaime went to her knees and without order began to suck me and lick me. She worked around without order and tongued my balls and ass. I pulled her up and stopped her before I cum, she looked up at me and said, "Master, please, I need to taste your cum" -- I knew she was hooked -- so I let her suck me until I filled her hot young mouth.

Next I picked her up, led her to the bed and tenderly pushed her back, not slapping her and forcing open her ass as I did last time, this time, I tenderly licked and kissed and sucked her until she cum. Next I tongued her more, rolling her over I rimmed her and tongued her ass as I toyed with her pussy and clit with my fingers, she cum again, so very hard.

Finally, I rolled her over and teased her with my hard cock on her clit and pussy lips, inside then out, then tease, then rub, then give her a taste, then back down. She begged for my cock, she continued to call me Master and begged to feel me inside her and to "fill me up please, I need to feel you cum" -- damn, she was surely mine.

As I watched her face and her eyes roll when she orgasm again, I pounded her and filled her hard. I was drained and slipped from her watching my cum roll out of her gapping pussy.

As I rolled to the side, sweat from my middle aged body covering the 23 year olds young firm body, she rolled against me, kissed my nipples and said that was wonderful and asked if she could ask her master a question. I told her yes.

Jaimie asked, "Can I rally live with you and Charlotte (my wife) and be your nanny as I go to night school?" I answered Yes.

Jaimie asked, "did you mean it Master when you said you loved me?" I laughed and then answered "yes, of course."

Jaimie asked, "will you keep fucking my mom?" I answered yes, and anyone else I want. But you are to fuck no others unless I order you, and I don't see that happening, not for a long time anyway.

Jaimie said she hoped it never happened (for me to order her to fuck others). Jaimie said at first she hated me for blackmailing her and treating her so rough, but she had grown to like it, she loved me controlling her and she loved satisfying me.

Jaimie then asked, "am I really your number #1 Slut like the dog collar says?"
I again answered "yes, you are my number #1 slut" I will fuck you whenever I want and I will still go fuck your mommy too my dear. You will hear me fucking Charlotte at night and we will keep this a secret from my wife -- understand?
When Charlotte goes to work you will come suck me, fuck me, shower with me, whatever you are told. Understand? Jaimie smiled and looked up and me as she played with my cock, getting hard again already from her, "Yes Master"

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