kendall caught out

when i just finished phase 1 training , flew to amsterdam day after we passed out , me and my mate kendall , got their everything as it should be haha , then some guy comes ova to us asking if we wanna go into this window with this women , she was amazing honestly she was stunning , so we both stood their arguing who going in first n that , ended up doing rock paper scissors to see who goes first , he won , so i stood there outside having a smoke waiting for him , got to like 45 mins and i thought somethigns wrong here so i walk into the room open the second door , and there he is lay down bollock naked and she's curling one out on his chest haha , now for me that aint very much a turn on i mean i litrally fell to the floor in hysterics lol while he went bright red lol when he cleaned himself up he come outside to me stood their holding tissue with dog shit init haha his face was a mastercard moment beleive me haha .... not much of a turn on story lol but love tellin everyone about it haha
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