first time with my black neighbor

i was about 15 and hes was 14, we had seen eachothers dicks before but never really done anything.
we were outside when i started looing up porn on my ipod so we decided to jack off together, we were both very hestitant to take out our dicks but once he did i saw his absolutly amazing giant black cock, and we both started slowly stroking to the pictures i had copied.
of course i got hard very quick just seeing his black cock but he was having trouble so i offered to start sucking him to speed us up. it took me awhile but i finnaly convince him to let me, so in the middle of the woods i got on my knees and slowly took his amazing feeling cock in my mouth and sucking him slowly.
it was the greatest feeling ever, his perfect cock in my mouth, it took him a long time to get fully hard but i didnt mind, i just kept going up and down on him, and once he was fully hard i just started going at it as hard as i could, quickly after that he said he was cumming as he pulled out and came on the ground so when he was looking i sc****d some of his cum of a leaf and tasted it, it was sweet and amazing
let me know what you thin and ill tell you about other times, and let me know if your in minnesota;)
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1 year ago
very good. I got an instante hard on and if you continue the story i had to grab my cock and jerk it
1 year ago
Very nice story. Try to expand on them a little more in the future. :)
2 years ago
short but verry good
2 years ago
beautiful story, thanks for sharing.