Grandmother-In-Law is Horny

This story is 30% fact and 70% fiction.
It is up to you, the reader to choose which is which.

It all started eleven months ago when my wife's 75 year old grandmother came to visit during Christmas vacation. Gramma was given the middle bedroom. I was taking a few days off and got up late to find my wife and older c***dren had left for work and school. I sat down to a quiet house and a hot cup of coffee, when Gramma came out to the kitchen. She was wearing her robe over her pajamas.

She sat down with me and we made small talk about the weather and the the upcoming holiday. thirty minutes past and I told her I had to check on the a****ls. She stated she was going to change into her clothes. I left the table and went outside. It didn't take long to do the chores, maybe ten minutes. I came in the back door and walk down the hall. As I passed the middle bedroom I noticed the door open and there was Gramma, naked from the waist up. For being 75 she had great looking breasts. I froze like a deer in the headlight. She looked up and said "I should remember to close the door." I stuttered something stupid, like "we are all f****y" and proceeded to my room.

For months I keep reliving that moment. I found myself fantasizing about it at least once a week. In March of this year I was told Gramma was going to coming visiting once again and would be staying for a month. Knowing Gramma was very nosy. I devised a simple plan to see if by chance she had left the door open on purpose. Yes I was hoping it was not by chance.

You see. Since that day I'd gotten hooked on mature women and found some very sexy and naughty pictures of mature women on the Internet. Three days after she had arrived and settled in I put my plan into motion.

I pasted several photos of women around Gramma's age and than emailed them to myself when I got up one morning knowing we'd be the only two home. I only had to wait about an hour and Gramma came out of her room for her morning coffee. I was sitting at the computer mumbling about all the junk email I was getting. After she poured her coffee she poked her head in and asked what I was doing. I told her I was going through my email and trying to delete all the unwanted junk. I also told her most of it was from porn sites. I explained to her some of the emails contained pictures and took a little longer to open and with that I walked out into the garage on the pretext of checking the laundry. I gave her about one minute in the house alone and came back in.

There was Gramma, standing over the computer looking at four pictures of women her age. All of them were naked and very nasty. I brushed by her and sat down. I laughed and stated "they looked very sexy." Gramma said "Hmmm. I look better than them." I replied quickly, "yes you do". She replied she was going to go change.

About three minutes later I glanced down the hall and became very excited. Gramma's door was still open! Could it be she wanted me to see her naked again? quietly, but quickly I walked down the hall. My heart felt like it was going to come out through my mouth. My cock was beginning to stiffen. As I reached her door I saw she had her back to me. Naked! Her ass was facing me and I saw a hint of bush from between her legs. I finally got the courage to speak and told her she'd left the door open. She stood and apologized. I told her it was quite OK for her to leave it open as I enjoyed the view. We both laughed and I told her it was my turn to change and walked down the hall to my room. Leaving her standing there naked.

By now my cock was rock hard! and I know I needed some serious relief! I too left my door open and peeled off my tee-shirt and sweats. I laid down on the bed. My cock was sticking straight up. A minute later Gramma came around the corner, wearing only her bra and panties. She caught me with one hand cupping my balls and the other slowly sliding up and down my hard shaft!

It was her turned to look like the deer in the headlights. She froze and stared! Our eyes met and with one hand on my cock. I used the other to motion for her to come in and sit on the bed. She reacted like a woman possessed. She sat down and said "This is wrong". I growled lowly that the both of us were horny and two people having sex is always better than one.

As Gramma sat next to me I continued to stroke my cock. Not wanting to scare away my prize, I placed my hand on her bare leg and softly asked her to remove her bra. I told her she had great looking breasts and I needed to see them one more time. Without any hesitation she reached around her back and the bra fell free. The first thing I noticed was her nipples. They were at least an inch long and hard!

I asked Gramma if I could feel her nipples. Still staring at my cock she merely nodded her head up and down. I took my free hand and slowly pinched and rolled her nipple. A soft moan came from her lips. For several minutes I stroked my cock while I played with Gramma's breasts and nipples. Not once did her eyes leave my groin area, as I stroked my cock. I asked her if she'd like to touch my cock? Before I could finish the sentence her hand was on top my mine. As I took my hand away she replaced it with her other free hand. It was a dream come true and I was sure to cum the way she played with my balls and cock! I told her it felt wonderful. and with my right hand still playing with her nipples. I took my left and placed it between her legs. I just about shot my load when I felt all the wetness soaking through her panties. I fought to slide my fingers past the elastic band, trying to get the prize.

As I was doing this Gramma shocked me beyond belief! She bent down and took my hard cock into her mouth! She took her lips off the shaft and purple knob only once to tell me she was sorry but she had to taste it. As Gramma went back to work on my cock My finger finally found a very wet and warm pussy. I groaned as she slurped on my cock and told her I was going to cum real soon. I swear she just went to work faster. It only took three or four minutes and my hot load worked it way through my cock and into her mouth! For a woman of 75 she not only knew how to suck cock but to swallow also.

As Gramma sat up she was licking her lips and said "it's been a long, long time since I've tasted hot sperm, I forgot how much I enjoy it" I told her there was more of that to come. and with that I motioned for her to lay down on the bed. I removed her panties and positioned myself between her legs. I started just above her knee with my tongue. As I worked my way up, she kept spreading her legs. Inches away from her pussy I told her I was going to repay the favor. She said "hurry up! it's been years since I've felt this horny and need to cum. So I quit talking and start licking!

Within minutes Gramma had her first orgasm. I was pleased to learned squirting ran in the f****y genes. For three more hours Gramma and I fucked and sucked each other. I'm usually off three days out of a week. The last week Gramma was here for her month visit I called in sick. That lady can really fuck and suck! The real problem was I found I was usually horny all day and night. That meant I was doing Gramma by day and my wife I night. A few days before Gramma left. She told me she could hear us fucking in our room and it made her so horny she had to masturbate to the moans and creaking of our bed.

It has been almost a year since Gramma's visit. Gramma left a message on our telephone today. She said the weather in the Midwest was too cold and she was looking for a hot place to visit for a month or two. I smiled and went into the bathroom to take a shower and stroke my cock as my wife dialed Gramma's number to tell her she could stay as long as she liked.

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