Caught in nylon.

When I decided to go out in a pair of nylon tights I had pinched from my girlfriends underwear draw I couldn’t of imagined what was going to happen.
I’m not gay but a little bit bi-curious. I have sucked a cock once or twice as part of a bit of fun when younger but my passion as always been tights. I love the look of them and also the feel of them too. I love to wear them but had never gone anywhere in them until this time.
I put them on under my jeans and went out to town to have a look around. They felt great as I walked to a couple of different pubs and admired some fine women in there micro skirts and sheer tights. I needed a piss between pubs and walked in to the public gents where there were two blokes at the urinals with a spare one in between them. It was a bit cramped so I sort of squeezed in and then realised I had to fish my knob out without letting them see my tights so I undid my jeans and slowly pulled the front of them down to release it and discreetly looked either side to check for looks. So far so good until I noticed the guy to my right suck in his breath and pull his cock back and forward slowly to get rid of the last drops of piss.
The guy to my left finished up and turned to leave but the guy on my right was still pulling really slowly. When the other guy had left, leaving us alone he leaned towards me and said he loved the fact I was wearing tights and I was making him horny and indeed hard! I glanced down to see he was indeed getting really stiff and he asked me if I would wank him off. I told him someone might come in and he said not to worry about it. So I reached out and held it and he sighed and sucked in some more breath. I started to wank him and he brought his hand round to feel my ass under my jeans. Having him squeezing my nylon covered ass was turning me right on and the thought of getting caught left me. I told him I wanted to suck him so he stepped back a bit so I could drop to my knees and get him in my mouth. It wasn’t long till he was fucking my mouth with a nice slow pace. He tasted great as he leaked some pre cum on to my tongue and I decided I wanted this to go a bit further so I pulled my mouth of him and stood up and told him to fuck me.
He turned me round and pushed me over the nearest basin and pulled my tights down. He pulled my cheeks apart and spat some saliva onto my asshole. It felt warm and then I could feel his knob up against me so hard as it started to push its way in. He rammed it right up me and made me squeal out loud. That’s just when someone decided to walk in on us. I panicked but the cock still pumped in and out without slowing. The stranger stopped and stared for what seemed an age before checking there was no one behind him and walking in for a closer look.
I stared at him as he started to undo his fly and take out his cock which seemed to be growing all the while. He looked at the guy fucking me and asked if he could join in and he responded by turning me around to face the new cock while still fucking me hard and fast. The new boy grabbed my head and pulled it to his manhood. I opened my mouth for him to push it in which he did slowly but firmly. So there I was being fucked at either end by two complete strangers and it felt great. The guy behind was ready to cum and started to moan louder and louder before shooting a load of spunk deep into my ass. He then pulled out and the guy in front pulled out of my mouth and took his place. He entered me slowly and started talking dirty t me calling me a dirty bitch and a horny slut as he fucked faster and faster. He told me he wanted me to take his load into my mouth so after a hard and fast few minutes he ordered me on my knees and let fire into my mouth and over my face. His spunk was so hot and salty and he made me clean up every last drop before having a piss in the urinal and leaving without another word. I cleaned myself up and got home as soon as I could where I had the best wank I have ever had.
88% (28/4)
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1 year ago
All I can say is fantastic
3 years ago
great story has me well turned on !!!
3 years ago
I loved it, so hot and horny. But honey, "a little nit bi-curious"?

Sweetheart you are GAY, accept it!!
3 years ago
i love this story turned me on in my tights :)
3 years ago
good story,turned me on