First time in tights

I’ll never forget the first time I had sex in tights. I have always been into nylon but I didn’t start wearing tights until my early twenties when my girlfriend at the time left a pair laying around and I thought I’d find out how they actually felt on. Instant hard on followed closely by short wank!
Anyway, one evening when I wasn’t seeing her I decided to go into town, for a couple of pints, and thought it would be a bit of a turn on to wear a pair of tights under my jeans. I slipped them on and wore a long shirt to cover the bulge which had appeared, put on my jeans and shoes and off I went.
After a couple of beers and a couple of quite pubs I found myself sat at the bar when a middle aged fella sat down beside me and started chatting. Usual stuff, weather ect. and then the subject move to the lovely young females walking around in short skirts and tights. We quickly agreed that we both liked nylon and he then leaned a bit closer and said that he didn’t mind which sex was wearing them! I was a little taken aback but also felt a distinct twinge in my nylon covered cock and in an instant of desire I told him that he would be happy to know that I was wearing a pair of dark tan tights under my jeans!
He eased back and took a sip of his drink, in what I could only say was disbelief, and then leaned forward again to ask if I wanted to go somewhere quite. I said ok and he said he knew a couple of quite alleyways where we would not be disturbed. So off we went.
We found a spot and he instantly asked if I would let him have a feel of my ass so I lowered my jeans. His hands were all over my thighs and ass and my cock was growing fast. When he reached round and felt my hard on he kind of hesitated but then rubbed me through the nylon.
Next thing I heard his fly open and he leaned in close and told me to suck his cock so I went down on my knees and came face to face with his quite impressive tool. He put his hand on the back of my neck and eased his cock into my mouth. It tasted good and I could tell he was really turned on.
I just got into a nice rhythm when he pulled my head off and helped me to stand up. He told me to turn around and bend over and I just did it without a second thought. He grabbed the waistband of my tights and pulled them down just below my ass and then I felt his knob touching my asshole. His spat on his finger first to lube my hole and then I felt his huge knob f***e its way into my ass. God it felt good and I could just hear his quite moans of delight. He pushed his way in a little bit more each thrust until he was all the way in the he started to pump away with more and more power. I was loving every second and didn’t want him to stop but after a great 10 minutes he started to slow and gave a log deep thrust and held it while he emptied his juice into my ass.
He pulled his now softening cock from inside me and told me to stand up so he could finish me off. He only needed to wank me for a few seconds and it was all over. We straightened ourselves up and went our own ways but I still wank over the thought of it now!
93% (18/1)
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3 years ago
great story
3 years ago
great story
3 years ago
hmmmmmm wish that had happened to me
3 years ago
i know i love tights to most the tan ones
4 years ago
Great story!!!