Charles mom enjoyed her self and me as well.

Charles went to his grandparents for the summer. This made old habits hard to break. I woke up and rode to his house and knocked on the door. No answer so I stuck my head in and yelled, Charles where are you?
I got an eye full when I saw his mom on the sofa nude; a porn video playing on the TV. I backed out and closed the door. Grabbed my bike and started home, I head BILL come back here!.
Come in please, Charles is with his grand parents for the summer. Sit down and lets talk.
Now he is gone and I know you two do this all the time, open the door and yell for each other. I am enjoying some alone time. I need you to not tell anyone about this. Can you do that?
If you let me watch the movie with you. I cant do that. Well I cant keep this to me self; I start for the door.
COME BACK here and sit down.
She turned the movie back on, siting there in her thin nighty and looking at the screen. I could see her body working as the women rode the mans cock. She worked her ass like she was the one riding his cock. I knew she was horny and my guess is she was masturbating when I came in.
"She sure rides him well" she looked at me and said, "she is not close to what a real women can do on one".
I have a hard on that could split wood right then and man size body. I adjusted my cock for the tight pants I had on. Now it laid across my leg with the head pointed towards her. She noticed and her eyes got big. Damn your were blessed, that's huge Bill.
You were blessed your self Mrs Collins. I remember what I saw earlier, you look like a 16 year old girl.
She was about 5 feet tall and had perky little tits and thin body. Had a nice size ass for her size. not the best looking with short brunette hair and glasses. But for a teen my age, she was movie star hot nude.
She smiled and stood up she held her nighty close to her body and show the curves. Nice looking you say for a thirty eight year old women?
I picked her up in my arms and cradled her. NO not bad at all, in fact your the hottest mother I know.
She smiled and kissed me. I sat down with her in my lap. Move went to a lesbian scene and we watched. One girl is fucking the other with a strap on. I feel her ass working like she is being screwed. She sits up and humps my leg, right on top of my cock. I feel her ass cheeks rubbing it as she dry humps me. She is intent on the motions and I know she feels the lump under her.
I slide forward and pull her back. Now she is right on top of my meat, she rides it with the pants covering it. She pulls her nighty up and had her wet pussy directly on top of it now.
"let me move these pants" she stand up and keep looking at the screen, I slid down my pants and cock points straight upward. She does not hesitate, she band over and sticks it in her. Looking at the screen and not missing a stroke. she pulls the nighty off and gets busy with the ride.
I grab her tits and hold her to me, she grabs my hands and rocks her little body with all the meat I have inside her. Before the scene I have cum in her and she keep riding till she has her cookies broken smashed and ready to be eaten.
"WOW that felt great" she got up and laid on the sofa with her head in my lap. I grabbed the cheek of her nice ass and held it. next I played with her hard nipples and firm breast. She grabbed my cock and sucked me like the next scene of the movie, Once I got good and hard she climbed in my lap. She wrapped her hands around my neck; she used this for leverage to drove my cock in her deeper. She ground her body on me like I had never had. She was not looking at the porn, she was making porn memories with me. Moved in position to give her all the access she could get.
She returned the favor when she started rolling her stomach muscles. She placed me hand on her belly and I could feel the movement as she massaged my cock and never worked her hips.
That was exciting and until this day she is the only women I have seen do this.
She turned around and laid back on me, I kissed her neck and sucked softly on the neck muscles. She got excited and it showed in her changing. She became a toy in my arms and now I plunged upward into her, in and out kissing her and enjoying the firm tits in my hands. She did not take this long before she had enough, I had trashed her physically and emotionally. She had orgasm like no other I had been with.
I enjoyed true women and memories of her caused an instant erection.
She laid on her side as I spread her cheeks and entered her from on top. I had one last I needed to finish. She laid there with out movement nor sound, as I used her as a jerk off box. I finished inside her as I did before; still not a movement. Her body shook only from the thrust and impact of my body on hers. She turned off the movie and ask me to carry her to her bed. I carried her in my arms like a toy and laid her on the bed. She covered up and ask me to lock the door on my way out. To take out the porn video turn off the TV.
I did and when I open the door she called me to her room,
"Are you coming back in the morning? I want more of that"
I will be here around 9, that ok?
Yes I will be ready for you.

I closed the door and rode to the swim pond. Jumped in and washed off the juice of a real woman.

What a summer it was,
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I had 3 I got or got me in bed. One I got pregnant