watched my sister become a whore

home from school sick when I heard my s****r and some guy. I did not say anything and figured she knew I am here. Heard her say in my moms room we can fuck on her bed.
now I started to worry.
From my room I can see into moms room using the hall mirror. No idea who the guy is but he is nice looking and my s****r is sucking his cock.
Set up my phone camera and filmed a few minutes to use later if mom blamed me for being in there. I started filming and could not find a good place to stop. She sucked him until he came in her mouth.. I have sucked my boy friend will NOT let him cum in me.
I wonder why should would make him cum?? he would be finished for a while and she get nothing. Then he started sucking her pussy. She made strange sounds, I guess he must have given her a good suck. I have not made sounds like this. I am sick but would not mind him sucking mine for a while. I better not push that one. I have busted my s****r now for life. I have her and some strange guy on my phone.
I se his dick getting hard and he puts it in her.
This is pretty fucing amazing, now its hot. this man is fucking my s****r and I am getting horny.
I am watching it now and getting excited, will rub some while I type.
he is making her cum now and I think she might be in a little pain. or she really enjoys being slammed by this guy. She is now saying don't cum in me I am not taking anything.
after she told me unless he has a condom keep it out of you. now she is fucking some stranger with nothing. she swallowed his load of cum as well.
back to the vid, he is slamming her pretty hard, I don't think I ever want that. it looks like it hurts her again. she sounds like it. don't cum in me she said and he yells out oh and oh again and I see his ass pushing in her as he said it. I know what that is, he is cumming in her. I let me boyfriend cum in me on camera before, his ass cheeks get real tight, he just came in my s****r.
that stupid bitch. how fuckin dum does she have to be.

He got off and she yelled at him, I TOLD you I did not get me pills last month. you get me pregnant you will pay!!
now pay me. He gives her money and they get dressed. They leave the house.

Mom calls me and ask how things are. I did not tell her about what happened. If she finds cum stains on her bed she can not blame me this time. I have taken my cough medicine and laid back down.

I wake up and hear my s****r arguing with someone, I think she and this guy are back. Look and see its not him. its some other guy she is argueing about money with. Wonder if I should call the police and they stop. She was saying one hundred he told her all he had was sixty. She told him he could have half for that. Like before she starts sucking him and he looks to be fingering her.
I had no idea how much my s****r liked sex and enjoyed sucking mens dicks. She looks like its fun, I think it taste bad and my boyfriend stinks down there.
She does not swallow it this time she gets on him and rides him. again no condom at all. She would walk in and bust on me if I did that. My s****r is older and a lot bigger. She moves very well for a girl her size. This guy does not get a chance on top and she is not hurting. She does make sounds like I do some, and he cums inside her. She jumps off and said nothing at all. The second guy who has cum in her and neother with a condom.

I hide back in my room while they get dressed. She rushing the guy out and hits the bathroom. On her way out I called her name. She freaked and acted real crazy. She ask me how long I had been there. I told her all day I am home from school sick. I did not say a word about what I saw. When I ask her why she was not at work, she told me she lost her job. she was having a few drinks at a bar when she got offered a job. She was headed there. Not to tell mom she came by here. I could come stay with her this week end. She would let me drink some wine and listen her music.

I don't want to tell on my s****r but I am not stupid. she is being paid to sl**p with me now. It will not be long before she is pregnant or has a disease. Like she told me and now ignores.
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