Billy works at the body shop and works on a body

Billy works in his b*****r in laws body shop for summer work. Women comes by with fender dent and ask me to fix it. I tell her my b*****r in law owns the place, I just work here. She ask me if I want a trip around the world? Some day I hope to, I point her toward the office.
my b*****r in law (BIL) comes out laughing at me. Its the 70's and my knowledge of the world is not so great. he tells me what the trip around the world, that when she starts at your toes and runs her tongue around your body. Stops off for a blow job from there she tongues you hard and than gets on top and fucks you.
I laugh blush some and go back to work. I find out later she thought me to be a grown man, I was over 6-2 at that time and around 200 lbs. He told her I was a k** and had no idea what she was talking about.
Few days later he goes to the motor home out back and turns the air conditioning on. I ask why? you will see he tells me. At lunch time he tells me I need to hand around after work. Customer is picking up her car late. When I am done call home and he will come get me.
She arrives and walks in the shop dressed well. Her hair and make up looks like a movie star. She ask me to lock the front door and take her out back. I do as she ask and to the motor home. Once inside she ask me to shower and don't bother getting dressed.
Walk out and she calls me to the bedroom. She has on lace bra and lace panties.
Come lay here with me.
What a pleasant surprise for me, you grew there nicely. I blush and get on the bed. She kisses me a few times as my hands wonder all over her body. She is about thirty I think with a very tight body, her hair is blond with highlights, pubic hair is thick curly and darker than her hair. I pull the panties to the side and spread her lips, I see a glistening sight if wetness. Her breast are hard as rocks with light brown nipples pushing through the lace bra.
I want to take control and she stops me, this is what I do and I do best. She pushes me down and rolls up on me. She lays between my legs applying pressure on my cock as it falls between her tightly closed legs. She rocks up and down exciting me.
You like this? she ask me,
I sure do,
Stop being the bull and become the king you are. Relax and enjoy a real women young man.

Kissed me chest and down my body, she stops and sucks one of my rocks for a bit and keeps going. Falls to her knees at the end of the bed, picks up my foot and licks the bottom. When she reaches me toes she sticks the big one in her mouth. My big tow now gets the feeling of a blow job. She sucks and licks as if its candy to her. I stick my other foot between her legs and massage her clitoris. She stops me,
remember, not the bull the King you are.

She works around my foot and up my legs. pulling my leg to my chest folded. She runs her tongue around the cheek of my back side. She plunges in the crack all so softly. Work the area and enjoys my discomfort. takes me sack in her hand and gently massages. Her tongue working the area below and back down. She hit the hole and I tightened up.

The King remember, now relax and let me be your wench.

I relax and enjoy the tongue work in the area. Finished off with the sack and one at time in her mouth. Gently sucking and tongue massage as she goes. She works around the shaft and on to me belly. rubs my cock around her neck and face. She gently sucks the skin and kisses the shaft right up. Finished with the head in her mouth.
This is where the magic starts and ends for a life time, would relate this to the feeling they speak of with hard d**gs. The first is never regained.
She takes the head with her hand massaging the shaft. In and out, deep in and out with her lips completing a kiss.
This is much for a young k** to stand, yet I f***e my self. I know when this is complete, its finished for this memory. I need to make it last. The sight of her actions make this nearly impossible.
yet she keeps going faster and faster. hand working and massaging up and down as she works the face. Finally she can see the look on my face, I am about to explode, I grab her shoulders and pull her toward me,

Give your wench the juice my lord!!

She knows from here what I need, she gives me the depth and the speed, I hold it as long as I can, then I explode with the first and the second the third and the many shots after. She contains the pudding and continues slow and softly. She releases the remainder to fall down the shaft, like hot frosting running from a cake it flows. When it reaches half the shaft she retrieves this in its entirety. Over and over till I have melted in the bed, she swallows the rest.

I have enjoyed the most exciting sexual event of my life time. Now I feel an obligation to do this for her, Yet I know I lack the skills she has. No exchange can equal what she has given me.

I copy the movements and she holds me at her neck. than her shoulder, suck hard and mark me please. Harder I suck the more she moans. She reaches between her legs as I work, I hit the breast and run my tongue around these hard nipples. Not touching the nipple but stimulating the nerves of this region. She fingers and pushes my hand down hard, Suck my nipples, I do as told. suck soft and then harder. pulling the breast upward with the suction of the mouth. I hear her maon, then blow out and hold, then moan long again.

She grabs my hand and runs my finger insidhe her. the feeling is undescribable, wet hot and so soft. I feel the rough spot near the top and rub there. her head rocks forward and her mouth open. I jump between her legs and suck her clitoris in my mouth. Constant suction as my tongue works circular around the head of this clitoris. I have her hands on the back of my had and her body rocking up and down. She pulls me hair,

Get up here and run it in, NOW.

I stick what I have deep inside her and feel her working like a well designed machine.


She works her hips up and down rocking circular motion. pulls me close as she does this. I feel the full contact of her pubic region humping my pelvis as her insides shake and move. Takes little time before she is moaning loud and constant. Takes a few minutes of this and I start to join her. she said after her last OOhhh, yes you finish now my King. I had no more to hold back and spilled my reserve. She kept the motion going and drained me. I find I have drained her as well.

We have a celebration drink as we both get dressed.

I kiss her good bye and she gives me her card. She is a professional of the area. She is prized by the very rich and loved by many.

My b*****r in law picks me up and drives me home. You can not tell your s****r your b*****r, NO ONE this happened. You can not mention that Gold car either. You just got the payment for the work. That's your summer bonus and something you will never forget.

I met this women about ten years later and we talked. She told me how good it was and she had never forgot me. Could imagine I had improved with time, yet I did not need to. I had preformed beyond what she had thought it would be. She expected a five minute act inclusive of her work.

Thanks for sharing my memory.
The early days of Billy.
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