Mother in law helps out newly weds.

We married three months and two days back. I work night shift and she works days. She is not the most sexual and it bothered me. Arrived home today and found her mother in the house. She fixed me breakfast and we talked. She told how she feared I may pressure and damage our marriage. Its obvious Star fears she is loosing me, calling in her mom to talk with me.
Just want you to know there are no major problems, just would like more active sex life. She tells me what Star said, sex and she is sore for several days. I told her I understood, hell it took me a month before pain stopped enough for her to orgasm.
We had a nice talk and she told me to get ready for bed. She wanted to clean up and fix dinner for us.
I shower and enter the bedroom. I blacked the windows out for day sl**ping. finding someone in the bed was s shock. I know its not my wife, hell its my mother in law. The massive tits and the smell of her perfume is pretty clear.
"I know you love her, just want to make sure you get what you need" The room is pitch black, I hit the very dim light to see if we are alone. We are alone.
My mother in law is a pretty woman and well built. She has chest so big her bras are custom made. Not some Dr built chest, its real. She is blond and now from what I see blond on the bottom as well.
She kisses me and it feels uncomfortable. I have worries this could bite me in the ass later. Though I have wondered what she looks like, it was not close to reality. Her nipples alone are art work. The pink areolas are huge. The tits are massive and hang of each side.
In no time the fear is gone and I am getting excited. I touch her clit area with a gental finger, she hums softly. Kissing is not like her daughter, its just different. Kissing seems to be her turn on and she likes it. I want to work on her tits, she stops me. You can not go down there. You mean I can not touch your breast???????? you can touch and kiss them, you can not give me oral sex like you do for Star. I will not do oral sex for you either. Lets just have some sex, you get to work out and sl**p satisfied.
I ask about getting her ready and wet???????? I got my self ready while you showered, I am ready for you.
Not like anything I have done, but I am not arguing.
I get her legs open and start to pull thme up, OH no just leave my legs down. You can do it like this.
Doing as she ask I start toward her. I feel her hand as she softly takes me cock. She humps her pelvis upward and pushes the head inside. She grabs my body and pulls me on her. I drive up in her and she grunts,
Are you OK????????
Yess just a little tight in there, your bigger than I imagined.
I just do not want to hurt you,
your fine, just get what you need and finish.
I kiss her tits and I don't think this makes her feel good. I kiss her and get feeling back. So I stick with it. I kiss her and kiss her neck and ears. I stoke in and out slow and easy, I expect her to cum and nothing. I stroke her harder and still nothing.
Are you going to finish???????? she ask me.
Are you going to have an orgasm????????
Oh no, I am fine, just get yours, I don't do that.
I say nothing and go right back at her. I kiss and I rub and I stroke her. she is breathing normally and the stroke speed is fair, I speed up and keep kissing her. she starts to react and tighten up. I have been going now for some time, I am guessing thirty or more minutes. She starts to make sounds and I feel is cumming. I wrap my hands under her and pull her body up, I kiss her and just run in and out of her. She is wet for sure, and I know she feels good, I can start to feel her opening up. She is finally in orgasm. I speed up my stroke,
She looks at me and said, you finish now please!
I don't and just hold off,
Will you hurry and finish please!!!
I keep stroking and looking at her face.
FINALLY her head goes back and right back up. Her face pressed on the side of mine, OOHH OOHH OOOHHH and grunting sounds. She seems to be fighting the orgasm she is obviously having. I do not let up and keep up the stroke.
Ooohh ooohhh Please finish, I can not take this Please.
I do not stop and do not cum, I keep stroking faster and faster, she finally lets loose. She moans softly and I feel her arms around me. I feel her legs open some, she takes a bit more. Ooohhhh yes, oohhh yessss Oh and the sounds the body shaking. Its impressive to me and shocking for her.
When her head goes back I see tears running from her eyes.
Will you finish now please????????
I smile and kiss her, are you ok????????
Yes, just finish please.
I get my hand under her ass and feel the tight cheek. In a few strokes I check my breath and start pumping inside her. I feel her starting to cum again, I maintain the stroke and the cumming. I have finished and now she is having another. I keep up pace and allow her to complete the final one.
I get off her and lay there, she gathers her things and runs from the bed room. By the time I get in the living room she is walking out the door. jumps in her car and drives away.
I wash up and change the sheets. Cum ran out of her and made a mess. I better not leave this to be found. I figure nothing will be triggered, it is sheet day. by the time I get the bed made the phone rings.
I answer and find its my mother in law, crying on the phone.
I ask whats wrong,
You did it, and I did not want that,
I did what????????
You made me have it, and that's wrong.
You offered me sex and you had an orgasm, whats wrong with that part????????
I never had one before, and crying starts again. I have a sobbing woman on the phone and start to worry. I have a father in law, not her dad, the man who raised her with her mom. We both have a LOT to loose.
Can you get it together???????? Do you need me to come over and talk this out????????
No, I will be ok. I am upset and little confused.
Please tell me what the problem is????????
I have been married two times and have three girls. I have had sex just not like that. You took to long far to long. You did something to me inside. Now I feel strange, but good. What happened????????
I tell her its normal and orgasm are part of sex. How had she been married for so long and not had one????????
Sex usually last a few minutes. they did it that way for years. Its more of playing with my breast, that I hate. And when he gets in me its over. But you took to long.
You need to understand a man should last long enough to let the women orgasm.
But I orgasm with my finger. I do this before and get mine that way. I have ALWAYS done it that way. I did it before you came in the room. You broke me or something. I don't know but I thought I was having a heart attack. I worried I would be found in your bed, can you imagine if Star came home and found me there????????
I explained I would have got her dressed and called 911. Would not find her there.

I got her calmed down and after some strange conversation, explained the female orgasm. She told me how she told her daughter to do the same, worked for her for years. How I had preformed oral sex on her daughter, sounded disgusting and nasty. Yet she said it feels nice. She actually had climax and later another while having sex. I did not understand. I did not know women could orgasm while having sex. Had never happened to her.
I explained how her issues with her breast probably caused distraction from the joy of sex. How I noticed this and kept kissing her and her neck. She told how the neck part was her favorite. Not had that much. Before she hung up she apologized. Said she did not want to upset me and just figured I may not want her daughter. Now she worried if she had done some type of damage to me and our marriage. I ask her to come back and we do this again, Not so sure she is ready for this again. But she will be back on Friday morning. She promised to fix us dinner again. Should I insist on her helping with sexual frustration, I could let her know. She might be willing to do this on a limited basis. Told me to sl**p well and not to worry she would not tell anyone.

Do you think I did wrong????????
89% (12/1)
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thanks for your answer.
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thank you,
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No, not at all..But you'll have to have patience with her..
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NOt by a long shot.