The magic toes of a young women

Old friend at the hospital and his ther****t had no arms. Born like this she adapted her feet. She did things with her toes most could not do with fingers.
Old friend could not take her toes placing thermometers in his face. I had a talk and she dropped him.

In our talk I ask her for a date, she accepted after she made sure it was not pitty.
from her foot work the ass on her was hard as a rock. She could stand on one foot and stick her toes on her mouth or brush her hair.

On our date we talked about her life including sex. She had been with a boy on her prom night and another one in collage. I could be #3 if I made it. I have been looking at her awesome ass. She is looking out the window talking and the view is amazing.

its our 4th date I fixed her dinner at my place. She tasted the sauce by sticking the large spoon in the pot. I commented talented toes you have. She smiled and told me to stand still.

She unbuttons my pants, unzips me and pulls my cock out with her toes. I am pretty shocked and turned on, meat is about half fat. with her talented toes she jerks me off slowly. While holding my cock she bends and suck the head, while stoking the shaft with her toes.

I sit on the table and she drains me in about 5 min of quality oral. When finished she grabs some power towels and yes with her toes she washes me up and puts me away. She grabs the wine glass stem and washes down the load she just swallowed.

I pull her to me and wrap my arms around her. Her neck is very flexible as I noticed in the blow job. She wraps her neck around mine and hugs me back.

I turn her around and kiss her. Now that's nice as well. I grab hands full of firm ass and pull her close. I feel her rock hard tits pushing against me. Pretty nice and my sexual pressure is going nuts, I am imaging some great sex after dinner. The blow job before was a nice warm up.

We have dinner on the floor for her comfort. some throw pillows a blanket feels like a picnic. She insisted on feeding us both from the same plate. Drank wine from the same glass and was it nice.

We dance to a song she called ours and slow dance turned into her wrapping her legs around my waist and rubbing all over me. from the tongue down my throat to sucking my back and chest. This after she unbuttoned my shirt with her teeth.

Its getting pretty hot and I start undressing her. She undresses me as well. I notice a trimmed patch around a playboy shape pussy. Its one of those young school girl pussies. first time I give oral and feel toes working my head in position and speed. She gets off a good one.

I mount and she arches her ass up to me, legs wrapped around my body and we fuck like no time in my life. She keeps a lot of cock out of her and I feel it bottom out. I have no need to f***e it, so I get what I can. Its incredibly tight and so wet. She ask me to lay down and not push up. She mounts me and works it in her.

I get the ride of history. She works her ass faster than a hand jerking off. her pussy is pack full. she cums one right after the other. she acts like she is riding a rubber cock and I am not there. I have had all I can take and grab her. I push deep and it hurts her. I back off and she blocks me stroke depth. Now you pound all you want. Limited on depth I get mine. I cum inside her and have NO idea if I made a mistake or not. At this point it does not matter, I could take this for the rest of my life.

Once we finish we lay and I hold her. She tells me how she enjoys being held. her leg over me like an arm as she runs her toe over my mustache. first time for me.
I ask how she rides to well, seems she has a rubber cock she stocks to the floor. her lack of arms made dates hard to find. most just wanted to see her nude and that's it.

I ask if she could masturbate, sure I can do what most girls can not. She takes her big toe and runs it up her pussy. She lays back and with her other bog toe rubs her clit. Its a sight to see but exciting for a young guy. This leads back to more sex. To allow me on top she wraps her toes around my cock. I can enter bot only so far.

Its strange but the head is in a honey pot with talented muscles.

The evening was nice and went on to the following morning. She woke me up feeding me eggs and bacon. After a shower she drove home.

This is a true story. She moved out of the area and worked in Washington medical center for some time. Have not seen her in years. If you ever see a dirty blond hair girl walking around with a lab coat and no arms, might be her. will know by the killer ass and her writing with her toes.

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10 months ago
Was a strange sight, she could manipulate toes like fingers. She fed me breakfast in bed with her ties and a fork. She could grab my cock and put it in her with her toes. the most shocking sight of all.