roll playing and benefits

Worked on lady's house and heard how I reminded her of her late husband.
he did in work accident leaving her alone in her early 30's. She was not 40 and very lonely. I did her honey do list as side money for collage.
After a while I was invited to dinner after work. To make me comfortable a shower and robe. She washed my clothes, with in a week she had bought me clothes in my exact size. Right down to undershorts and socks.
Each day a reason to stop by and pick up something. She rented movie for after dinner. She ask me if I would give her one last night with her husband? Would I let her call me his name? She would pay me for one night if I would.
I had sex with women and never knew her name, I guess I could do this one. She told me a few things she liked he did. We ate dinner and I held her hand. I helped her cut her food and she mine. Just held her hand. From there she walked me to the sofa where she got me a drink and turned on some music. We danced and she was rubbing her body all over my leg; when all of a sudden I got hard. She knew what I was like as she had walked in on me in the shower. I had wanted to take her week before, I figured I would spread her that night.
She laid in my lap kissing me and I ran my hand up her rope. Found her plump breast with a hard nipple. With this she started breathing hard, hand worked down and found a nice hair patch. Worked around and finger found her plump clit. How nice this feels to me. She moans and opens her legs. She worked her hips up and down. I knew I would get a nice fuck now, she worked her ass very well. I told her how limber her body was. Not wanting to finish this moment for her to quick. She ask if I forgot the dancing she did for me? No just wanted to see if you still would? She jumped up on the coffee table and started stripping, the robe and then the white lace baby doll pj's she had bought for me, not her ex husband for me.
She rotated her hips and work her body to the point I had all I could stand. I picked her up and to her bed room. ripped off the covers and laid her down. I dropped my clothes and jumped on the bed making her bounce. She rolled over and I enjoyed the body of a women in good shape and well kept. Her white stocking still on I grabbed her legs. Jumped between them and started kissing her neck. She went wild, I kept kissing and worked to her nipple, I had fingered and found earlier that her left nipple had the more feeling. ran my tongue around this nipple while she squirmed around the bed. She reached for my cock and started pulling it toward her. Let me at it please.
She sucked my cock head and than my nuts. Tongue around the legs and every part of my lower body. Was a soft feeling. Finally she jumped on top of me. I ask if I could give her the same? No I have what I want between my legs. She called my name not his. Have things changed?
Yes changed when you carried me to bed, I want YOU to make love to me. that part is over I want you and want you in me.
She popped the head in and worked her perky ass up and down. In the mirror doors I see this sight, the head in and out
with each stroke she starts to moan,
faster and faster until she starts making sounds I have not heard before. She cums and cries out, OH MY GOD that's nice. She rides slower taking more and more cock. With each stroke the head comes nearly out of her soaked pussy. This feels real good and I have never forgot the view and feeling. She had her 5 or 7th orgasm and started crying. I ask if she was ok?
I am fine it just feels so good I don't know how ot take it emotionally.
From your husbands memory?
No, never done this for this long, he would cum same time I did. the orgasm is more than I am able to take.
So I kissed her and rolled her over. Let me take over please. She kept crying and said ok. I pushed it deep till I could feel her cervix and stopped. I had my mark and stopping point.
I stroked her slow and kissing her neck and her nice plump tits. Got to the side of the bed and my feet on the floor. With her on the bed I had the bed as my stop point. I started pumping her like an oil well. She cam and cried harder,
want me to stop?
No caring as she spoke, please don't stop until you cum.
I pumped her for 20 min and reached the cum point, I pounded her and hit her cervix a few times. That hurt her I could see. So I backed off and finished.
I will pull out and finish,
NO, YOU cum in me. her bl**d shot eyes from crying and her legs shaking. I pumped her full of juice. and laid down beside her. We talked and I held her. She told me how emotional it becomes after several orgasms. Not something she had ever had before. I had and had seen this few times be now. I did understand and story was like the story a friends mom told me. Its hard to explain but its tears of pleasure.
We showered and she cleaned me like a valued item. She had all she could stand that night. We slept and she woke me with breakfast. Now the shocker, I think I might be pregnant. I feel strange. I nearly shit my self,
I am not ready for this. She then told me she had been on BC medication since the 2nd day I worked for her. She made her mind up she would have me. Wanted to feel the unsheathed cock and the hot juice as well.
Went back a few times before I introduced her to a good friend of mine. he married her and is still married to her today.
Ran into her at breakfast and the memories came running back. She told me I was the 2nd love of her life and it never stopped. Then the if only question and walked away.
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