results of having huge cock.

I grew up bigger than most of my friends. By 12 I was bigger than most adult men. Not just in height, but in equipment. In middle school showers boys would point and told others how big I was.
One school teacher;
Girls would ask and few wanted to see and feel it. One girl had been with me and told how it was. From there I had offers from girls to have sex. few were black and we made arrangements to not be seen. few her parents would see us and kill her.
I had some tell me, Sorry I want to it just hurts to much. Let me suck you off. It got so upsetting I stopped messing with girls my age. Found out later some older girls had problems and sex was not pleasure for all.
So I moved onto women. Neighbors wife who I mention in another story, she sucked me off and later rode me like a pony. I became her personal sex toy and I used her daughter who was close to my age like a fuck toy as well. I had Lisa broken in and broken in well. She had a pussy like her mom, deep and wet. She had her moms sex drive as well. We had sex almost daily after the bus dropped us off.
I had some married and some single mothers through the years. I had knowledge most adult men missed out on. I still had women who used pillows and hands to keep me from bottoming out. Some used legs to stop the downward thrust. Some did not and I left thme sore and hurting. of these none wanted me again.
I went to bars and picked up d***k girls nad women, some I enjoyed nad many enjoyed what I gave. Some would brag how she took on the horse (nick name I got in HS) and survived. I had a following and if social media were there I guess I could have done more.
I had times when I dated special girls, the one who might be the right one. We would have sex and I get told, Sorry but I can not take this all the time. I had some try to and later just give up.
The ones who could take it, enjoyed it were not the special ones i wanted.
I found the girl of my dreams, she was special and a virgin. We had some heated sessions but she would not let me in her. Was her religous feeling no sex before marriage.
I figured she would be willing to work and try to make this happen. She would jerk me off let me suck her tits and that was about it. I got fingers in her and ripped her hymen. She was hotter than hell. I watched wives smak husbands for looking at her. The ultimate girl and the one i would have for life.
Our wedding day came and she seemed nervous, we reached the hotel and she came out in her lace bed dress. She was a vision to see. Her very healthy breast and perfect curvy body drive me nuts. She was shaking and started to cry. I held her and told her, we have waited this long lets wait till tomorrow. She settled down and we got up and watched the sun come up over the ocean. In her lace bed dress we sat on the 5th floor deck and I could take no more. Into the room and laid her on the bed. We had foreplay and I entered her for the first time. I was gentle but steady. I stroked her for 10 min and she just laid there shaking. I loooked up and ask if she was ok? Yes, just finish quickly please. I did and she was a bl**dy mess. I guess the fingers did not take it all out. I later found I had ruptured her and gave her a vaginal tear.
To me short and not bore you, that was the last time i would enjoy her with out pure crying. She would cry fro mthe time i entered her till the time i stopped.
She did everything to keep from having sex.
i tried Dr's and ther****t and nothing worked.
We seporated and it was over. I went on to date and enjoy sex with many women after. I have a wife of over 20 years today and 2 great c***dren. One is a son and he to is cursed as I was.
I have enjoyed the feling of knowing I have the ultimate cock, most men would kill to have. I also know the sorrow of knowing it kept me from many women I would enjoy. Some I damaged from the desire to have sex like everyone else.
A police officer in the field of **** and sex offences I found great knowledge. I know that I could be fine with less than a third of what i have. Total satisfaction for a women is not based on cock size, but how you use what you have.
If you learn her body and trigger points you can give her satisfaction no horse cock would come close to. After you pass 3 inches or so, you can only give her pain. Some enjoy pain and i ran into a few.
One to,d me I want you to hurt me. If I say stop just keep pounding me. I did as she ask, she nearly died from bleeding as i ruptured her vagina.
If you think a woman has to have a horse cock to be satisfied, educate your self. if a women tells you she must have a horse cock to be satisfied, get her mental help. the good parts are near the lips and not far inside them.
62% (12/8)
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1 year ago
well said it's not how much the size but how you work it I've got 7.5 inch's it's how you work it. and not only the pounding but many more thing's like foreplay is a big part.
1 year ago
I enjoyed picking up women at bars. after few drinks most would take it and be sore the next day. few married women or single moms out for a good fuck got it. The older women educated me in making it last. How to read when she likes it.
Always liked the facial expressions as I pushed it in them.
1 year ago
It can be a curse having a huge cock. I know. But there are plenty of women that can handle a good hard pounding even with a big piece of meat. Made some women sore as hell, but most loved it, and begged for more.