Night shift enjoyment of a much older women

Worked police department and permint midnight shift. Small town in the winter and very little to do week nights. City allowed us to come in after 3 am and sl**p for few hours if we liked. I did this for a year and my dispatcher wanted day shift. So I Anna moved ot night shift. We spent hours talking and about everything. Found Anna was 63 and would retire in 2 years. She wore dentrures and had not had sex in over 25 years. She had three daughters and her youngest daighter was my age.
I told her about my divorce and the lack of sex drove me nuts. She went into detail of her husband doing her the last time when she gor pregnant with her daughter. He left few years later.
She told of always wanting to try sex again, just fear her daughter might think she was some wild woman. fear of small town word getting around.
We watched a movie one night and the sex scene was prett hot, I ask her if she would like ot try that position.
Sure, if you like. The phone rang. and I am on a call.
Following night she pulled her skirt up to show me her undies. Her long legs and thin body did not look bad at all.
I came in and locked up the station, turned on the TV and ate a snack. She entered and turned the light off. I sat there while she opened my zipper and laid my pants open. Pulled out my cock and went to work.
I noticed no teeth, she could suck my cock with out the teeth and it was nice. She worked me over nad finished me off. Not a drop hit me, she cleaned me right up. Excused her self and came back in later. I figured out she had removed her dentures and was putting thme back. Had cleaned her mouth at the same time.
we talked and she told, Im not shocked how thick your cock is, you are a big man. I expected you to be big, not as thick as you are, but big.
I ask to see her lace undies again, she pulled her skirt up and put her ass on the table. I touched the lace undies and worked the string to the side.
Shortly after I went to work on her clit,
She made sounds and did not take her long to cum. She was a bit jumpie durrring oral, I ask if I was rough? No, not that, I have never had that before. That feels good. I had sex with my ex and he was the only one ever. He would not give oral, but wanted it al lthe time. reason I have dentrues. It was his fettich and reason he stopped giveing me sex. He wanted a blow job almost every night.
She started to leave the room, I ask if i could have more? I did not think you would have sex with me, just oral. I am pretty old, figured to old for a young guy. I placed her on the office sofa, and pulled her tits out. Pretty nice old tits, just had flattened out with time. I did not care, I just wanted ot see her face as I stuck it in her.
With her legs up I with knees on the floor stuck the hear ion her wet pussy. I watched her face, her head backed back as I stick the head in her. She started to moan, onc the head cleared I pushed it deep in her. She pushed her lags back to get some out of her. I pumped her for almost an hour, hearing her cum over nad over. getting upset and wimpering as to cry some.
I reached the point she had had enough and Pumped her hard and deep and pumped a load in her. She pulled me close and just made soft moan sounds.
We fucked many nights and few times had to stop mid fuck and once she had cum runnign down her leg when officer of another department came to the office.
Anna would take care of me sexually, from a blow job to spreadign for me anytime i liked. I enjoy the memories of her and fun we had.
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1 year ago
Awesome man,keep them coming.
1 year ago
She not only needed cock, she loved cock. I fucked her for hours at the apartment. the down stairs guy told stories of the bed breaking and her moaning. He counted the orgasms she had and turned his TV off to listen.
She gave benefit to night shift.
1 year ago
1 year ago
Nice old lady's need dick too.
1 year ago