Memories of an old friend.

friends mom would give me a peak with loose bath robe. would accidently not close her bed room door while dressing. would want me to try on pants and watch me do it.
She would get d***k some time and her GF would bring her home. Her son was with his dad and I saw the car pull up. Summer time and I was out late. So I said, I will help her in. Her d***k GF said great, I am not in good shape my self. So in the house and into the bathroom. She insisted i stay with her.
she left her undies and pants o nthe floor and stood up. washed her self asnd talked with me. told of dancing and some guy wanted to take her home. She could not start that. Her ex would set her up and take her son.
"So I am doomed to be alone till mike is 18 and out of the house" "I ma so lonely, would you lay with me?" Sure I helped Amy to bed and she laid there with nothing on. Warm summer night and I told her it was hot. Turn the fan on and get undressed. So I did, when my shorts came off she looked and said, I thought you had a nice one. "you think you are going to fuck me dont you? " I said no, just lay with you like you ask me.
Well you are not going to fuck me, you are only 2 years older than my son. Thats wrong.
I am just going to keep you company for a while and I will leave.
She placed her head on my shoulder, at that time i was nearly 6 feet tall teen age 15. She kissed my chest and looking at her great tits I got hard as a rock. She snickered and said, thats a nice one. Had it in any girls yet? I told her a few.
What girl? I told her Lisa had let me and we had sex a lot. Little Lisa the girl next door? Yes, I bet you tore her a new one. yes but she is ok now, we have sex almost every day.
WOW, I had no idea you were active already. is Mike having sex? No, he is worried some girl will laugh at him.
Good, he is to young.
You ever had a BJ? yes You mean Lisa? I sadi yes, No I mean from a real women, not some little girl. Yes, who I can not tell. What you mean you can tell me anything. No she is married and ask me not to tell. Did you fuck her? yes I get her some time alone and we have sex.
Who is she, I refused, She offered me a BJ if i would tell. No I just can not do that. Would you tell anyone if you got in me? No, I do not talk about grown women and I only told about Lisa to prove I had had sex. So you have no had Lisa? No I had her the first before her 13 and my 14th Birthday. We do it all the time. Any other girls? Yes who, no more I don't want to tell. Lisa is ok, her mom has found us in action few times. She is on the pill now because of it.
Her mom see your cock? yes, what did she say? you have rounined my duaghter, how could you stretch her little body out like this?
She was pretty pissed. Did her dad know? No I have soemthing on her mom and she will not tell. Whast is it? Not telling.
Would you black male me if I let you? No I just kept lisa's mom from tellign my mom. My mom would kill me.
By this time she had consumed some wine and started ro recover. She rolled downward and started to lick my cock. around the head with her tongue and down the shaft. She sucked my nuts in her mouth and rolled them with her tongue. licked from my ass hole to the nuts several times and I nearly jumped off the bed. She pulled ths skin back on my cock and licked the tender glands, I tried to get away from her, I see your cock is pretty tender, I will be easy, So she pulled skin back and suck the head in her mouth. She rubbed the lower glands with her tongue while sucking. It made like a soft rib running back and forth. Was not long before she said, why dont you cum for me, So she went back sucking and kept the head in her mouth, I reached my point and ricked my hips forward, reached for her head, she blocked my hand and sucked harder. I shot out a massive load. She swlooowed half and kept half in her mouth. she let it flow down my shaft and them deeply stick my cock in her mouth and left with clean. She cleaned me well and gently sucked my head. finally stopped. She came back to my side and put my hand on her very plump firm breast. Nipple was large and hard. She played around and drank more wine, finally ask if I sucked a pussy? I have, A real womens pussy iwth hair? yes lot of dark hair. move down here and show me how you do it.
I spead her legs and took position, swept her plush hair to the side and licked her lips, I went from taint to pussy clit. after a few passed I sucked her very thick clit in my lips. I used my tongue and rolled it, with each stroke she pushed me away and as I came off she pulled my face toward her. I ran my tongue in her lips and out, deep in and out and back to sucking her clit, sh came softly and I would not stop, she came again sand this time I head the sounds of a woman. Holding her breath she let the orgasm build. I thought she had passed out and liiked up, she looked down and shook her head. I sucked harder and got my fingers in her pussy. I had her now. She came so hard and ask for a brake.
I agreed and slid up beside her. I sucked the tits I had been dreaming of for years. I had the ass cheek I had been thinking of as i jerked my self many nights. She was my great quest and the women I knew I always wanted ot be inside of. I moved into position and get her legs up. I hit the lips of her with my cock, I stopped and looked at her face, I watched her face as I pushed the fattest cock she had ever had in. Her face went tight and her head back, gave out an OOOHHHH and soft sound of ahhh. she worked her hips upward and thrust it deeper inside. I then pushed slow and gentle as another much older woman had taught me. I pushed until I could feel her cervix. I saw her face turn and pulled back. Pulled it back and let the head enter and out, over nad over, she stopped moving her body and just sucked in air, I had seenb this before, she was about to have a big one, I kept iot slow and stroked in and out of her lips, could feel the rim of my thick cock head hitting her rough G spot. She came and puled me tight to her. Put her legs down and pushed all I had in her, with thelegs down I could bounce against the legs while not doing pain or damage. She took me and enjoyed it, no makign me stop and no asking me ot pull it out. I fucked her hard and long. She had another and wanted me to cum, she worked her self and tightened oround my cock with her legs, I pumped her full and rolled over. I held her close and kissed her for a while.
We had mor sex that night and I watched the sun come up as I walked home that morning.
I had enjoyed the woman of my dreams and not the last time. We had connections many time over the years. She told me after my wedding, treat her like you did me and she would not ask for better. You are the best lover I have ever had. I have enjoyed you and if you ever feel like a visit, I am here for you any time you like.
I saw a picture of her in the news paper today and it brought back memories. Just wanted to share them.

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2 years ago
She sure was. pure enjoyment
2 years ago
very good