working midnight shift

I worked midnight to 8 for years. Many nights it was slow and boring. Would come back to the office and take break and watch TV. Dispatcher comes in and we start talkign sex. little later she is on her knees sucking my cock. I am in my 20's she in her 60's. Told me she would be prepared for the nect night. So I came in about 3 am and took my brake. So did she. From the start she got my pants off and sucked me hard and from there pulled up her skirt. I stuck my fingers in her and not bad at all. I had enjoyed women older than her in my youth. Did not take long and she mounted me. I watched her face as she sunk down on my cock. her head went back and mouth wide open. Her fingers dug in my shoulder. She popped up and moaned. Thats a lot to take, not have one like this before. Bear with me as I work it in. So she went on her ride. She popped the head in and out. about 15 or so she started cumming. Did she ever cum. she got the head just right and her knees o nthe chair arms allowed her to hover on the head. she came till she got weak. I pulled her up tight and thrust it upward I know it hurt, could feel the cervix hit and she grunted. legs propped her back up to keep some of the cock out of her.
Pulled her shirt up and dumped out her tits. Once were plump tits with nice thick dark nipples, now were flattened out some. I went at them and she enjoyed it. I sure did. the thick dark nipple was perfect size. while I had her diverted I pulled her legs inside the chair arsm and pushed al lthe cock I had in her. again she pulled back up and got on the arm. For that night I worked with about 6 inches of cock and the plump head in and out of her drive her nuts. She came many times over and over.
I had reached the point I wanted to mount her. So I picked her up and laid her on the sofa. I put my knees on the floor. I drove my cock in her and held her there. Each stocke had her puching me away and my nuts slapping her ass cheeks. I fucked her hard and long. She moaned and screamed when I pumped her full of juice. I got mine and she got hers many times over. She said that was pretty rough and I am sore. I heard a car door. So I let her up and hurried my pants back on. Was visitor who came to the locked door. she let him in and he looked at me. You been working out? Yes, had to wake up so I came in for a work out. Do a little push ups each midnight shift.
I looked at something on the floor when I noticed cum runnign down her leg. Had some on her shoes already. we talked and he and i left the office. I returned later to get a report.
You really worked me over and your cock might be more than I can take. She told me of cum running inside her shoe and down her legs, she worried someone would see. I told her i could see the shine of the juice.
I grabbed her ass cheek with my hand before i left.
I enjoyed her many nights. She stayed at my apartment some nights and took good care of me. She knew how ot work her ass and knew I would get little rough at the end. But she took it and later she became broken into me. Her cervix stretched and so did the rest of her.
There wer three more I would enjoy over the years. One was married red head who looked like Peg Bundy. I have great memories of her as well. Much younger and enjoyed what she got.
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1 year ago
Have not seen her in years, She stayed at my apartment and me at hers several times. She enjoyed the young cock and I enjoyed her tight old pussy.
1 year ago