Adventures of the Taproot. Ch. 6. Dr. Flood

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Adventures of the Taproot. Ch. 6. Dr. Flood

After a sex-filled freshman year of college, I moved out of the dorm and off-campus for my sophomore year and slowed things down a bit, mostly content to bed down with a handful of my favorite ladies. But word of my ten inch cock had apparently traveled far and wide, because I received lots of coed attention wherever I went on campus.

But my favorite college sex partner was an art history professor, Dr. Anna Flood. Dr. Flood was a very attractive British woman in her mid-40’s. And if they held a contest for a dictionary picture to illustrate the word “voluptuous”, she would get my vote. She was tall, had wild and long dark wavy hair with streaks of gray, a nice round ass, and killer 38DD tits.

I took a Renaissance art history course from Dr. Flood my sophomore year and was taken right away by her accent and looks. It was a large lecture course, one of those 200+ student classes so common in big state universities, so there wasn’t a lot of teacher-student contact, but Dr. Flood was a jazz lover, so that’s how we really met.

One night the jazz quartet I played bass with was performing at a faculty party, and Dr. Flood was there. Unlike most of the other guests who mingled and only half-listened to the music, she stood close to the stage and was fully engaged in our playing.

I talked with her during a break and told her I was in one of her classes. She apologized for the impersonal lecture hall format and assured me she knew who I was. She mostly wanted to talk about music and was intrigued that a guy my age was playing with such an accomplished group of older musicians. So like Miss Reynolds in high school, music connected me with another hot teacher. Dr. Flood got our band’s schedule and became a regular at our gigs.

At first I thought she might be interested in one of my band mates—Jimmy the sax player made a few plays for her—but the mystery was solved that I was indeed the object of her attention when she wrote her phone number (along with an A, which I’m not sure I deserved) on my final exam paper for her class. I didn’t take any classes from her after that, so since she was no longer my teacher, a relationship with her wouldn’t break any of the school’s rules.

I didn’t have any gigs scheduled the next Saturday night, so I called to ask her out to dinner. She instead suggested that I come over and let her cook me a fine British meal. She laughed off my comment that “fine British meal” was an oxymoron, but assured me the meal would actually be Italian and an old recipe of her Italian grandmother's.

She lived on the outskirts of town in a nice little place with a big flower garden, reminiscent of an English country cottage. When I knocked on the door she yelled for me to come inside. After I entered, she quickly handed me a glass of wine and ran back to the kitchen to tend to a burning chicken. As she cooked and talked to me from the kitchen, I walked around her living room and checked out her books, magazines, records and art—they all confirmed what I already knew; she was a fascinating woman.

I was thrilled to be alone with her and especially enjoyed seeing her in the loose silk blouse she was wearing with a pair of tight jeans. It was a nice change from the academic wear she mostly wore on campus. Her heavy round breasts hung like succulent melons beneath the sheer fabric of her blouse. And it was unbuttoned far enough to expose some very ample and tempting cleavage.

Dinner, though a bit crispy, was nonetheless delicious and the company was first rate. Dr. Flood, or “Anna” as I now knew her, was funny and smart. And into the second bottle of wine and a move to the couch, our conversation took a randy turn.

She asked me if I was aware that a common topic of conversation in the women’s restrooms at my gigs was about the band’s well-hung bass player. And she further relayed that she had once heard a couple of ladies joke that I didn’t need a strap to hold up my bass, but instead could just rest it on my crotch as I played.

Though a little embarrassed, I liked where the conversation was headed. So I asked her if she believed what she had heard. She smiled and told me she would need confirmation, and then reached over and began caressing my cock that was bulging through my pants. As my love pole grew to life, she leaned in and gave me a long, wet and meaningful kiss. She continued kneading my growing cock while I began working my hands over her luscious boobs through her blouse.

It wasn’t long before I had slipped my hand inside her shirt and was massaging her heavy mounds of tit flesh. I sensed that her breasts needed to be released, fondled, sucked and adored, and I was just the guy for the job. And while my hand worked to explore every inch of her tantalizing breasts, Anna continued doing likewise on the pipe organ that had stretched down my pants leg.

While I continued fixating on her breasts, Dr. Flood undid my pants and slipped them down. She gasped when she witnessed my freed cock and began stroking it with enthusiasm. She whispered, “Rumors confirmed, captain!” into my ear before she dropped her head onto my throbbing phallus and began eagerly mouthing my thick rod that now was proudly stretched to its full ten inches.

She soon had both hands wrapped around my cock’s shaft and was hungrily sucking on its huge purple knob, slurping and shoving as much of my dick into her mouth as she could without gagging. I groaned with pleasure and thrust my hips forward to assist her in taking in as much of my cock as possible.

Sensing that she might provoke me to blow my load too early in the game, Anna lifted her head from my throbbing log and repositioned herself on the couch so she was kneeling over me. And though her hair and garments were now in serious disarray, she was still fully clothed, though fortunately not for long.

Anna then straddled my lap and looked me square in the eyes as she cupped her hands under her breasts, and then lifted them up, squeezing them while asking, “Are you ready to see what I’ve got here, lover? Are you still interested in having a go with my big knockers?”

I nodded my head up and down and was soon rewarded with a full exposition of her beguiling beauties as Anna seductively undid the remaining buttons of her blouse and tossed it aside. At last, I could finally feast my eyes on her fleshy wonder-mounds as they overflowed the cups of her sexy black bra like loaves of fresh bread rising out of their pans.

“Are you ready for more, lover? Are you ready for me to swing these babies into your face so you can suck on them like a hungry baby? Do you know how much I’d love to have you suck on these big titties? Well, a lot, that’s how much. I really want you to love these tits like they’re all yours. Because they are, these are all for you, my sweet boy.”

And then she slowly reached around and undid her bra, unleashing her heaving mammaries so they spilled out of their restraints and dropped down onto her chest with an undulating “flop”. She then lifted them each to her lips and licked them like a tasty gelato, cooing, “Mmmm, yes, baby. These are all for you. And they are very pleased to make your acquaintance.”

I was enthralled to see her areolas, dark and round as saucers, and her nipples that were as big and thick as radio knobs. These were truly a magnificent pair of tits! I had fantasized about them during every one of Dr. Flood’s class lectures, and they were finer than I could have imagined. They were absolutely the sexiest and juiciest pair of knockers that I had ever seen, and I was thrilled to finally have them fully exposed and available to me.

Anna then stood up just long enough to remove her jeans, under which she was wearing a lacy pair of black panties that didn’t come close to concealing her splendid growth of black cunt shrubbery. Her wiry bush inched up towards her navel and spilled out of the sheer panty material in all directions.

After sticking her hand down the front of her panties to momentarily rub her clit, for my viewing pleasure as much as her own satisfaction, she then sat back down on my lap, facing me and giving me full access to her magnificent udders. She swung them down into my face, putting me in tit heaven as I sucked and kissed them all over while Anna ground her pussy on my cock through the soaked crotch of her panties.

It wasn’t long before we had shucked our remaining clothes and moved onto the floor where we lustfully groped and sucked on each other while splayed out on a handsome oriental rug.

As advertised, Anna had an untrimmed black bush that was as wild and sexy as the mane on her head. And the pussy lips that poked through this furry jungle were juicy and tempting. As I sucked on her luscious melons, I worked my fingers over and into her hungry cunt while Coltrane wailed on the stereo, his sensuous saxophone adding the perfect background music to our lovemaking.

Anna was now grinding her pussy into my hand as I finger-fucked her twat and she began begging me to fuck her. “I’m ready for you, lover. My pussy is dripping wet and I can’t wait any longer. Please give it to me! I wanna’ feel that huge prick of yours up inside me! C’mon, shag me with that big willy! Fuck me now!” And with her cultured British accent, her coital encouragements were all the more inspiring.

To further encourage me, Anna lay back on the floor and spread her legs wide apart, opening her carpeted snatch to reveal the swollen pink inner sanctum of her luscious pussy. As I positioned myself over her and sucked on her flopping tits, she impatiently grabbed my meat monster and pulled it into her hungry twat.

She let out a deep groan as I inched myself into her, “Oh my God that’s big! Oooh, yes, baby, give me that hunk of cock. Give it to me! Give me all of it!”

Her wet pussy offered little resistance to my throbbing love muscle and warmly welcomed every inch of me inside. Finally, after several deep plunges, the tip of my cock was touching the very back of her cunt. I was prepared to go easy for a while to let her vagina gradually adapt to the intrusion of my monster organ. But Anna would have none of it and bucked her hips up into mine so that my turgid tool pounded her pussy like a jackhammer.

As the action heated up with each thrust of my cock into her wanton twat, I began to fully realize that Dr. Flood was a masterful dirty talker. As we fucked, she kept up a running lusty dialog on what she wanted me to do, how much she loved what I was doing, and how I should keep doing it harder and faster and deeper.

“Oh baby, fuck me with that big cock. Bang the shit out of me. Oh, I’ve never had a cock like yours. Oh it’s such a beautiful big hunk of meat. Now drive it into me, lover, fuck me with it, fuck me with it, fuck me with that monster! Pound it into my big wet pussy!”

Her accent, that before had turned me on during her lectures, now really got to me when my thick cock meat was shoved way up in her cunt. She continued her seductive coaching and commentary on how much I filled up her wet pussy, how she loved hanging her big tits in my face and how she had never had a cock like mine before. The more she raved on, the harder I fucked her, and the harder I pounded her, the louder and nastier she got. Until, with a furious shake of her head and hair, she finally screamed and came in what was to be the first of her many orgasms of the night.

“Ahh, yes, YES, YES, YES, that’s how I need to be fucked! That’s what I need!” she cried as I bashed her cunt with everything I had. She continued screaming until her cumming finally subsided. But, miraculously, I had managed to hold off from shooting my load. I had wanted like hell to release my load of seed inside her sweet pussy, but I also knew that some patience would offer larger dividends later in our lovemaking.

Both sated and sticky from the huge gush of lady juice she had squirted over us both, we agreed to take a break and repaired to the kitchen for a glass of wine.

Though a bit wobbly, I ambled behind Anna towards the kitchen, and for the first time I got the full view of her voluptuous hourglass figure. Though I had previously been taken by the ample wonders of her frontal features, her big round ass, slim waist and long thin legs were just as tasty and fine. She was definitely a woman who deserved 360 degrees of attention. And as I admired her rear view, I looked forward to mounting her back there and plowing my love tool deep up her big ass and letting my balls slap against those sweet cheeks.

But once we were in the kitchen and had only a few sips of our wine, it was obvious a break wasn’t going to happen, because we couldn’t keep our hands or mouths off of each other. So putting down my glass, I lifted her up and placed her fine ass on the counter. I then dropped to my knees and began working my face and mouth into her gaping wet pussy. And as I lavished my tongue over her cunt, she picked up her dirty dialog and described how good it felt to have my tongue on her clit and what she was going to do to me later, and how she was going to smother me with her big tits. Then she stopped talking, gasped, leaned back against the cabinets and shook all over as she let loose with her second orgasm of the evening.

“Oh, sweet Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Oh, my God!!” she cried as she bucked her hips into my face and pulled my head deeper into the drenched fur of her overflowing cunt. She then collapsed onto my shoulders, and like an exhausted athlete directed me to help her into the bedroom.

As we walked slowly to the bedroom, my cock stuck out like a baseball bat, still ready for action. And my scrotum was loaded with a gallon of yet-to-be-released jism, and this didn’t go unnoticed by Anna. So when we reached bedroom, she laid me back on the bed with my cock pointed towards the ceiling and sat back to momentarily marvel at my throbbing ten inch monster as it rose before her like a ship’s mast. Apparently reenergized by the sight of my throbbing log, she licked up and down on my shaft and balls and hungrily sucked on my meat every which way, all the while interjecting groans and exclamations of “Damn, I love your cock, baby!” and “Mmmm, this is my motherfuckin’ dream dick!” More than once I was on the verge of exploding, but each time Anna sensed I was on the brink and backed off on her sucking, saying, “Not yet, baby. Not quite yet, my sweet boy.”

And after the second time she pulled me off the orgasmic ledge, she took a short break from my cock and reached into the drawer of her nightstand. She fumbled around for a bit, and then to my surprise, pulled out a big black dildo so long and thick that it made my cock look almost ordinary. It was a monstrous tool and she told me she had bought it only a week ago to get her cunt prepared for me. But now that I was there, she had other plans for this rubber shaft.

She pushed me back down on the bed and sat over me as she mounted my cock and slowly dropped her dripping cunt onto the full length of my shaft. And then, after anointing Dr. Dong (as she had affectionately named it) with a bit of Vaseline, she leaned forward and slowly eased the dildo up into her asshole. Her eyes were now huge and she squealed as her body reacted to being doubly impaled but such monsters.

So as she rode up and down on my cock, she eased the huge rubber phallus in and out of her asshole. This double-teaming took her dirty talking to a new level of adjective-filled excitement and screams that made us both even hotter.

Her big tits were now flopping up and down and slapping against her chest like sweaty punching bags as she bounced on my impaling cock. And her hair was as tangled and drenched as a rag mop and threw off globs of sweat as she whipped it around, screaming and squealing.

After several minutes of ramming the dildo up her ass while I pounded my cock into her furry trench, she gasped, eased back, and slipped out the rubber dong.

“Now I want you to put your big cock up my ass. Are you ready for my sweet asshole, lover? I’ve got it all stretched out for you!”

She then turned over and kneeled on all fours on the bed with her big round ass pointed up and her big tits hanging down, awaiting my rear entry maneuvers.

I wasted no time in getting behind her and shoving my throbbing cock up her gaping bunghole. And after a few swift strokes of my meat into her rear chute, Anna got reacquainted with the massive dildo as she began working it in and out of her dripping pussy.

By this time her verbal creativity was no longer an impassioned and filthy academic lecture on the fine art of fucking, but was now reduced to just throaty screams of “Fuck me! Fuck me!” over and over. And when my cock could hold back no more, I pulled my throbbing monster out of her tight rectal sphincter and howled like a wolf as I began shooting spasms of hot jism all over Dr. Flood’s big juicy ass. But before I had drained my load, she rolled over so I could finish by spraying the remaining portion of my cum on her beautiful tits and stomach. She loved it all and smeared my love juice on her face like a favorite lotion.

Looking down at Dr. Flood, her beautiful breasts and stomach covered in my cum, and with her long hair tangled, sweaty and splayed out like Medusa, I marveled at my good fortune. And when she leaned up to suck the last remaining drops of spunk from my spent but still sizable pecker, I almost cried with delight.

Afterwards, we lay back on the bed for some time, sharing a glass of brandy and a cigarette and reveling over our evening of lovemaking.

“You know, I have never been fucked like that before,” she whispered to me as she snuggled against my chest. “Never. Not even close.” And then she raised her head and looked into my eyes, “Will you stay with me the rest of the weekend? I can’t imagine letting you get away. My pussy would go into a state of deep dark depression from which it might never recover.”

Hating to be responsible for depressing her pussy, I agreed that spending the rest of the weekend with her was the humane thing to do. And since it was only Saturday night, having another full day to enjoy Dr. Flood’s company, her voluptuous body and her carnal charms was great by me.

Given our sticky state, a shower seemed like a good next move. However, we didn’t quite make it to the shower as soon as planned, for another round of lovemaking ensued in the bathroom and Dr. Flood had orgasm number four. And it was number two for me as I shot a surprisingly sizable load inside her hungry cunt as I pounded her pussy, with her ass perched on the bathroom vanity, her back against the mirror and her legs wrapped around my waist.

We finally did get into the shower where we soaped and cleaned each other thoroughly, and then, after toweling off, collapsed naked and exhausted back into her bed and were both soon sound asl**p.

The next morning I was pleasantly awakened by the sensation of Dr. Flood sucking on my cock, which had quickly risen to the occasion. And before long she was squatting over me and slipping my meat into what I would learn was her always-ready cunt. I shot my first load of the day into her pussy after I had worked the knob of my cock over her clit and made her scream and cum. Satisfied once again, Anna collapsed back on the bed and was soon sound asl**p.

While she slept, I got up and made us coffee and omelets that we ate in bed. We then lounged around her house for the day, reading the Sunday paper and listening to music. She had pulled out silk kimonos for us both to wear, though with nothing underneath. So we occasionally ate and napped, but then would arise for another round of torrid lovemaking. She was insatiable.

And even when we weren’t engaged in active sex, Anna kept me partially hard throughout the day with her verbal antics.

“Show me your big juicy cock, lover”, she’d say from across the room, “Let me see if it’s ready for my sweet pussy again”. So I’d open the front of my kimono and lift up my cock for her to see and give it a few strokes for good measure.

“Ooh, yea, that’s a baby, keep it big and ready for me. ‘Cause any minute now I’m going to have you shove that monster back into my furry cunt”.

Or, “Look at these big tits”, she’d say, opening the front of her kimono and rubbing her thumb and forefingers around her areolas and nipples and lifting her heavy breasts and sucking on them she’d say, “They’re always ready for you, my sweet boy. They’re always ready for you to slide that huge cock of yours in between them and fuck them like a big cunt. You wanna’ fuck my tits like a big cunt? Probably the only cunt in the world big enough for that huge rod you’ve got over there.” And then she’d smile, and go back to working on the Sunday Times crossword or grading papers.

Dr. Flood and I would arrange one of these weekends whenever we could, and we never grew tired of each other’s bodies or company. Her tits will always be the pair to which I compare all others: my mammary gold standard. And I know my cock will be likewise for her.

She went on sabbatical to Italy my junior year and I flew over and visited her during winter break. We toured the country, visited museums, ate wonderful food, and fucked our brains out for two solid weeks. It was a great trip, and I learned more about Italian art from Dr. Flood during that trip than I would have in five classes. But there was also a mutual understanding that we both had other lives to lead. So we parted when I flew home from the Rome airport and I haven’t seen her since. We kept in touch for a while by mail and phone, but then agreed that we should break it off altogether. I heard later that she married an Italian professor and moved to Milan and was teaching at the university there. I wonder if she can talk dirty in Italian.

To be continued...

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