Adventures of the Taproot. Chapter 5, Part 3

Chapter 5. Miss Reynolds, Part 3

It was winter break of my freshman year in college and I was home visiting my parents for the holidays. It was only a week before Christmas and I had a bunch of gift shopping to do and parties to attend with my old friends. So I was sorry that I wasn’t able to get back together with Angie Reynolds as soon as I had hoped.

Since I was no longer a student at the school where she taught, Angie’s “No touching” rule was no longer enf***ed and we had become full-contact lovers. So I couldn’t wait to see her again and make the most of our new arrangement. But it was a busy time for both of us, though we did talk on the phone a couple of times, and late one night we even had some improvised phone sex as we both lay in our respective beds. She was a hot lady and just thinking about her made my big cock bulge in my pants.

So a few days before Christmas while I was out running some errands, I decided to drop in on Angie unannounced. Maybe have a quickie, I thought wishfully.

I could hear music playing in her apartment as I approached the door. “Dizzy Gillespie, nice!” I thought to myself as I knocked. After waiting for a minute or two with no answer, I knocked again.

“Just a minute!” I heard Angie call from inside.

Soon the door opened a few inches and I saw Angie’s face through the crack. She looked pretty sweaty and disheveled, and also surprised to see me.

“Hello, sweetie!” she said. “I wasn’t expecting to see you today!” And then she paused to think for a moment, “Hold on a second… I’ll be right back.”

She closed the door and went back into her apartment. In the distance I could hear her talking to someone. “Damn!” I thought to myself. “I’ve interrupted something!”

When Angie came back she smiled and opened the door to let me in. She then gave me a nice kiss and motioned for me to follow her. She was wearing a silk robe, and from her bouncy walk I could tell she had nothing on underneath.

As I entered the living room, a tall, good looking black man walked out of the kitchen wrapped in a silk robe similar to Angie’s. He greeted me warmly, “Hello, I’m Dennis. Angie has told me a lot about you, Mr. Taproot!”

I blushed and apologized profusely for barging in on them, but neither Angie nor Dennis seemed a bit sorry that I had. They quickly put me at ease by handing me a beer and encouraging me to sit down and join them. Angie pointed me to an easy chair while she and Dennis curled up close to each other on the couch.

We made a bit of small talk, and then Angie said, “Listen, sweetie, there are a couple of things you need to know about Dennis and me.”

“First off, we both have sex with other people, and we’re fine with that. And secondly, we sometimes fuck other people when we’re together. Know what I mean?” And she smiled and winked at me as she said this last bit.

“So we were just talking, Dennis and me, before you came in, and we’re thinking maybe you’ll want to join us in some good, clean American fun. You know, some Christmas cheer! Whaddya’ say, lover?”

I was a bit at a loss for words, so I was relieved when Dennis chimed in.

“Like I said, Angie has told me a lot about you,” he said as he stroked her thigh, “and I hear you may be the first white dude ever who will make me envious!” And then he let loose with a deep but friendly chuckle.

“So how’s about it, dude? Would you like to have a three-way with Angie and me? No gay stuff, I promise. I don’t swing that way. But you may not know that Angie loves getting it from two guys at once. Doncha’ baby?”

To my surprise, Angie didn’t blush a bit when she said, “Yes I do! And it would be my dream to do it with both of you! You’re my two absolute favorite guys!”

Dennis continued, “And if you do agree to join us, this will be the first time that I’m not the ‘big man’ of the group, and I must admit, I’m kinda’ interested to see what that’s like.”

Though I was flummoxed by their offer, Dennis seemed like a nice guy, and I trusted that Angie wouldn’t get me into something too weird. So after looking at both of them and thinking, “Why the hell not?” I said, “Sure, but I’m a rookie at this so you’ll need to guide me.”

“YES! That’s WONDERFUL!” Angie said with real excitement. “We’ll be glad to be your guides, won’t we Denny?”

“Absolutely, babe!” Dennis replied in his deep baritone. “Absolutely!”

Now willing to just let the scene unfold, I sat back and sipped my beer as we talked about the upcoming holidays. All the while, Dennis and Angie snuggled in closer to each other on the couch. And it wasn’t long before Angie’s robe had slipped open and Dennis was fondling one of her big boobs, but as he did he kept casually talking to me as cool as if we were sitting and conversing in a public park.

Perhaps at a different time and with another of my girlfriends this might have made me jealous, Dennis feeling up Angie and all. But instead, it didn’t bother me a bit. And I discovered I enjoyed watching them get sexy together.

Angie, for her part, was likewise engaged in the conversation but had reached inside Dennis’ robe and was now stroking his big black cock to life. As she did, I couldn’t help but notice that he was an extremely well-endowed man as his cock responded to her attention. I had never seen a guy with a cock that might rival mine, but he was indeed one hung dude.

As his prick swelled to size, I could see that Dennis wasn’t quite as long or thick as me, but he was packing a good eight or nine inches with some equally impressive girth.

And while Dennis was telling me about how he was going to spend Christmas with some friends up north, Angie undid his robe, put her head down in his crotch and began sucking on his big fat cock, but with her head turned towards me so we could maintain eye contact.

“Whoa, this is getting kinda’ kinky. And kinda’ hot!” I thought as I watched Angie sliding Dennis’ big rod into her mouth. And though I wasn’t quite sure what to do, my expanding member began to writhe in my pants and beg for release from its bondage.

So while Dennis continued talking, and Angie kept her big blue eyes fixed on me while sucking his cock, I unzipped my pants and eased them down so I could free my throbbing willy.

“Wow, dude!” Dennis said, as he placed his hands atop Angie’s head and raised his hips to work his cock deeper into her mouth, “You really are a big fella, aren’t you? That’s one impressive cock and I am indeed jealous! How’s about that? Me, jealous of another man’s cock! And a white guy too! Now that’s a new one!”

With some embarrassed pride, I began stroking on my member as it continued expanding to its full 10 inches of length with its juice can diameter. And though her mouth was pretty well occupied with Dennis’ prick, I could see that Angie was smiling and was equally proud of my phallic display.

As I stroked my throbbing meat, I continued enjoying the sexy scene between these two experienced lovers. Watching Angie go at another man’s big cock was an unexpected pleasure. I had never fantasized about being in a threesome with another guy, but now that I was apparently in one, I found it pretty damn exciting!

Cool as he was, Angie was now getting the best of Dennis. So he started dropping out of our conversation as he leaned his head back on the couch and groaned as she increased the intensity of her sucking.

“Oooh, yes, baby, keep doin’ what you’re doin’!” Dennis chided her. “Keep doin’ what you’re doin’! That’s right, grab my balls, baby, and keep suckin’ my cock.”

By now Angie had slipped off her slinky robe, so she was bare-assed and fully into the moment. As for me, I was still transfixed by their lovemaking and continued to stroke my flexed rod as I watched Dennis and Angie go at it. And from the long looks I was getting from both of them, I knew they enjoyed seeing how aroused I was by all of this, and how big my cock had grown as a result of their display. So my contribution had only made them hornier.

After a few more minutes of getting his cock expertly sucked, Dennis said, “Let’s show Mr. Taproot how us old folks fuck! Come on baby, slide onto me and give me that hot pussy of yours! I think Mr. Taproot might like to watch you get fucked by my little bitty pecker.”

So as Dennis sat on the couch with his impressive cock standing up at full mast, Angie sat down in his lap, facing me, and slid his cock up into her open and juicy pussy. She eased onto him slowly, moaning as she did, and then began to bounce up and down on his thick rod with increasing intensity, like it was a piece of playground equipment.

“Whoa, yes, that’s it, baby, that’s it!” Dennis cried to her as she drove his hot tool into her wanton crevice. “Look at this, Mr. Taproot! Look at how your girl fucks me! Does she let you fuck her from behind like this? Oh, that’s right, she pulled that ‘No touching‘ shit on you, didn’t she! Damn shame, that’s a damn shame! ‘Cause she is one fine piece of ass! Are you looking at this, man? Are you looking at this?”

Looking? Hell, I was watching them like they were a professional magic act. Which, given the contrast of Angie’s creamy white voluptuous body against his dark skin and big glistening pecker, they were pretty damn magical.

As I continued stroking my raging meat, I was entranced to see Angie’s big melons flop up and down with each of her bounces on his big wood. And seeing another man’s cock pumping in and out of her sweet cunt was also quite a site to behold, especially when she started rubbing on her clit and moaning like she was about to cum. But all the while, Angie kept her big blue eyes fixed on mine, and a lusty smile on her face.

Holding off her orgasm, at least for now, Angie motioned to me with her free hand, “My mouth is available, sweetie, and I’d love to suck on that big thing you've got in your hand. C’mon, baby, come to mama!”

I couldn’t refuse such an offer, so I kicked off my pants and walked over to position my massive meat in Angie’s face. She grabbed it with both hands and, while I steadied her bouncing head, she leaned forward and began to slide my righteous organ into her mouth in time with her bounces on Dennis’ lap.

We were all soon grinding like synchronized machine gears, moving in perfect time with each other. Dennis thrust his hips up and into Angie’s pussy as she bounced on his big cock while sucking me, and my hips went forward and my hands up and down on her head in concert. A regular kinetic sculpture, we were.

This dance trio number went on for a few minutes and we were all groaning, grinding and sweating. Angie then broke the cycle when she stood up, slipping both of her lovers’ cocks from her juicy orifices. She touched us both tenderly and then reached over to pull down a soft blanket from the end of the couch. Then, like preparing for a picnic, she spread the blanket on the floor and lay down in the middle of it.

She motioned for me to lie beside her on the floor, facing her, and patted the spot on the blanket where she wanted me to be. I did as she requested and was first greeted with a deep wet kiss, and then, before I knew it, she had my throbbing rod in her hand and was lustily slipping it into her gaping cunt.

“Oh, yes, baby! You’ve watched me get fucked, now it’s your turn!” she whispered to me. And then she called over her shoulder, laughing, “Dennis, baby, watch and learn how a real hung man fucks his lady! Maybe take some notes, because there WILL be a test!”

Angie’s pussy was so loose and wet from her round with Dennis’ big cock that I was able to slide my tool fully inside her almost immediately. And hungry to continue getting her pussy pounded, Angie was pulling my ass and hips into her so my throbbing meat stick was deep into her twat.

“Oh yes, fuck me baby! Fuck me with that big thing! Look at how his big cock slides into me Dennis! Have you ever seen anything so fucking hot! Can you imagine how good it feels for me to have this monster cock shoved up my pussy?”

Dennis didn’t appear to be the least bit offended by Angie’s teasing. Instead he only smiled and stroked his big glistening cock and watched with obvious interest as Angie and I fucked wildly on the floor.

Angie now had one of her legs d****d over me so I could get more deeply entrenched inside her. And I took every advantage she offered and was thrusting my swollen cock into her with a driving f***e that might have scared a lesser woman.

Perhaps fearing that I might cum before she was finished we me, Angie slowed down our heated lovemaking for a moment and called to Dennis, “Hey, Dennis, my ass is yours baby! Come on down! Make my dream come true! Fuck me in my sweet ass while I’ve got Mr. Taproot banging my pussy!”

As Dennis arose from the couch, Angie pushed me on my back and straddled me as we continued fucking, hardly missing a beat in the process of her moving on top of me. She lifted up her ass for Dennis as he kneeled behind her and began inching his thick pecker into her anal orifice.

As he did, Angie put her face into mine and whispered, “Now hold on lover, here comes some real fun!” She then began kissing me hungrily, and moved her hips into mine and drove me deeply again into her hungry cunt.

Knowing exactly what to do from his end, Dennis fully slid his slick member slowly but f***efully into Angie’s rear entrance, making her gasp as he did.

“Oh my god!” she groaned. “Oh my god! Now fuck me, you big bad boys, fuck me!”

Anxious to please, both Dennis and I gradually picked up our speed and were soon fucking Angie between us like a lusty rag doll. And as his prick and balls slapped against her creamy white ass, I did likewise on her front side and got the bonus pleasure of having her tits flapping into my face and chest, while her mouth would wrap over mine with deep tongue torturing kisses

Angie was delirious with pleasure. She was grunting and moaning as we slammed into her with our front and rear-end collisions. She came at least twice that I know of and her pussy was so wet that my cock was like a scuba diver in her twat. And from the sloppy sounds on the other side, I could tell her ass was now also nicely lubed for Dennis’ pleasure.

I’d never been this close to another naked man, and wasn’t interested in getting any closer, but having Angie as the buffer between Dennis and me made it all okay. And the obvious pleasure that we were giving her as she screamed and squirted in delight was an excellent reward.

Dennis was the next to unload, because with a deep groan and some furtive pumps, he assured us that his load had been fully injected up her anal chute. He soon eased back and let his prick slide out, emitting more deep sighs of wonder and relief while Angie and I continued pounding on each other. Dennis leaned back against the couch to watch Angie and me finish each other off.

Angie had her head directly over mine so she could make eye contact with me as I thrust my spelunking wonder pole deep into the recessed caverns of her cunt. Her eyes were wide open and filled with a look of amazed anticipation she waited for me to explode. And then with a few more deep climactic thrusts to her wanton crevice, I closed my eyes and screamed as I shot a massive load of hot spunk up inside dear Miss Reynolds.

“Whoa, yes, yes, YES, YES, YES! FUCK YES! AAAARGH…!”

And then with an exhausted sigh, I slowly slid out my erupted member from Angie’s cum filled twat and lay back on the floor, dizzy with sated lust.

Angie flopped down next to me and laughed when she looked down and saw her jizz drenched pussy and the gush of cum that was still oozing from her ass. “Look at what you spunk monsters have done to me! I’ve got more cum inside me than a sperm bank! My god!”

Dennis and I both turned to look and, true enough, she was lying in a growing pond of jism and juice that did us all proud.

And for the next five minutes of our recovery period we all lay back on the floor, moaning and chuckling.

But as much as I wanted to stay and bask in the afterglow of our lovemaking, I had other commitments and regrettably needed to be on my way. So I begged off and went to take a quick shower in Angie’s bathroom. But when I walked by Angie’s bedroom on my way out, I saw that my sex partners had moved to the bed and were still naked and wrapped around each other, sharing a cigarette and some wine. Angie was massaging Dennis cock into a semi-aroused state, so it appeared that another round of fucking was in their near future.

“I’m really glad you stopped by, lover. Today was the best Christmas present I’ve ever gotten. I’ll be dreaming about this for months!” Angie said to me as I stood in the doorway. “Give me a call real soon, will you sweetie?”

“Or stop by anytime!” Dennis added with a smile, giving me a big thumbs up sign. He then positioned Angie’s head onto his growing meat, and as she took him into her mouth she, too, shot me a big thumbs up.

To be continued…

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