Adventures of the Taproot. Chapter 5, Miss Reynold

Adventures of the Taproot. Chapter 5, Miss Reynolds, Part 1

During my freshman year of college I returned home for the month-long Christmas break. And it was during this vacation time that I hooked up with one of my old high school flames with whom I had enjoyed a steamy, but never fully consummated, relationship during high school: Miss Angie Reynolds, teacher.

During high school I grew used to having girls look at my crotch and whisper "I hear he's huge!" to each other when I walked past in the halls. But I was surprised when I saw a couple of the young female teachers looking at me across the lunchroom, whispering, smiling, and exchanging raised eyebrow glances. One of them was Miss Reynolds. And here’s how we first met.

Miss Reynolds taught some of the lower level History classes at our high school and must have been only a few years out of college. I never had her for a teacher, but I definitely knew who she was. She was a tall and pretty blonde with bright blue eyes who liked to wear tight sweaters that accentuated her ample bosom. All of the guys were in love with her, including me.

She coached the girls’ volleyball team and was leaving their practice one winter night at the same time I was walking out of the gym after playing intramural basketball. It was cold outside and I didn’t yet have my own car so I had begun my usual walk home. Miss Reynolds pulled up beside me in her car and asked me how far I had to walk. I told her it was only a mile, but she said it was too cold and that I should jump in.

We made small talk about music and sports during the short drive to my house. I noticed she drove extra slowly, apparently in no hurry to be rid of me. And when she dropped me off, she gave me a seductive smile and told me how much she enjoyed getting to know me. She then told me she was a big jazz fan and that I should come over and listen to some of her albums with her some time. I readily agreed.

“So how’s about this Saturday afternoon?” she said as she wrote down her address on a slip of paper. “But come alone, and it would be best if you didn’t tell anyone,” she added with a wink as I climbed out of her car.

Not fully believing my good fortune, I arrived at Miss Reynolds' apartment that Saturday afternoon. She met me at the door wearing form-fitting jeans and one of her many tight sweaters, only this one was unbuttoned lower than usual and revealed some enticing fleshy cleavage.

She got me a soda and showed me her extensive album collection. It was a good array of mid-70’s popular jazz along with some classics. I was just becoming interested in jazz, my dad had turned me on to it, and I was especially interested in Bebop. So she picked out a few early Charlie Parker and Charles Mingus cuts and played them for me.

Her knowledge and appreciation for the Bebop style was impressive. She tipped her head back on the couch, closed her eyes and nodded in time to the music. Occasionally she would look over at me and smile and give me a few insights on the jazz form and tell me who else was playing on particular cut. And so it went for an hour or so, she was curled up on the couch, while I sat in a comfortable chair close by.

Then, out of the blue, she says, “Are you aware that I know your secret?” I gave her a quizzical look. She says, “Don’t worry, I’ve also got a secret—I love guys with big cocks. But I haven’t had one since a boyfriend in college”.

She then asked me if I could help her keep her secret, and if in exchange I’d like to see her tits, since she noticed that I hadn’t been able to keep my eyes off of them since I arrived. I blushed and agreed. But she had one rule for us: no touching. Ouch. No touching? But how could I refuse?

So she looked deep into my eyes and began to slowly unbutton her sweater. As her garment gradually opened, I saw she was wearing a lacy black bra from which her ample tits were spilling out. And then with her sweater hanging fully open, revealing those restrained mammaries and her tight creamy stomach, she walked across the room and took me by the hand and led me back to her bedroom.

With Ornette Coleman playing his sax in the background, she had me sit on the edge of the bed while she continued her slow striptease. She first slipped off her sweater, exposing her perfect upper torso and those beautiful tit mounds so admired by all of the guys in my school.

She then wriggled out of her tight jeans and was now down to just that black bra and a pair of matching and equally sexy bikini panties.

Still staring at me and smiling seductively, she arched her back and moaned as she rubbed her pussy through the sheer fabric until I saw the crotch of her panties moisten. And then, apparently anxious to be rid of the obstruction between her fingers and her twat, she put her thumbs into the waistband and slipped her skimpy briefs down to her ankles and kicked them off.

She had an untrimmed bush of fine blonde hair that haloed a sweet pink pussy. And with her big blue eyes still fixed on mine, she rubbed her middle finger up and down her cunt and applied some extra pressure to her swollen clit.

“Oooh, yes, do you like what you see down here?” she whispered as she continued to rub her clit. I was in a trance state, but was able to groan out a “Yes, m’am!”

“Now do you wanna’ see these big titties that all the boys talk about and wish they could see? Do you want to see these babies? Well, if you promise to keep this as just our secret, I’ll let you see them.”

I gave her another gasping affirmation and was duly rewarded when she leaned forward and slowly and seductively removed her bra and let her big creamy tits flop out of the cups, first the left melon, then the right. “Aaaah, yes, now they’re much happier!”, she whispered to me.

Her breasts were firm beauties with perfect pink nipples and areolas. If I were to guess, I’d say they were 36D’s, maybe bigger. And though by this time in my life I’d already been intimate with many females, and had personally witnessed some fine examples of the female anatomy, Miss Reynolds was definitely the best so far. She was stacked and statuesque.

And in watching her display of tasty flesh, my cock was getting pumped up and was stretching its way down my pant leg like a hungry python, the outline of its bulge easily visible through my jeans.

Fully naked, she grabbed her luscious tits and massaged them in front of my face. For a moment forgetting our agreement, I stuck my head forward and tried to suck on these tempting melons. But she quickly backed away and wagged her finger at me, “Sorry, no touching, sweetie”. I sighed and nodded to let her know that I regretfully understood.

“So now let’s see what you’ve got down there, lover. Drop those drawers and let me see what all the ladies are getting so hot and bothered about!”

Eager to share in her nakedness and to show off my sizable manhood, I had my shirt and pants off in seconds. My cock, now fully exposed and lifting up its bulbous head, had never been more aroused.

She gasped, “It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen!” And from the look on her face, I believed she meant it. She gazed at my throbbing organ admiringly. “I could worship this”, she told me. “Will you let me worship this while I finger-fuck my pussy?”

She didn’t wait for my answer but scooted back on the bed and spread open her legs as she began fingering her pussy with lustful abandon, all the while staring at my throbbing dick. I propped my head up on a pillow and lay back at the other end of the bed and slowly stroked my cock as I watched her expert hand work over her twat.

And while we watched each other working over our respective genitals, Miss Reynolds began providing some hot and slow color commentary that only increased our shared horniness.

“Show me how you jack off, baby. I wanna’ see you beat that big cock meat.”

“Oh, yes, show me what you guys do at night when they think about me and my big titties.”

“C’mon lover…look at these big titties of mine and this juicy pussy! Did you ever think you’d get to see them? Don’t you know I see you guys gazing at my chest when I walk past at school? And I bet you see us ladies do the same thing with you, don’t ya?”

“And now look how wet you’ve made me with that huge cock of yours! Look how big and juicy my pussy is, and it’s all because of that monster meat I’m finally getting to feast my eyes on! Oooh, I’m the real lucky one here! That’s the biggest cock I’ve ever seen! Oooh, my, yes, I really do love big cocks, and yours is the biggest and best ever!”

She continued fingering her pussy with increasing fervor while looking over as I stroked on my swollen member, and her hot talking didn’t stop.

“Do any of those girls you fuck… and I know you do fuck them, so don’t pretend like you don’t… do any of those girls have tits like these and a pussy as big and juicy as mine? None of those girls have tits like mine, do they sweetie? None of those slutty high school girls have a body like this!”

“Oh, how I wish I could let you fuck me with that big dick… oh, I do so love that huge thing you’ve got there in your hand!”

“But that Leslie girl you fuck, she’s got a nice pair of tits doesn’t she? I’ve seen her in the locker room and she’s got nice tits. Not as big as mine, but she’s still growing. So I bet you love sucking on her tits, don’t you? And I bet she loves sucking on that big cock of yours while she squeezes it between those nice big tits of hers! You know how to pick ‘em, don’t you, sweetie? You like us ladies with big jugs, don’t you? You really go for us stacked ladies, don’t you? Don’t you, lover, with that huge cock of yours??!!”

And as she said this, she slowly lifted up her breasts and stuck her bright pink nipples in her mouth one at a time, working her lips tongue over them and letting some spit run down the front of her tits and chest. I was in heaven.

So while she watched me pull on my thick and throbbing 10 inch rod, she spit on her fingers and drove them faster and deeper into her pussy. And in only a matter of seconds she began lifting her hips and moaning with increasing intensity before she let loose a deep-throated scream, “Aaaarrrrggghhhhhh!” and squirted out streams of her love juice across the bed. Her pussy was now red and as juicy as a ripe apple.

She had put on quite a show and I could contain myself no longer. So with a few last long hard strokes of my cock, my massive volcano erupted, and as I held the shaft of my cock like a fire hose I added a full load of jism to her already soaked bedspread. We both then fell back, laughing, panting and spent.

Upstanding citizen and rules abiding teacher that she was, Miss Reynolds wouldn’t let me call her by her first name and she also wouldn’t let me touch her. Neither that first afternoon nor any of the other times I visited her apartment over the ensuing months. She was adamant that we could not have any vaginal, anal or oral sex. We could engage in all varieties of mutual masturbation, but I couldn’t kiss her or touch her. It was agonizing.

But when we got naked and horny in front of each other, she did enjoy having me tell her about the other girls from school that I had fucked and what they were like as lovers. And she also pointed me towards some girls she thought I should lay. But, dammit, it was never her. So during that school year I never once got my cock into her pussy or my mouth on her big tits, and it nearly killed us both.

She thought this show of restraint might keep her from losing her job if we ever got caught, my being a student and all. But as promised, I kept our secret and never told a soul about our relationship. However, her big cock lust apparently didn’t wear off, even after we reluctantly agreed it was getting too dangerous for us to continue our trysts. I knew this when I ran into her at a restaurant a few months later and she introduced me to her companion, a tall black man, about 35 years old and with a noticeable bulge in his pants. She turned and winked at me as they walked away.

To be continued...

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