How's this for a work out?

Just happened too be absolutely no one at the gym today & here I am working out in my tight spandex bike shorts. My muscles flexing as beads of sweat roll, my package bulging out in a noticable fashion. Suddenly I look up & I see you strutting along. We make eye contact & exhange a smile. For a second you admire my attire & the noticable bulge in my crotch area..."Mmm" You think to yourself. You then decided to head over to a nearby fitness machine & stretch. As you stretched that glorious day, my eyes began to examine you. Your spandex cladded ass just screamed "spank me!" I wanted you so - so bad baby. Moments of sexual tension drifted bye & as time went on I continued thinking of just feeling you up. Even though I didn't know it at the time, you felt the same. You continued staring at my bulge & mentally you secretly pondered how big my cock might be under my tight workout shorts. Moments later you began your work out routine & I began mine. I then suddenly noticed you were struggling a bit with your routine so I approached you & gave you some help. "Here, let me help you." You blushed & smiled in slight embarrasment. "All, it's okay I think I..." Before you could finish I gently placed my hand on your back to straighten up your posture. "Try & keep your back straight hun." My hand on your back felt warm & gave you a very good sensation. Goosebumps began to rise all over your soft flesh, your nipples instantly became hard. I moved closer, my package got closer to where your face was. "Try it again, is that better?" Your workout routine improved. You smiled. "thank you." I stood there fo a moment & then walked back over to where I was before. Inside your mind you wish I had stayed, you wanted my bulge in your face. You wanted my big hard cock in your mouth. Moments went bye. Then you decided to devise a plan to get me back over to where you were. "All I have to do is struggle a bit & my prince charming will be here, along with his spandex cladded cock..."
So you struggled & struggled & low & behold there I was. "I'm sorry..." You chuckled. "It's okay, now straighten up." Once again "the bulge" was there! It was about a half inch away from your thick & glossy lips. In the back of my mind of course I knew but I needed your consent. I needed you to lean a half inch over & for you to wrap your lips around my cock. "Mmm" You didn't even hesitate. You slowly leaned over admiring my package & began to kiss & lick. In a millisecond the bulge grew & became hard & errect. My hands caressed your spine & worked their way to your hair. I knew you were mine. "How's this for a work out?" You slowly slid your lips up & down my shaft & then peeled my shorts down past my hips. My cock now fully exposed shot straight to the ceiling, your eyes grew large with suprise & excitement.
"You want me to stick in my mouth?" You whispered as pre-cum pushed it's way out of my big penis. You then carefully placed my cock inside of your wet mouth & began to suck. At first it was a slow & steady pace but after a few minutes you worked your head in a quick jerky fashion. You wiggled your tongue madly along my shaft, my cock throbbing-pulsating in your mouth. "MMmm..." After a hour or so my cock could no longer take it & I began to ejaculate a load of cum. You never swallowed cum like mine before, thick & creamy & it had a sweetness to it. I began to beat my throbbing dick all over your soft & lucious lips. You made sure not one drop of cum was wasted...
Moments later I laid you on your back & pulled your yoga pants down to your ankles. Like a wild a****l I stuffed my face between your legs & began to eat you out. There was NO stopping this man! I kissed & licked every inch of your vagina. Flashes of hot tingly-sensations shot up from your crotch area to all over your body... It felt so fucking good! You placed both of your hands upon my head & pulled my hair. You also began to bite down on your lip. "Baby eat that pussy out..." You screamed. I frantically obeyed your comand. My lips & tongue were in you deep & you felt it coming. You were cumming! You f***ed my head & face in even deeper as I licked away, you could have drowned me in that wet-cum filled pussy. At least I would have died happy. You screamed to the top of your lungs, your breasts rose & lifted to the ceiling "Yes!" You came all over my face. Not too long after I began to fuck you doggy style. You could feel my cock stretching your insides out as my balls slapped wildly off of your ass cheeks. Your tits flapping all about."Fuck me, give it too me harder" you moaned in pain. One of the things that was so exciting about this whole thing was we were all alone. Sure someone could walk into the gym, it is public after all. At this point neither of us gave a shit & I continued to fuck you silly. Suddenly, you could feel my cock stiffen up & you knew I was going to cum again for you... You allowed me to penetrate your delicate pussy now you were allowing me to cum in it..."Ahhh, feels so good..." Warm & thick cum filled up the walls in & around your vagina...
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