Ok so the other day I fingered this girl and was able to make her orgasam multi times, thought if like to share this with some females, feedback is always good 2!!! Ok so first start out with one finger or two how ever you like it and start rubbing your pussy at about letsa say 20 percent. (Will work off of the percent system). Every three turns around your clit go up ten percent untill you reach 100, once at 100 percent go for about 2 minutes at that pace then reverse ur motion, when in reverse stay at 100 and then go down 10 percent till back at 20 percent, once ur done with that lick your fingers and then go inside your pussy and start drawing eights with ur fingers for about one minute. Next, after the minute go in and out of your pussy at about 30 percent and then work your way all the way to 100, once you reached 100 perecent go back insde and draw the abc's twicw as fast as you can then go in and out of your pussy from 100 percent to 0!!! Guys feel free to try on you ladies and ladies feel free to do it solo tell me what you think ;) have a great day, the whole process should take 10-15 minutes
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