Idk what it is about them, but I love them. They just got something going on, either because they know what they are doing or that they are in theier sex prime and are so horny! I'm not talking like 20-25 year old moms either I mean the real 30-40 year old moms, they moake me fucking rock hard. So since I'm a Milf lover I was talking to one of my friends moms and she said she was comming into town, I said sweet we should go out to dinner some time, little did I know what I got myself into. I told her to meet me at Olive Garden and I would buy dinner, she agreed to it! We got there and she was wearing I little skirt high heels and a teal idk what to call it, she looked fucking amazing and sexy, I had no idea an older women could be so stunning! After dinner she asked me to drop her off at the hotel she was staying in because she had to much wine! I took her there and said " I have a confession." She asked me what that was, I told her that I couldn't stop thinking about how good ahe looked in what she was wearing! Sahe giggled and invited me into the room for a night cap, of course I said I wasn't going to turn down that offer! She said she wanted to go into the bathroom and change into her pjs. I told her to go ahead and that no one was stopping her. Again to my suprise she had came out in just a bra, nice amazing think strip of blond bush running down her pussy! I said whooow what u doing? She said she had noticed me looking at her like a 10 year old who discovered his first boner and she had full intentions of fucking my brains out! She moved twoard me and grabbed my head and slammed it right on her pussy, I began licking up and down and then faster and then lickinh her clit as she moaned and moned and grabbed my head. Her fucking pussy in my mouth was getting creamer by the second, she said show me ur dick, I pulled it out and she grabbed it and sucked it almost getting ever inch. I picked her up and threw her in the hotel bed and rubbed her pussy a little more till I started to stick my hard throbbing cock in her nice tight pussy, I didn't even think an older womens pussy could be so tight, after fucking in almost ever positions I could think of I pulled out my dick of her beat up wet pussy, and was going to jack off tuill I came she grabbed it instead and sucked me dry untill I could feel that there was no more cum left in me, that is why I love MILFs, was the first time with one 2
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Good story. Thanks