in my dungeon

you had been in my dungeon for about an hour now, hogtied on the floor.There was a ball gag in your mouth and a blindfold over your eyes.The large butt plug in your arse was vibrating powerfully sending pulses of pleasure to your pussy and clit.You were so wet you were dripping on the floor,little moans of pleasure coming from your gagged mouth.
I started to untie you,telling you what a slut you were,reminding you how much you needed the pain and the bondage I was so happy to give you.
I ordered you to stand up,hands behind your head.
"Don't move" I told you as I slipped my finger up and down your wet slit lightly touching your clit. You wanted to cum so badly and I felt your hips start to move backwards and forwards on my hand. I quickly moved away,
"I warned you not to move"
I took your cuffed hands and attached them to chains hanging from the ceiling and then put a spreader bar between your legs.Using some rope I start to bind your big beautiful breast,tightly running the rope around them,forcing them away from your trembling body. I started fondling them,just a light touch for now but slowly getting harder and harder.Your body was swaying,half trying to get away,half enjoying the pain,wanting more. I stopped,you moaned but the moans turn to cries when I put a clothes pin on each nipple.Pain runs through your breasts and I again start caressing your pussy.I leave you panting and get a long length of rope.I wrap it tightly around your waist a few times and then run it through your legs.I tie a knot in it,arranging it so that the knot pushes down hard on your clit and tie the rope tight so it is splitting your lips open.I then attach a small but powerful vibrator to the rope just above your pussy.I switch it on at a low setting,not enough to make you cum but enough to make you moan and squirm.I pick up a wooden paddle and move behind you.I rub it slowly across your bottom,letting you know what's coming.I start smacking you,all over your bottom,watching the skin get redder and redder,to my surprise you start pushing your arse towards me as I smack it harder and harder.Putting the paddle down I pick up my favourite cane,thin and very flexible.Without warning it strikes the vunerable flesh of your arse cheeks.You try to scream but it is muffled by the gag.I wait for a few seconds and hit you again on exactly the same spot,another muffled scream. I continue caning you for a few minutes as your cries echo around me.Putting the cane down I move infront of you and turn the vibe up to full.Your breathing rapidly becomes ragged but just before you cum I turn it off.I guess by the noises you are making that you are pleading with me to turn it on again, so I do.Ten times I repeat the process,taking you right to the brink and stopping.This next time will be different,I turn the vibe back on and wait.Just as you are about to cum I pull both of the clothes pegs quickly off your nipples.Pain rushes into your nipples and you cum,writhing around in your bonds.I pinch and twist your nipples as the orgasm rushes through you.I can see that you are tired but I know your body well enough to know that you can take a lot more, which is good because I have plenty more in store for you.
I put a thick rubber hood over your head,lacing it up very tight. After untying you I walk you over to a low padded bench and position you face down on it, head hanging over the edge. I then tie your legs togther at the ankles,calfs and thighs. Your arms are similarly immobilised behind your back.Briefly I whip your arse with the thin cane again, you moan but know better than to tell me to stop, or to say anything for that matter. Bending your legs back towards your head I tie rope between your ankles and onto the ring at the top of your hood. I keep pulling until your feet are only inches from your head. Your mouth is now in the perfect position.
"Open wide bitch" I order and you feel my rigid cock slide into your mouth.
"suck me,make me cum" I do not move as you work your tongue over my swollen head but because of your bondage you can hardly move. After enjoying a few minutes if this I start to push my hips forward, rocking in and out of your willing mouth. It feels fantastic but I am not ready to cum yet. I push deep into your mouth again and again, each time going further. Now I am stopping your breathing with each thrust. I hold my position for 20 seconds until I feel you begin to panic and then pull out a little. You gasp for breath but I am pleased to notice you are still doing your best with your tongue, after all you know what happens if you don't do your best to please me. I keep repeating this,testing you, testing your trust in me. Sometimes for short periods,sometimes for longer then I ram my full length down your throat and wait.30 seconds pass,40,50, you are really panicing now and I feel your teeth bite on my shaft.
Instantly I remove my cock.
"You little bitch, how dare you" I shout.
" i am so sorry Master" you say again and again.
" Talking without permission too bitch, shut up!" I get one of my favourite toys, a large ring gag and jam it firmly between your teeth.There is a sort of mewwing noise coming from you now as you know there is absolutely nothing you can do.
We both know I have to punish you for 2 serious lapses but first I need to cum. I start fucking your face properly, no pauses just ramming it in,hard and fast. I can feel you trying to draw breath each time I pull out,desperately sucking in air but it doesn't take long before I shoot a huge load down your throat,bucking hard right into you. Credit where credit is due I think, you kept trying to do as you had been instructed despite nearly suffocating. But this wasn't the time to tell you how much you had pleased me during the blow job, punishment was due.
Your body was shaking now from the prolonged strain of the hogtie. I removed the ring gag and slowly released you, letting you unfold gently. I allowed you a couple of minutes rest on the table while I busy myself.
"Go to the toilet now if you need to slut" I command and you quickly get off the table and into the bathroom. When you return I am ready.
"What have you got to say for yourself bitch?"
"Master I am sorry I bit your wonderful cock and that I spoke out of turn,please forgive me"
I laugh and say
"No you are not, I know you. I know you crave the pain and the pleasure you get from it but one day you may push me too far. You will pay the price my dear."
There is a thin matress on the floor and I beckon you to it. I pick up your leather harness and strap it tight around your waist.
"Doggy position" I order,and then put a small metal pull in your arse and attach two leads to it. I put a larger dildo in your still wet pussy complete with leads aswell. A leather strap goes between your legs securing the two invaders. I then clamp your legs together at the ankles,knees and thighs with thick leather belts. I help you to your feet and secure your wrists to the waist belt and then one last belt just above your elbows. After laying you down on the matress I collect the rubber body bag and watch as your breathing deepens, both from fear and desire. It takes a few minutes as the suit fits you like a glove but eventually you are safely inside with the leads poking through a small hole.The zip goes right up to your neck. Next comes the rubber mask with no openings other than the breathing tube. I slip it on and tighten it with the laces at the back.After making sure the tube is correctly in position with the flange sitting inside your lips I began to starp the bag down to the floor. When I was satisfied that there could be no movement at all I got the control box and attached the leads to it. It was a wonderful little device, so many settings, so much fun. I set the controls to give random vibrations and shocks with long gaps in between. You wouldn't be getting much sl**p but you would be kept in a constant state of arousal. Never enough to cum but enough to make you as horny as hell. The first wave of vibrations and shocks hit you as I watched and you moved and bucked slightly in your tight bondage. For a few minutes I played with your breathing tube,cutting off your air for a while but it was late so I kissed you on your rubber clad forehead and whispered
"Goodnight my slut"
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