The Game

Pam was just twelve and loved her b*****r a lot. He was three years older and she would do anything for him. They were together a lot as their parents worked long hours at their business. One day Ray took her into his bedroom and told her "We are going to play a fun game that grownups like to play. It is our secret and you can not tell any one at all." She smiled and said okay. He then told her "We have to take our clothes off and I will show you more about the game." As they both got naked Ray began to run his hands over her body. Then he licked on each flat tit and sucked on a tiny nipple. He told her I like licking your tits and some day they will get a lot bigger and I will really love them. Now lick my nipples like I did yours and make me feel good too." As Pam licked Ray's nipples he liked how it made his cock hard. "Yes, you are doing a good job. You make me feel so good. Now put your hand on my cock as you lick my nipples and rub my cock for me. I will also touch your pussy."

Pam began to rub Ray's cock and he also rubbed her pussy. He ran his finger through her slit and over her clit. He then pushed her on her back on his bed. He laid by her so she could rub his cock as he now started to lick her pussy. He spread her legs then her pussy lips and began to suck on her clit. He felt the clit get hard as he sucked it and was glad she was responding to him. He turned her face to his cock and told her lick my cock like I am licking on your pussy. Lick the tip of it a lot. I will like that." Pam began to lick the tip of his cock and he kept licking her pussy. He moved to her fuck hole and ran his tongue around it and then sucked on it and pushed his tongue in. She was licking the tip of his cock and he told her "Now suck the tip for me. Suck it hard and make it wet." Pam did just what Ray wanted. She sucked hard on his cock as he kept his tongue in her cunt. He then moved to get more cock in her mouth as she sucked and he tongued her cunt. Pam was a fast learner and wanted to please her b*****r. She was good at sucking his cock. It did not take him long to cum in her mouth and he told her "That is what happens when you make me feel real good. You are such a good s****r."

Ray would lick and tongue Pam's pussy daily and she would suck his cock till he came in her mouth. They did this for almost two years with it getting to be several times a day when they were alone. Ray needed her to suck him a lot and she was happy to please her b*****r. Ray soon needed more and when she was almost fifteen he fucked her for the first time. He had her on the bed tonguing her cunt and she was sucking his cock when he decided to fuck her. He first removed his tongue and inserted his finger. Her cunt was tight and warm and he shoved his finger in further and began to finger fuck her. His finger got wet as he felt her cum. He pulled his finger out and licked the cum from her hole then pushed the finger back in. He wanted to get her used to something in her tight hole before he put his cock in her. As he fingered her he sucked on her clit and felt her cum more and often. He knew she was ready to feel his cock in that warm wet cunt.

Ray got between her legs and aimed his cock to her fuck hole and pushed just a small part in. When the tip of his cock felt her wet cunt he thought it was the best feeling he had ever felt. He then pushed more in trying not to hurt her but he was needing to feel that cunt around his cock. He finally had six inches in her and he then began to fuck her sliding more cock in her tight hole. She felt so good and then he felt her cunt pulse and he could not help it and he filled her with cum. Afterwards he told her "You made me feel so good. You fuck like a woman. Now I can fuck you a lot and feel so good. I need a cunt to stick my cock in and you are so good for me." He rested a while and then fucked her again. For the next year he fucked Pam almost every day several times. He could not get enough of her sweet cunt and she was loving being fucked too. Every day when their parents left for work they would get together in one of their bedrooms and get naked and eat and suck and fuck. By now Pam had a nice set of tits and he love to suck them before he licked her cunt then fucked her. She was also a great cock sucker. She had learned to take every inch of his cock down her throat and suck him till he would fill her with cum. Most days he had his cock in her throat or cunt. He couldn't get enough.

That summer the parents let them go on a vacation and they checked into a hotel and fucked the first thing. They went on a hike in the woods and he sucked on her tits as he finger fucked her. She then pushed her hand down his pant and jerked his cock till he came right there. They thought it was fun finding places to fuck or finger each other. He loved to fuck her on the balcony of their room. They were several floors up and no one could see but it was very erotic for him to strip her naked and fuck her right there. He even shoved her against the railing and fucked her as he played with her tits or he would sit her on the railing and fuck her.

They went shopping and Pam bought a skimpy bikini and wore it most of the time. Ray could either put his hands inside it or pull on the ties and she was naked instantly. He liked the way it hardly covered her tits and pussy. Then one day out on their balcony he bent her over the table and untied the bikini and began to rub her ass. He then spread her ass cheeks and ran a finger around the rim of her ass. He told her "I have a new feeling for you that you are going to love." He then began to lick her ass and then he kissed it and shoved a finger in her. He felt her jerk but then he began to finger fuck her ass and he felt her relax and enjoy the ass job. Before he was done he had three fingers in her ass fucking her and soon replaced them with his cock. Once he had his cock in her she really felt good and he began to fuck her and the cum poured out of him fast. He pulled her to him and said "That was amazing. I love fucking your ass. You felt so good. I can't wait to fuck your ass when we go for a walk." He then pulled the strings on the top of her bikini and began to suck on her nipples as he finger fucked her cunt making her cum till his fingers were dripping wet. Then he finished her by licking her cunt clean.

The next day Pam was sucking Ray's cock when she moved a finger and shoved it in his ass. He moaned and said "That feels so good. Finger fuck my ass as you suck my cock and make me cum." As Pam fingered his ass she got two fingers in him and was sucking his cock down her throat as she really rammed his ass. It did not take him long to scream and fill her mouth with cum. He grabbed her and told her "Fingering my ass made me cum so hard. I love that ass play. You are such a great freak." Almost daily Pam would fuck Ray's ass and she now could get three fingers in him and she was getting better fucking him harder each time.

Ray woke Pam up sucking on her tits and biting a nipple. She then turned him onto his stomach and began to rub his back and then his ass cheeks. As she rubbed his ass she began to kiss each one and then lick them. Then she spread his ass apart and started to lick his ass hole. Next she shoved her tongue in his ass and got him wet and began pushing fingers in his ass. She had three in him like he was used to then she added the fourth. He only moaned liking the feel of all four fingers. She fucked him watching his ass stretch then she tucked her finger in and had him ready for her hand. As she fucked his ass she then managed to get her fist in and now she was really pounding his ass with her fist as Ray moaned and took it all and let her. With her fist in his ass she took her other hand and rubbed his balls then began to jerk his cock and now was really hard fucking his ass. Then she heard him scream as a huge load of cum squirted out his cock. She kept her hand in his ass and took his hand and moved it to her cunt and he then fingered her till she came for him. She pulled her hand from his ass and began to kiss him and he told her "I love fucking you and love how you find new ways to spice our sex life."

Pam and Ray fucked non stop all the time. They could not get enough of each other. They had fucked in so many outdoor places and loved being naked in the woods or parks. When Pam was eighteen they moved to a nude beach in Florida. They spent every day laying naked in the sun and fucking where any one could see them. Every one thought they were newly weds and got used to seeing them humping each other. They also loved to watch other couples fuck too. This nude place was perfect for them. Pam had matured into a sexy adult body and Ray had a man size cock. They kept the ass fucking to their own home but it was a daily happening for them. Pam loved her ass fucked and Ray loved his ass fisted. Pam always had a wet cunt and Ray walked around with a hard cock. It usually had Pam's hand or mouth wrapped around it.
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Very erotic.... perfectly done story... thanks.... xxxx