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Lisa could not remember having a normal loving home life. Her mom never knew who her dad was and mom had many men friends. Lisa did not know till she was in her teens that her mom was a whore and very popular. It was mom's desire to make Lisa a whore and they could do threesomes together. Lisa always knew her mom was good looking and sexy. That is what made her such a great whore. Her mom would go to hotels with men or bring them back to her own house. When they came to her house she would have several men each night. When Lisa was just thirteen her mom took her and showed her how to shave her pussy and keep it smooth. She talked to her about fucking men and how good it always felt and the money to be made. She taught Lisa to cleanse her cunt and ass. She taught Lisa to explore her own body and took her to bed and began to play with her pussy. They were both naked and her mom hugged her close rubbing her tits against her. She had Lisa suck on her nipples as she rubbed Lisa's small tits and then began to rub her pussy.

She spread Lisa's legs and rubbed her clit between two fingers noticing that Lisa seemed to like that. Then she moved a finger down to her cunt and shoved a finger in her and began to finger fuck her till she made Lisa cum. She hugged Lisa and said "Doesn't that feel great? Men will pay you to make you feel good like that. Never give away what you can get paid for." She played with Lisa often for the next two years till Lisa was used to cumming and loving it a lot. Then one night she told Lisa "It is time for you to experience a man and his cock. I have a friend coming over to show you just how good a man can make you feel. Go shower and douche and only wear your short robe with nothing under it." As Lisa got ready she heard the man and her mom talking. Lisa entered the room and her mom came to her and removed her robe. By now she had developed nice tits and she always kept her pussy shaved. She kissed Lisa on her neck and told her "You look beautiful and sexy. You are perfect to learn to fuck. I have the perfect man for you. Lay down on the bed next to him." The young man was laying on the bed naked. He had a hard cock but it was not huge. Lisa's mom got naked and joined them on the bed.

The man began to kiss Lisa and rub her tits and pulling her close while the mom watched the two of them. If Lisa would try to pull away her mom would push her to the man and hold her there. Then the man began to suck on Lisa's nipples. She could feel his tongue licking them as he sucked. She had sucked her mom and mom had sucked her but having a man suck was so much better. It made her pussy tingle. After sucking and licking her nipples he kissed down to her stomach and then lower. He and her mom spread her legs and he began to lick her pussy. At first she did not know what to think but she did like it. When he sucked on her clit she felt herself cum and knew what her mom meant about how a man can make her feel good. He knew what he was doing and really ate her pussy good. Then he moved his mouth to her cunt and began to lick it and then he sucked on her wet hole and shove his tongue in and began to tongue fuck her as she came for him. Lisa really liked being tongue fucked and the man was hungry for her cunt. he had a lot of tongue inside her hole and was really fucking her good and sucking her cum as she would pulse for him.

Her mom then told him "It is time now to fuck her." He then got on top of Lisa and with her legs spread wide he put his cock to the entrance of her fuck hole and slipped just the tip of his head in her. Lisa was tight but wet and she had only had this man's tongue and her mom's finger in her cunt before. The man shoved more of the head of his cock into Lisa and then kept inching in more. She could feel the pain but she was excited too as she liked the feel of his cock in her. Lisa's mom played with Lisa's nipples as the guy pushed his cock in further. By now Lisa was getting very turned on and he soon had his cock in her taking her virginity from her. Then he began fucking her slow at first but then faster and Lisa started cumming fast and hard. She loved being fucked and the way he could make her cunt hot. he was loving the tight cunt and was now really fucking Lisa hard with all his cock buried in her wet hole. Then he filled her with cum and Lisa loved the hot juice.

Lisa's mom now pulled the man to her pussy and he began to eat her and suck her clit and chew it as the mom began cumming and making the guys face wet. After he had made the mom cum several times she pushed him on his back and grabbed his cock and began to stroke it. Then she took Lisa's hand and placed it on the cock and had her stroke it. As Lisa stroked his cock her mom grasped his balls and squeezed them. The man got hard fast for them. Then the mom began to suck and lick his cock as Lisa watched seeing how much the man liked this. She knew she liked it when he licked and sucked her pussy so she knew it had to feel good. Then he mom pulled her face to the guy's cock and Lisa then licked the tip and sucked it. It was wet and she licked it without even thinking he was leaking cum. Then he mom pushed more of the cock in Lisa's mouth and told her to suck on it. Lisa liked the feel of the smooth cock in her mouth and she liked sucking it. As Lisa sucked on his cock her mom gave the guy one of her tits to suck and he sucked on her tit as he fingered her cunt. The man's cock was rock hard and he was very turned on with the action between the mom and daughter. He had three fingers in the mom's cunt fucking her as he was ready to cum and her mom then shoved Lisa's face down deep on the cock as he exploded in her mouth.

He mom then told Lisa "That is good. Now swallow his cum. You have to be able to swallow to give a good cock job." Lisa obeyed and swallowed the cum. her mom then put her hand between Lisa's legs and told her "You did good baby. Your first lesson went well. You are going to please men and love being fucked a lot." Then she finger fucked Lisa as the man kept fingering her cunt. They played for another two hours sucking tits and finger the pussy and stroking his cock. He would suck on a tit as he finger fucked both women at once. he poked his cock in Lisa's wet cunt and began to fuck her one more time as her mom licked on his ass and finger fucked him till he yelled and filled Lisa with cum. They all stayed naked and had lunch together and afterwards both girls sucked his cock right there under the table. Lisa loved stroking his cock. She was fascinated with cock. She liked how it got so hard when she sucked it or stroked it. It felt good in her cunt too and sprayed a lot of cum.

The next night her mom brought home a man that wanted to have a threesome with a mother and daughter. Lisa was naked laying on the bed as the walked in. The man laid on the bed and began kissing Lisa and sucking her tits as his fingers fucked her cunt. Then he put both girls side by side and spread their legs and took turns licking each pussy and fingering them. He liked the young cunt but the mom had a great set of tits. He had been with many young girls and few of them had bigger tits. Lisa had some tits but not big like the mom. The young girls had tight pussies and he loved that a lot. He loved to stick his hard cock in a tight pussy and fuck it till he could cum. he spread the young girl wide and mounted her as he spread the mom and as he fucked the girl he ate the mom's pussy and tongue fucked her as his cock was buried in the tight cunt. He humped the cunt till he filled t with cum then he shoved the mom to the cunt and had her suck his cum out as his fingers fucked her ass. He loved to see two women or girls eat each other. He had three fingers in the mom's ass fucking her good as she ate her daughters cunt and sucked it clean.

Then she pulled both girls to his cock and they stroked him and sucked in him till he was hard once more. he then shoved the mom's head all the way down on his cock and held it there as he humped her mouth. She was a great cock sucker and he loved that she could take his cock down her throat. He took turns fingering the girls as they sucked on his cock for a long time. As Lisa sucked his cock he remembered how much he loved a young whore. He used to fuck his own daughters till they grew up and no longer lived with him. He loved sinking his cock in their tight holes. Now he had a teen whore right here close and he could have young cunt anytime he had a desire. He fucked the two all evening and then made an appointment to see them the next night. This time he was just going to be with Lisa. he was going to take his pills so he could keep his cock hard for several hours and fuck that young tight cunt hard all night.
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