The Teacher

Lou was called into the teachers office after school. When she walked in he closed and locked the door. He grabbed her and shoved her to his desk and asked "Do you know why I have brought you here?" she said "I have no idea. What do you want?" He answered "You was caught fucking the football player behind the bleachers. I now have to punish you." She laughed and said "So what is wrong with getting me some cock? Are you jealous?" He then grabbed her and pulled her top off. He then unhooked her bra and then pulled down her skirt and next her panties. "I will show you what I want. I am going to show you how to fuck a man with a man cock." He then began to rub her pussy and put two fingers inside her cunt and fingered her. "You like that don't you? You want to fuck me bad." He then began to suck on her nipples as he kept fingering her. She had his finger wet by the time he was ready to pull his pants down. He stood and shoved his pants down to his ankles then stepped out of them. She looked at the size of his monster cock. He said "Are you wanting that big cock? Not small like those young boys is it? How do you think your cunt will like my rod fucking you and filling your with cum?" She told him "Do what you want. I can take anything you shove in me. I love to fuck just like my slut mom. She even told me I can fuck her men she brings home. So fuck me all you want."

He then grabbed her pulled her close and kissed her as he ravaged her tits. He rubbed them and played with the nipples as he filled her mouth with his tongue. He laid her on her back on his desk and spread her legs. He placed his cock just on the outside of her cunt and pushed in. She felt good. He forgot how a young cunt was so tight and he liked that a lot. He pushed his cock in deeper then as he felt the walls of her cunt he began to fuck her hard. He rammed his cock in all the way as he sucked on her nipples making them hard. He heard her gasp as she came each time he thrust into her. He said to her "Do you like that cock? It feels big and good doesn't it. A wild girl like you needs a nice big cock to fuck her. I can feel you cum and coat my cock. Wrap your legs around me and hold on. I am going to fuck you so hard your cunt will be raw." She wrapped her legs around him and he buried his cock deep in her hole and began to fuck her harder and harder. She was a wild girl and had been fucked a lot by the young boys in school. Now she was getting a big man cock in her tight cunt. She loved the feel of it as he did. He love young tight pussy. He was going to call her to his off ice often and punish her, especially her tight cunt.

He was able to fuck her a long time making her cum often and then he filled her with cum. He then began to squeeze and suck on her tits as he kept his cock in her well fucked cunt. He then tongued her mouth again squeezing her tits as he ran his tongue inside her mouth and felt her suck on it. As she sucked his tongue he felt his cock get hard again. This girl was wanting to be fucked more and he was wanting to fuck that tight cunt more. He sucked on the tits more as his cock was ready for another fuck session and he then pushed her legs up to her shoulder and was now really shoving his cock in deep pounding that cunt. As he rammed her hole his hands worked her tits over rubbing and pulling on them and pinching the nipples. She was developing nice tits and he knew some day she would have big jugs and he loved big ones. He fucked her cunt a long time before he gave another load of cum. They had cum running on his desk.

He pulled his cock out but left her legs around her shoulders and began to suck on her clit. He heard her moan and knew she liked this. Probably the young boys were not into eating pussy. He kept sucking the clit listening to her moan and then he licked down to her fuck hole and licked all around it tasting the cum. The mixture of their cum was a good taste. As he tongue fucked her he ran a finger to her ass and felt the cum covering it and then slipped a finger in her asshole and now was tongue fucking her cunt and finger fucking her ass. She was moaning and cumming faster as he fucked her harder. She was a horny thing and a great fuck partner. He then began to tongue her cunt harder and fuck her ass deeper as she was now really moaning and cumming for him. He whispered to her "Ever had that sexy ass fucked?" She said "No" and he told her "Today you are going to. You have a great ass and my cock will love fucking it hard." He then pushed a second finger in her ass and kept fucking her harder. She was really moving and loving the ass fucking with his two fingers. Before he quit he had a third finger in that tight ass. "I think your ass is wanting some cock. I am ready to fuck you hard and deep." He pulled his fingers out and put his cock to the rim of her ass and pushed just one inch in.

He felt her clinch and told her "Relax and let it slip in you. Once I get it inside you will love how good it will feel and I will keep your legs up so I can finger your cunt and you will cum more than you ever have." He felt her relax and pushed more cock in till he had the head in and more cock. He kept easing in and soon he had most of the cock in her and he then began to fuck that ass. She did not complain and soon he felt her cum and he then shoved two fingers in her cunt and fucked her in both holes. Now she was tossing and turning cumming fast. "There, do you like that? It feels good to get both holes fucked doesn't it? Next time I will sit you on my lap with my cock in that sweet ass and I can finger that cunt as I suck on a nipple and make you scream for joy. Now let me fuck you till I cum then I want you to lick my cock before you go home." He then fucked her holes for a long time before he filled her ass with cum. He looked at her and said "You are perfect for ass fucking. You felt so good. Now come down here and lick my cock then suck it for me and I will be done with your punishment."

He sat in his chair and put her on her knees and she began to lick on his cock. She licked the sides and when she got to the tip he told her "Lick the slit. I love that. You will feel my cock jerk when you do that. You will like the tip to as it is smooth and fun to lick." She did a great job licking and running her tongue over the slit and then he pushed his cock in her mouth and she knew to suck on it. She wasn't great but she did feel good and it was erotic to have the young girl suck him. He then took her head and pushed more cock in her mouth but did not want to gag her the first time. He would teach her more later as he was going to fuck her often. She was a sexy young girl and she seemed to love sex and willing to learn. She then began to suck on the head and she felt his cock jerk knowing he liked that so she sucked him more. He leaked a little cum in her mouth and she seemed to be okay with that and just licked it away. He told her "Suck me harder. Suck my cock and run your tongue over the tip. Feel the cum and lick it off. That's a girl. Yes, work that tongue on my big hard cock. You are doing so good. Grab my balls and squeeze them. Yes, squeeze them hard. I like that. Suck and squeeze. You are doing so good. Now I am going to go in and out of your mouth fucking it then I will stop and let you suck then I will fuck your mouth more and we will do this till I can cum." He was loving how good this girl's mouth felt on his cock. She was a fast learner and was really turning him on.

They went back and forth fucking and sucking till he then filled her mouth with cum and told her to swallow it. She did as he asked and then he pulled her up and kissed her tonguing her mouth and tasting his cum. He then hugged her and rubbed her tits then he put her bra on her and then her top. Next he put her panties on her and her skirt. She slipped her shoes on as he pulled up his pants and tucked his big cock inside them. She said to him "I want to come back and fuck you again. Can I?" He said to her "Any time. How about Saturday I will meet you at the park and take you to a hotel and we can play all day and maybe night if you can stay out with me. It will be fun and we can fuck and shower and fuck and suck a lot more. It will be better with a bed." She said
Yes, mom goes out every Saturday or has a man over for the night so I can be away." He gave her a deep tongue kiss then ran his hands over her ass as he pulled her close then let her leave. He was going to love the week end. This may be the start of many.
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Lesbian story?
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Hot story! I like the way you think, humpergirl! ;)