Salon Surprise!

The usual trip to the hairdressers promised nothing new but, on this occasion, it took a new twist. I had done some work for Yvonne, nothing strenuous, but she appreciated it all the same. Yvonne run a small hairdresser in the village and had help at the weekends from Emma, a 17 year old student. Anyway, on this visit I was the last appointment and as I went to the counter to pay, Yvonne asked me how much she owed me for the work.

"Err, thirty quid should do it, if that's ok." I offered.

"That's fine" she smiled, "and you can have this haircut on the house".

"Well. . ." I motioned for her to lean closer. She eased forward and I sneaked a quick glimpse down her her body, ogling the swell of her large breasts under her black, stretchy top. "I wouldn't mind paying for the haircut, if I could swap the offer for something else".

"What's that then?" she asked.

I checked where Emma was, she was in the back salon cleaning up at a sink. I leaned closer to her and whispered in her ear "A fuck would be nice". I immediately regretted my impulsiveness, brought about by weeks of a lack of sex with my wife and too much masturbation fueled by fantasies of young teens and fucking mature women like Yvonne. She leaned back slightly, I waited for the abusive tirade to come my way. It never happened, instead, she leaned back towards me.

"I'm a bit too tired to be doing all that exercise, but Emma might oblige you" she whispered into my ear, "She has quite a thing for you".

"You're k**ding!" I replied, still in hushed tones. I stole a look at Emma over her shoulder, she was leaning over a chair cleaning it with a duster, her peachy young ass filled her tight jeans. "She's only 17!"

"Yeah, but she always looks for your name in the book and she has made a special effort to look nice today".

Admittedly, she did look nice, her dark hair was braided into two plaits that hung down either side of her pretty face, she was wearing a white tee-shirt top that hugged her pert breasts quite snugly and her tight, flared jeans rested nicely onto a pair of white stiletto shoes.

"Right, I'll go and ask her" and off she flounced towards the back salon.

"Errm, wait, don't. . ." It was too late, she was on her way, I watched nervously, ready to run out of the shop if need be.

TIME OUT: A brief description of Yvonne is needed here as I neglected to give you, the reader, any inkling of why I would want to fuck this woman.

Yvonne is about 41 years old with thick, reddish hair that is semi-wavy and about shoulder length, her attractive face and "just out of bed" hair style always give the impression that she's just been shagged senseless, you know, slightly shadowy under the eyes with that "let me get some sl**p" look. Her figure is slightly plump but with curves in all the right places and at about five foot five inches, she is a nice height. Her tits are big and her ass is plump, with curvy thighs and calves that, today, were clad in a red, fitted, mid-thigh length skirt, topped off with matching high heels and I do hope that those are stockings she's wearing! Lovely!

I stood at the counter, fidgeting with some promotional leaflets as I watched Yvonne talking and gesturing to Emma. A brief look of surprise flitted across Emma's face and a quick glance towards me betrayed a flush of embarrassment. Yvonne talked to her again, hands on hips, obviously trying to elicit a response and I was very surprised, no, flabbergasted, when Emma nodded her head. Yvonne made her way back to the counter, her heels clicking on the wood floor and a big smirk on her lips.

"You're in big boy" she said with a grin, "I'll lock up and see to the blinds while you go and make a start on Emma".

I swallowed hard and went down to the back salon, going up the two steps, I became very aware that I had a full-blown erection and as Emma saw me and gave me a nervous smile, I hoped that she didn't look at my crotch and see the obvious bulge of my cock as it tried to fight it's way out of my pants.

"Hi" I offered quietly, trying not too seem to eager. But I was eager, I wanted to rip her clothes off and vent my lust on her willing teen body, I couldn't wait to get my cock into that ripe, young pussy, my heart pounded in my chest.

"Hello" she ventured back "Yvonne said that. . .

"Yes, I know" I said, cutting her short "Are you sure you want to . . . you know. . .do this?" My palms were sweating, Yvonne could be heard locking the door, a sort of finality, no turning back now.

"Yes, I'm sure and don't worry, I'm not a virgin". Her face almost radiated pride as she said that, her smile beaming, sensuous red lips exposing her perfect, white teeth.

"Oh! Right. . . ermm. . ." I gestured for her to come over. I guided her to a vanity unit that contained a small washbasin and had a large mirror behind it. Positioning her with her back to the mirror, she rested her bottom against the top of the unit, her long legs open, allowing me to stand between them. I slid one arm round her tiny waist and with a gentle hand behind her head, I started kissing her. She responded immediately, breathing in sharply through her nose, her lips parted and my tongue slid between them, finding the warmth of her own tongue, we began motions of sex.

She groaned into my mouth as I ground my hips into hers, pushing her slender frame up against the vanity unit, my raging erection bulging into her groin. I was, in effect, humping her and judging from the way her hips jerked in rhythm to mine, she was enjoying it. I felt a pair of hands grabbing my contorting buttocks and seeing as Emma was using hers to steady herself from my sexual onslaught, they could only belong to Yvonne.

I broke the kiss, Emma moaned loudly, the air hissing from her lips as she leaned backwards forcing her groin into mine. I turned my head to see Yvonne smiling at me.

"I thought you were too tired" is said.

"I know" she replied, "but when I saw you 'fucking' Emma, I got that familiar tingling between my legs, if you know what I mean?"

"Yes, but. . . " I was cut short by the act of her grabbing the back of my head and clamping her plump lips over mine, her tongue snaked into my mouth and my erection felt like it doubled in size as my cock strained in it's confines. Somewhere in the haze of lust that racked my body, I could hear Emma making very unladylike groans and grunts. I could feel her thighs clamping rhythmically against mine, each time clamping longer and harder until she practically screamed, and tried to crush the life out of my lower half. Then, with a loud "Ohhh", she let go and Yvonne, still clamped to my mouth, had to stop me from falling backwards.

I managed to twist myself upright. I slid my arms around Yvonne's waist, pushing her back against a sink with our mouths still locked, I thrust my hard-on into her hips. After a few minutes, she broke the kiss and, looking over my shoulder, she giggled. I turned to see Emma slumped against the vanity unit, propped up on her elbows she smiled over at us.

"That was fuckin' great" she said.

"EMMA!" Yvonne said in mock disgust, "Behave yourself!"

Yvonne pushed me away and moved over to the young girl. Emma gasped and rolled her hips as Yvonne rubbed the flat of her palm over her crotch. Yvonne looked over to me, "I think we'd better get these jeans off her, don't you?"

I totally agreed and, being the gentleman I am, I went over to help. Yvonne flicked open the button on her jeans while I tugged down the zipper, we each pulled a flap of the material open and I was pleasantly surprised to see Emma was wearing white cotton panties with three pink flowers on the crotch, the stuff of male fantasies, I thought to myself. Yvonne and I crouched down as we dragged her jeans over her long legs down to her feet, I looked up, my face was mere inches from her panties and I could see the shadow of the dark triangle through the thin cotton. I let out an involuntary groan that sounded like a low guttural growl of lust and a moan of desire. Yvonne looked at me with raised eyebrows, then noticed where my face was, she smiled and carried on with the task of extracting Emma's feet from the tangled jeans.

Once they were off, they were tossed unceremoniously to one side, Yvonne stood to one side of Emma and slid her hand between the girl's open thighs, Emma moaned and raised her her hips in compliance as Yvonne worked her palm over her mound. Not being one to miss an opportunity, I slid a hand under the hem of Emma's tee-shirt and helped myself to her pert breasts. I could feel the budding nipples through the flimsy bra she was wearing, Emma arched her back and thrust her chest out, voicing her approval of the double assault her young body was under.

Yvonne shifted herself to the front, her hand still massaging between Emma's legs, it was to awkward for me to carry on groping her breasts, so I removed my hand and stepped back, allowing Yvonne to have full reign. With her free hand, Yvonne raked Emma's tee-shirt up over her breasts, and then clamped her mouth onto an erect nipple that prodded through the cup of her bra, Emma groaned, her head rolled back, resting against the mirror as Yvonne upped the pace of her hand speed. I could see now that she had pulled Emma's panties to one side, I caught glimpses of dark, springy pubes spilling out at the edge of the elastic.

I went to the back of Yvonne, the fabric of her skirt stretched tight over her wiggling ass. Grabbing the hem, I yanked it up, sliding it over the nylon of her stockings, it faltered slightly at her wide hips, an extra tug made it give way and gather around her waist. I drank in the sight of red silk panties stretched over her her plump ass, red suspender straps hugged her thighs, running under her panties and tugging at the tops of her tan coloured stockings. Her thighs were slightly apart and I could see her plump mound cushioned between them, the red silk had a damp stain on it. Lust overtook me, I undid my pants with trembling fingers and pushed them down, my erection caught in the band of my boxer shorts, I reached in and fished it out, it quivered before me, pointing towards Yvonne's plump pussy, taking it in hand and resisting the urge to wank it, I hooked a finger into Yvonne's panties and pulled them to the side. I prodded my cock into the gap between her thighs, crisp hair tickled the knob as I pushed deeper, then I felt the hot, sticky folds of flesh envelop the head of my cock. Yvonne carried on working on Emma, she had pulled the bra up over her breasts and was now sucking on bare nipples, Emma was moaning loudly, begging her not to stop, so she didn't.

I steadied myself and grabbed Yvonne's hips, she adjusted herself slightly, rocking on the balls of her feet and opening her thighs a little more. Pushing again, my cock slid in, I could feel the wiry pubes rubbing along it's length and the soft trim of her panties gave the feeling of material as well as hot flesh giving way to my hard shaft. I pushed in to the hilt and groaned with pleasure, I tensed my cock, feeling it expand in the tight shaft, Yvonne moaned, her mouth still full of nipple, this was not going to last long, I was so turned on and my balls were heavy with spunk. I started to shaft her pussy, bringing the head of my cock almost back to its entrance, then sliding back in again feeling all the massaging sensations of her fleshy folds tugging at my engorged tool. I slid my hands under the suspender straps that ran over her thighs and grabbed handfuls of flesh, using them to pull her back and forth along my throbbing prick.

It felt so good, I kept slowing down to stop myself from spurting but it was no use, the urge to pound her pussy was too much so I just went for it. The sound of squelching could be heard over Emma's low moans which only served to make me fuck her faster, then it happened, I felt the tensing and lifting of my sack, my toes curled and my calves stiffened, going up onto my tiptoes I pushed my cock in to the limit and gave her short, fast strokes. She never let go of Emma's nipple as I ground my groin into her plump ass, grasping her thighs I shot my load up into her belly, I swore "fuck, fuck, fuck!" as rope after thick rope spurted out, eventually the intensity died down and I was left weak and slumped over Yvonne, my hands still grasping her thighs.

"You can let go of me now" she quipped.

I extracted my hands from under the suspender straps and staggered backwards to the sink, my pants gathered round my ankles. Yvonne carried on manipulating Emma's pussy and nipples until she had an explosive orgasm, which, I must admit, was noisier than mine.

"Well, that was nice boys and girls" said Yvonne, pulling the crotch of her panties back over her pussy, "For Christ's sake! How much have you put in there?" she said to me, "It'll be coming out of me all night!"

"Enough left for me, I hope" commented Emma, propping herself up onto the vanity unit.

"Give me five minutes and you'll be getting some" I replied "Just stay where you are".

"I'd better go and phone hubby" said Yvonne, "He'll be wondering why I'm late.

She went down into the lower salon and could be heard tapping in the numbers. This was followed by a short conversation, she returned looking miffed. "That was the babysitter, he's only gone out for the night with his bl**dy mates!" she said, rather irritated. "He never mentioned anything to me!".

"That's men for you" Emma chimed in, "Never there when you need them!"

"Ahem!" I made a mock coughing sound and raised my eyebrows at her, "You were saying. . ."

"Alright, not you" she conceded "Anyway, are you ready to fuck me yet?"!

Yvonne sat down on a swivel chair and crossed her legs, her skirt riding up her thighs. I fancied fucking her again but the thought of that 17 year old pussy across the room was too much of an opportunity to miss, so I raised myself up and removed my shoes and pants while the ladies watched me.

"And the rest. . ." Yvonne said, indicating my top. I stripped it off. "Hmmm, not bad for a 47 year old" she smiled, "What do you think Emma?"

"Very nice" she replied, "Now get that cock over here and use it on me".

I must admit, I was rather surprised at Emma's brash talk, but it didn't half turn me on. I went over to her, hooked my fingers into the elastic of her pretty panties and tugged them down her slender thighs.

"Oooohhh! Big boy!" she smirked, stepping out of her undies. I tossed them into the pile of clothes that now filled the corner of the room. Standing between her open legs, my cock stiffly prodding the air between us, she smiled, licked her lips suggestively, made a circle of her thumb and forefinger around my shaft and began tugging gently, her fingers nudging against its swollen head.

"Ohhhhm, oh my God!" I moaned, my hands resting on her thighs, my cock twitched in her fingers, the head swelled and went purple, beading with pre-cum while her young hand went to work on it. She looked down between our bodies watching her hand sliding up and down the shaft, the dome of my cock a fraction of an inch away from her nubile, hairy cunt. Resting a hand on my shoulder, she pulled the tip towards her mound, I shuffled forward and watched in delight at she guided it between her thighs. The tip nudged against her lips, they were still puffy and distended from all the attention Yvonne had given them, I thrust gently forward with my hips and Emma let out a low moaning sound as the shaft glided in. Deliciously, the hot wet folds enveloped my cock, tight wetness sucked it in with a grip I haven't felt in a pussy for a long, long time. She now had both hands on my shoulders and I felt the cold leather of her high heels pushing against my buttocks. I grabbed her around her waist and began thrusting into her, God, she was so tight, it was like having a hot, wet vacuum sucking on it! Oh to be a teenager again! She rested her head against mine and we watched my rigid pole sliding in and out.

She placed her mouth close to my ear, whispering "Please don't take long with me, I really want your spunk".

Well, cue meltdown! "Jesus Emma! You dirty bitch!" She was leaning back on the unit now and I took advantage of this position to m***** her pert breasts. The feeling of that nubile flesh in my palms and the coaxing of her using her heels to move my hips was incredible, her face was a picture of beauty and lust and my balls exploded! The spunk literally gushed out up into her womb as I had to steady myself on the unit, her head banging against the mirror. I was up on my toes and I slammed it in up to the hilt, draining my cock dry.

After we had both regained our composure, the old Emma seemed to return from nowhere, "Oh my God! What time is it?" She pushed me away and my cock slid out and slapped against my stomach.

"Impressive" Yvonne said. I looked over, her legs were hiked over the chair arms and she was straightening her panties again. I went to the pile of clothes and sorted mine out to get dressed.

"Jeez! Fuck!" shouted Emma, scrambling back into her jeans. She immediately punched in a number on her mobile, silence, then, "Oh, hello darling', sorry I'm late, I'll be right over. . . yes, I am wearing the one's with the flowers on. . . " She blew a kiss to me and, still shouting into the phone, let herself out of the shop. Yvonne went to the door.

"Fancy a coffee?"

"Oh, yes please, love one" I answered.

She locked the door and five minutes later we were sat drinking coffee and putting the world to rights. After half an hour, I drained my cup of now lukewarm coffee and got up to go.

"Is that you, then?" she asked.

"Yeah, unless. . ."


"Well, it just occurred to me that I haven't seen what you've got under that top of yours, and you've seen mine. . .and Emma's. . . "

"God! You are a pervert, aren't you?"

"Well, yes, but, come on, fairs fair".

She sighed, "O.K." She took hold of the hem of her top and lifted it up over her big tits. They were large and heavy, held in place by a red, full cup bra that matched her panties, I could see the nipples peaking, pushing against the material. "Satisfied?" she asked.

I ran my hands over her bra and she arched her back, pushing her tits out towards me, I bent down and latched my mouth onto one of them, saliva flooded out and saturated the material as I sucked on the nipple. Then I moved to the other one and gave it the same treatment. I stood upright and surveyed the damage, both nipples stood upright against the wet material.

She pulled her top back down, the nipples still visible, "I hope you're not going to leave me like this" she said.

"I certainly am not" I said, taking hold of her hand and dragging her up to the back salon. The room still smelled, musky sex hung in the air. Yvonne looked at me.

"Are you going to have me with my clothes on?" she asked.

"No", I answered, "Take off your skirt, panties and top, and how do you want me?".

"Naked" she spat back at me.

I raised my eyebrows, thank God the room wasn't chilly, Yvonne reached round to her skirt zipper, "Hang on" I said, "Let me get undressed first, I want to watch you".

"Kinky!", she commented, while watching me throw my clothes off onto the floor. Once naked, I sat down on a swivel chair, I gasped as my skin connected with the cold leather, Yvonne laughed at me and then started to undress.

I wrapped my fingers around my stiff pole and gently wanked myself whilst watching her, she pulled off her top and folded it onto a chair. Keeping her back to me, she reached round and undid the button on her skirt and tugged down the zipper, pushing it down, she bent over to step out of it. I grunted and my cock twitched, beading pre-cum, as her panties stretched tightly over her ass, the mound of her cunt highly visible. She stood upright, turned to face me and hooked her fingers into her panties, pushing them halfway down her thighs. Her reddish bush was thick and wiry, the hairline trailing up slightly towards her navel, the thick, plump mound created a nice gap at the top of her thighs.

"Very nice" I said, my hand moving slightly faster, "Take 'em off"

She did so, "Don't you dare waste that spunk!" she said, glaring at me.

"Oh I won't, it's all for you" She smiled at me, "What?" I said

"Your hair, it's been re-styled"

I stood up and looked in the mirror, I decided I looked like a punk rocker. I started to sort it out but Yvonne had other ideas, "Bugger that, it's your cock I'm interested in, we'll sort that out later!" She pushed me back against the vanity unit and dropped to her knees, I moaned deeply, her lips wrapped over my erection and I was treated to an amazing blowjob which had me struggling to control myself. Her teeth gently sc****d my shaft while her tongue swiveled around the head, the warm sponginess massaging it gently.

I tugged her hair, pulling her head away from my groin, "I can't keep it in if you carry on with that" I said, "It's so fucking good, I just want to spunk in your mouth!"

"Maybe next time", she replied, "Where do you want me?"

"Over this", I moved off the unit and Yvonne bent over it, offering up her pussy for me to take from behind. We both groaned as I impaled her with my dribbling shaft, I went in all the way and left it there, then, taking hold of her bra strap, I twisted the band.

"What ARE you doing!" she asked, twisting her head round, rather irritated.

"Just checking something". The label read 38DD, "Hmmmm, nice tit size!"

"Pervert!" she snapped, "Just fuck me will you!"

I complied with her request and began pumping her pussy while I tangled with the hooks on her bra, finally they gave way and her breasts dropped with the lack of support. I let the straps flap loose and I reached round, pushing the cups away from her and letting her ample attributes fall into my waiting hands. "Corrrr!, These feel nice".

"Dirty bastard!" she started giggling, but not for long, her giggles turned to moans as I ground my groin into her ass, tensing my prick to make it swell, she voiced her pleasure, telling me not to stop, telling me she was going to cum, swearing and growling as I bumped her against the unit. She came, loud and brash, "Oh fuck, fuck, yessss, yes, yes!", then she sighed and slumped down onto the unit's top.

I sometimes find it a distraction when women start getting vocal like that, but I didn't this time, my prick was swollen, twitching inside her and her thrashing about only made things more erotic. My hands were trapped under her breasts, I humped her collapsed body, my thighs slapping against the back of hers, cock squelching in her pussy. The fluid rush of an intense orgasm swept over me, draining the spunk out of my quivering prick. I pushed into her as far as I could, flexing my cock to squirt the last drops out, finally it subsided and I collapsed on top of her back.

"Shit, you're heavy" she groaned.

I removed my wilting penis and we both got up, she clasped her hand to her pussy, "Pass me my panties so I can stop this stuff from running down my legs!"

I laughed and threw them to her, then we dressed in silence.

She let me out of the shop and we stood in the doorway, "I've got some nice dress-up outfits at home, if you fancy it next time" she offered.

"O.k., I'll give you a call when I'm ready"

"Good and I'll see if Emma wants to play, as well, if you don't mind, that is".

I smiled, "No problems there" I replied, "See you later".

And off I went, the door closed behind me and I walked on jelly like legs to the car, praying to God that my wife did not decide that tonight was the night she wanted to start having sex again!
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