A niece for life!

Katherine was just 6 years old when she first came onto the scene.

As a 13 year old boy, I used to babysit for my s****r, looking after Katherine who was a product of her husband's first marriage. She was a cute, dark haired k** who used to follow me around and tell everyone that she was going to marry me when she grew up. Embarrassing for a teenage boy, as you can imagine. Anyway, things got bitter between my b*****r-in-law and his ex and Katherine disappeared from the scene.

Nine years and three k**s later for my s****r, Katherine appeared on her doorstep on Christmas Eve and the Christmas Day dinner had an extra sitting with everybody wanting to know the full story. Katherine had grown into a delectable teenage girl, brunette hair falling onto her shoulders with a neat centre parting that was fashionable at the time, her dark eyes were pools of beauty, complementing good bone structure and full lips, which I thought had a little too much lipstick on them. She was wearing a navy jumper with a white blouse and a shortish skirt, her feet tottered on wedge sandals, overall a very pleasing sight for a 22 year old in need of masturbatory material.

The day wore on and everyone got merrier, Katherine found the time to talk to me as we sat at the now vacant dining table. We chatted about what had occurred and she asked me if she was a torment when smaller. I said she wasn't when she was not following me round and she remembered telling people she wanted to marry me when she grew up. We laughed together as she pointed out that, technically, she was not grown up yet and that marriage may still be on the cards. All in all it was a pleasant day and everyone made their way home when the hour got late, Katherine making promises not to go missing again and hoping that a stay at my s****r's house was available as an option.

Weeks turned into months and she was still on the scene, my masturbation fantasies had included her recently, the impetus being a rather sexy outfit she had worn on New Year's Eve and the thought of her being taken by me whilst wearing it was foremost when I ejaculated over my belly at nights. Things at our house, however, got worse as the year wore on and in the Summer my parents split up from each other. I didn't care as I hated my d***kard father and thought it best that he left the home. It was at this juncture that my mother decided to go on holiday with some friends, leaving me to look after the house in her absence, a task which I looked forward with great joy, as I could relieve myself to my heart's content with no fear of disturbance and the possibility of pornographic stimulus was looming large and welcome.

The day of departure arrived and as my mother prepared her bags, the doorbell chimed and Katherine, along with a female accomplice, was ushered, apparently delivering some items of necessity from my s****r. They made themselves comfortable on the sofa, I hovered in the background whilst she chattered with my mother, trying to glimpse any morsel of fantasy material regarding dress, shoes etc., that I might rely on in the near future. Mother disappeared upstairs to gather final items and Katherine engaged me in rather smutty orientated conversation, asking me with mock suspicious tones about what I would be doing with all my free time. Her friend giggled and Katherine pinched her arm in pretend shock at the apparent connotations. I muttered something about plenty of things to do, without being specific and Katherine offered her services if I needed a hand with anything. The mind boggled, her friend giggled and I left the room, trying to stifle an erection as visions of Katherine's hand wrapped around my ejaculating penis swam before me, those girlie giggles echoing in my head.

Mother left on time, Katherine and her crony had gone as well, leaving the house empty and any room available as a temple of masturbation. That night was fruitful, with a record of three sperm donations, one on the dining table, splattering the pages of an old catalog which was strategically opened at female underwear, one in the bathroom sink (God knows why) and a traditional one on the belly whilst fantasizing about a threesome with Katherine and her friend.

The day after started earlier than usual with a delightful bit of hand relief, my erection needing immediate attention on waking. Breakfast and a shave was to be followed by more masturbation while I waited for an associate to drop by with a porn movie he had promised to lend me for the duration. He arrived early, which was a bonus, as it meant having more in the tank when watching the film and he left quickly, which was a Godsend as the tape went in the machine as soon as I heard the gate shut.

THE FILM in brief

The tape whirred into play and the scene opened with two Taiwanese girls entering a red telephone box and calling a number - cut to another scene of a pretty redheaded girl answering a phone. She is sat on a sofa and next to her is an older man, his massive dick is poking out through his open pants, the girl talks into the phone as she slowly wanks his stiff shaft. Back to the young girls and plenty of nodding and excited chat as she tells them to come round.

The girls enter through a door, the redhead and the man are now naked on the sofa and she is still tugging on his prick. The girls show mock horror as the man leers at them, they stare wide mouthed at the monster that is sticking up from his hairy groin. After some nonsense chit chat, the redhead and the man stand up and each selects a girl to undress, the girls pretend to be shy but eventually their resistance is futile and they are stripped down to their panties. The man strokes each one between the thighs while the redhead fondles his dick, he pulls down their panties, each revealing a full bush and plump ass, which he gropes lustily as the girls stick them out.

The scene that ensues is one of rampant fucking as each Taiwanese girl is given good seeing to by his monster cock, the redhead making herself available to anyone's probing fingers or tongue and shoving her own digits in any available hole. This session is brought to a finish when the two girls kneel in front of the man, their eager mouths open, hands pushing their tits up towards his throbbing cock. The redhead wraps her fingers around it and wanks him off, cue much groaning from the man, his bulbous, reddish-purple tip spews spunk in thick wads over the girls receptive faces, drenching them in a sticky goo that dribbles down onto their tits. (It is only later, on rewinding, that I count no less than NINE spurts when the man ejaculates his semen, making me very enviable).

The next scene shows the girls leaving the house, waving goodbye and setting off to explore the town. As they wander the streets they are approached by a man wearing a long coat. He produces a gun and ushers the shocked girls down a "deserted" alley, luring them into a dead end strewn with litter bins and assorted rubbish. He grabs their handbags and a quick search turns out to be fruitless, pondering what to do, he orders one of the girls over to him and he bends her over the rubbish bin whilst pointing the gun at her friend. Her short skirt is yanked up and he drops his pants, he isn't wearing any underwear and his semi-erect cock is soon full on, her friend gasps as he takes hold of it, gives it a few strokes and, after pulling down her panties, proceeds to fuck the arse off the bending girl. He orders the other girl to stand in front of her friend, pull her skirt up and her panties down, once done, the girl over the bin is f***ed to suck on her friends pussy which results in all three moaning and groaning rather excitedly.

The two are made to swap positions and we are treated to some close ups as his hard dick picks up the pace. The camera pans out as the man removes his cock and wanks himself off, another virtual fountain of spunk is splattered all over the girl's ass. Once finished, he pulls up his pants and runs off, leaving the distressed girls to sort themselves out. They use their panties to wipe the mess up and toss them over a rubbish bin. Now the film attempts humour. Cut to a scene of a tramp lying on his back asl**p when the panties fall on his face. Sniffing, he wakes up and when he realises what they are he smiles gleefully and pulls his cock out of his baggy pants. Wrapping a soggy pair of panties round it, he places the other pair on his belly underneath his hard dick and proceeds to toss himself off with the panties. We then see the girls straightening their clothes and hair, discussing how to get to a phone to call the police, a moaning sound comes from behind the rubbish bins and we are treated to a shot of the tramp's prick spurting over the panties. He wipes himself off with them and chucks them back over the bins. One of the girls picks them up, spunk is dripping off them, they both pull their faces, drop the panties and run off down the alley.

The girls go through a wedged-open fire door looking for help, they enter into a pool hall full of men shooting pool and drinking at the bar. Leering faces stare at them approvingly as they approach the bar, nervously looking round for other females, the men are undressing them with their eyes. They ask the barman for a phone but he just smiles and nods to someone in the background. The fire door is closed and the girls are surrounded by the men who start trying to lift their skirts and grope their bodies. They are soon overwhelmed, the men whoop with joy when they discover they have no panties on and the girls succumb to hands exploring between their thighs and massaging their ass and tits. They are carried off to the pool tables and laid over them, a couple of men get their tools out and start fucking them whilst the others strip off their tops and bras. Soon everyone is naked and each girl is taken in every hole by all the men and they are left on the tables, exhausted and covered in spunk.

The final scene fades to the girls returning to their friends house, looking somewhat worse for wear, this time the redhead is on the kitchen table having her pussy licked by a brunette woman with huge tits. The girls look at each other, shrug their shoulders and start to strip off.

End of film

Well, by now, my penis was raging, I had been masturbating it on and off ever so slowly during the film and now I could rewind to my favourite scene and finish myself off in style.

Then, the doorbell rang!

Cursing, I crammed my erection into my pants and stopped the tape, the TV came back on. I answered the door my hands trembling slightly as I caught my breath. It was Katherine, she was passing by, saw the curtains closed and called to see if I was alright. I assured her I was, in the hope she would leave, but she didn't and I had to invite her in. It didn't help matters that she was dressed in a very short denim skirt, red sleeveless vest top and those darn wedged sandals. My erection was never going to fade at this rate! She sat on the sofa, skirt riding up her creamy thigh when she crossed her legs, I tried not to look as we engaged in polite chat. As a way out, I offered her a coffee, it gave me the chance to leave the room and try and calm this bulge in my pants down. Eventually it subsided, I could feel the tip dribbling pre-cum and sticking to my underpants. Most uncomfortable. I took the coffee in and was aghast to see the video playing the scene in the alleyway, the sound was down, Katherine jumped in surprise when I entered the room, switching it off and apologising for snooping. I didn't know what to say to her, I just shrugged and put the coffee on the table.

Long silence followed as we d***k our coffee, then she took a swallow and asked me if I had been watching the film when she arrived. I told her I was and she surprised me by apologising for disturbing me, she said she'd never seen a porn film and her curiosity got the better of her when she spotted the video box on the top of the TV. I chided myself for being careless, then I nearly fell off the chair when she asked if she could watch it with me. I stuttered that she was not of age but she insisted that no one would find out and, as a return of favour, she would masturbate me while we watched it. I thought this over, my penis was starting to rear it's head, could I risk it? I decided that my lust needed satiating and what better way than to have this young girl's hand do it for me.

I sat on the sofa next to her and we set the video going, sound and all. Uncrossing her legs, she leaned over me and as I watched the girl on the screen getting her body abused over the rubbish bin, Katherine undid my pants and pushed them down. I twitched when her fingers stroked me through the material of my underpants, I raised my hips and she dragged them down to my ankles leaving my erection resting against my belly. We both watched the video while she tugged at my penis, I was so horny, the pre-cum fluid ran down over her fingers causing a disgusting squelching noise. Lifting my tee shirt as far up as possible, I warned her of the impending eruption, she smiled and told me that although she had had sex several times already, she had never seen a penis spurting semen and now she wanted to. She got her wish. My erection twitched and thickened in her fingers and my hips bucked, groaning with absolute lust, I ejaculated thick strings of sperm which arched over my chest and belly. Five spurts splattered out, then a little one dripped onto her fingers which were still pulling my penis, I groaned again and two more spurts ejaculated out splashing and pooling into my naval.

After the waves of pleasure receded, I slumped down into the sofa, Katherine rubbed the sticky goo into my chest and belly then proceeded to lick it up, I laughed and tensed as her tongue tickled my skin. Once she'd finished lapping it up, we kissed long and deep, I could taste the saltiness on her warm tongue, it felt delicious kissing her like that, her soft hand rested on my thigh, squeezing it lightly and I slipped my arm around her slender waist, feeling the soft pliant flesh under her top. She told me that she was 16 years old in two weeks, then, with twinkling eyes, she asked me if I'd like to give her an early birthday present. I said I would and told her to go and bend over the dining table, I would bring her "present" over to her. She giggled and stood up making her way over. I looked her over, God, she was so sexy! Her long, dark hair fell over chiseled shoulders that tapered down to a slim waist, her hips flared out gently and a nice, peachy ass sat atop long, tapered legs. She bent over the table and I nearly gasped in surprise when I saw she wasn't wearing any panties. Her crack was visible, hanging plumply down, dark wisps on either side of it. My penis stirred and grew again, I dragged my pants off and removed my tee shirt and went to stand behind her, naked and highly aroused.

I lifted her skirt and practically drooled over her delectable ass, it was so plump and firm, it took all my willpower to stop fondling it, but I had other areas in mind. I slid a deft finger down over her mound, sliding it along the crack of her vagina, she groaned and pushed her ass backwards.

Sliding my finger into her vagina, I then used my thumb to massage the fleshy lips, this brought a louder groan and after a few minutes of manual dexterity she shuddered and moaned that she was on the verge. Whipping my fingers out, I took hold of my aching erection and guided the tip to her vagina, rubbing it along the crack. She was up on her toes trying to sink herself onto it, but I held back and rubbed the tip around the entrance letting just the head slip in. She was quite delirious now, crying out for me to push it in, I held her hips steady to stop her pushing onto it and just moved the tip of my erection in and out, it felt sensational and when I couldn't take any more, I plunged the full length of the shaft into her.

She gasped and pushed herself up with the flats of her palms, arching her back and causing her vagina to grasp my thickening erection. Grasping her buttocks, I pumped my hips up and down, she threw her head back, her mouth opened but no sound came out, her hips made rapid little jerking movements. She thrust her buttocks back at me and I nearly lost my balance, her hips stopped jerking and she just held herself against me then slumped onto the table.

Now it was my turn, I pulled on her thighs to get her ass better positioned, then I gripped her hips and pleasured myself, keeping my groin dead still and tensing my thighs and buttocks, I used her hips to slide her vagina up and down my rock hard penis. It was so erotic, I couldn't control myself, I growled with lust and there was no way I was not going to ejaculate my full load into her willing vagina, no way was I pulling out and wasting it.

I trembled with pleasure, my testicles tightened beneath me and I pumped spurts of hot semen into her belly, squirt after squirt of intense sexual release, my thighs and buttocks tingled with delight as every erotic fantasy I'd ever had paled into insignificance. Once spent, I propped myself up on the table while the last juices trickled out. We dressed in silence, we both knew the possible repercussions, I should have withdrawn before ejaculating, I just couldn't because pure lust threw reason out the window.

She kissed me on the cheek and left. The memory of the experience always makes my penis hard and a masturbation session usually follows as I relive the sensations. Katherine disappeared again, the rumour was that her boyfriend had got her pregnant and her father kicked her out, so she had to return to her mother's house.

Ten years passed, I was married with a daughter and life was great. A warm, Summer's night out on the town for a friends birthday yielded an unexpected outcome. I bumped into Katherine, who was looking rather grown up in a flowery summer dress, in a town centre bar. She was with friends who still lived in her old hometown. I was surprised to find out that she was living in the area again, her father never mentioned it, which was because she never told him. They were still not on speaking terms due to the nature of the rift. Katherine dropped an absolute bombshell by telling me the c***d, a daughter, was mine. I refused to believe her, but why should she lie after all this time? What could be gained?

She explained that I was the only one she'd had sex with at the time of conception and that it was just bad luck that she was very "receptive" to my sperm. She had never followed it up with me for fear of getting me in deep trouble, so she blamed someone else. Poor k**, I thought and here's me living a life of Riley oblivious to the fact. I felt terrible but Katherine reassured me that all was fine and things with her mother and stepfather, who were looking after her daughter for the evening, were really good now.

The night wore on and as her friends drifted off to the taxi ranks, I offered to see her home. We caught a taxi and ended up kissing each other frantically on the backseat. I could see the driver readjusting his mirror so he could get a better view of Katherine's exposed thighs. Dirty bastard! I slid my hand over them, pushing the hem of her dress further up. This will give him something to pull over in bed tonight.

Katherine stopped the taxi and we got out. I asked her were she lived as all I could see was condemned houses. She laughed and took my hand, dragging me up a street and into the back alley of one of the rows of houses. We found a suitable property that had a gate left on it, she explained that we could have sex in here without being disturbed. Who was I to disagree? Once the gate was closed Katherine asked me to unzip her dress, she slipped it off and I was presented with her naked body, apart from her high heels, that is. I gave a low whistle, she was an absolute vision of voluptuous womanhood. Full breasts, slightly curved belly dipping to a full, hairy bush and wide hips with curvy legs tottering on spiked high heels. Wow! She smiled and said thank you in appreciation of my schoolboy reaction.

I got her up against the brick wall of the house, her trembling fingers fumbled with my pants while we tongued each other's mouths, I yanked my tee shirt off and threw it to the floor, Katherine dragged my pants and boxers down, she looked up at my throbbing erection and commented that it looked bigger than last time. I grinned and yanked her up, pushing her back against the wall. I bent my knees and lowered my groin, holding onto her hips to steady myself. Her fingers curled around my penis and I groaned as she pulled it towards her hairy vagina. This time she rubbed the head of it along her crack, I buried my tongue into her willing mouth, pushing my shaft up into her at the same time. We both groaned loudly and started laughing at the irony, our amusement soon turned to rampant lust when we began ravaging each other. I think I covered every inch of her body with my groping hands, feeling the firm flesh of her ass and her ripe breasts, sliding my fingers over her smooth thighs and holding her around her still slender waist.

Our mouths worked on each others, ragged breathing and low moans gave way to gasping breath and loud grunts. She came first, her hands pulling at the back of my head, kissing my neck and I erupted with her, my penis once again spurting uncontrollably inside her, the hot, sticky sperm flooding her belly. We shuddered to a halt and slumped against the wall. My penis stayed hard, God, she was still so gorgeous, I didn't want to let go. Regaining our composure, we kissed and chatted, I kept my erection inside her, she didn't make any attempt to remove it. After staying close and hugging each other for what must have been 10 minutes or so, I began to undulate my groin again, my penis grew firmer, it was still inside her. She made a mock show of being impressed and we were at it again. Minutes later I gave her a second load of sperm, not as voluminous as the first, but just as satisfying.

We cleaned up and dressed, I walked her home and we said our goodbyes. Seeing each other further would be a risk, so we left it unspoken. Once again she vacated my life and things got back to normal. 12 months later my wife happened to mention that she'd seen Katherine in town, she had a young daughter and was pushing a pram with a baby girl in it. I casually asked how she was, my wife said she was well and passed her regards onto me. My stomach churned, but what could I do?

Fast forward 14 years and after many a twist and turn, Katherine is on the scene and and has been for the last few years. Both her c***dren are mine and nobody else knows besides her and me. One last twist to the tale, 'though.

Katherine had a big party for her 40th birthday, drink flowed and nobody noticed us slip out of the room together near the end of the night. My wife couldn't make it due to travel commitments so I was stone cold sober as I was driving the car. My daughter was working in Spain and I was left to go alone.

Anyway, once out of the throng, we found a storeroom and sneaked in. She was still beautiful and her body had matured well, still full and ripe, her youthful looking face belied her mature years. She was in full regalia with a bold print, strapless dress and to my delight she was wearing stockings and suspenders underneath it and, you guessed it, no panties! Phwoooaaarr! I was in full erection and in no time at all she had my pants round my ankles. I turned her around and took her from behind, my hands groping her massive breasts, pulling the dress down to release them into my palms.

We kept our moans and groans muted, almost fornicating in silence, my hardness soon brought her to a much needed orgasm. I pumped furiously, we didn't have much time, her breasts in my hands bounced to the rhythm of my pounding and I stole a quick glance down at her full, firm ass, my erection sliding between her stockinged thighs. Too much visual information, I ejaculated deep into her womb, my knees trembled with excitement as the fluid drained from my penis.

We disengaged and she produced a pair of panties from her handbag and pulled them on, smiling as I pulled my pants back up. Her dress was reinstated and after carefull observation we left the storeroom. No one had even missed us.

To this day, that was the last time we had sex together. If my wife ever finds out, I'm a dead man!
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2 years ago
Wooohh...now my panties are really wet!
What an amazing tale.
4 years ago
wow that is hot
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very good
4 years ago
crazy good mate!
5 years ago
Thanks for the comments people...it makes the work worthwhile.
5 years ago
nice long affair love it
5 years ago
excellent story mate and quite possibly a third child
5 years ago
Very Nicely Done!
5 years ago
very much enjoyed reading that I was wishing that was me in your place
5 years ago
Many thanks, Acebottom, for taking the time to read it.
5 years ago
fantastic story mate