The Girl Alone At Night (Home Invasion)

It’s been a long day and you have gone to sl**p early. You are sl**ping on the couch like you normally do. Or at least that is my assumption by the order you turn the lights off in your house when you are alone. The last room with any light is always closest to the street. I know you have a security system and I’m not sure how you arm it when you are home by yourself, but I am not going to take any chances in getting caught doing this, so in the small collection of things I am carrying with my is a refrigerator magnet. I have an assortment of things with me in a small canvas sack; a large ace bandage, the aforementioned magnet, two six foot cords of rope…. I am carrying nothing in my pockets with the exception of a fold out knife with a four inch half serrated blade, Nothing i*****l, but if I am caught before or after I will have some explaining to do. It’s fairly late now, well after midnight and a lot of the sounds of Broadway and the neighborhood have died down, giving me a clear head to think about how I am going to enter your backyard. I briefly use my cell phones camera to survey your patio over the fence to see what the cameras can see, they cast their light from their infrared lamps in a way that shows that if I walk along the walls I won’t trigger the security lights.

There is a gap on the alley side of your fence that I slip through, briefly stopping to pick up what I think is a spare key that I found on a day your weren’t there. After that I am staying close to the wall and I avoid triggering the security lamps. I then arrive at the kitchen door. I am fairly certain that if I unlock the door and open it that will trigger the alarm. I am surprised that someone that takes their security so seriously leaves a spare key in such an obvious place. The door is now unlocked and I SLIGHTLY slide it barely a half centimeter. I don’t want to trigger the alarm by opening it fully. I take the Magnet from the bag and start to slide it through the top of the door where the alarms door trigger should be, typically it is on the top corner above the knob….this door is no exception. I won’t know until the door is open fully.

I have to hold the magnet in place as I slowly open the door; if I drop it the receiver will trigger the alarm. But I am successful as I can feel the hot air from your home around my legs. It’s exciting, I am very close now and you don’t even know what I’m about to do to you. Navigating around your table is difficult; because I have to stand in the corner and move my arms over the doors I close it. Who knows….maybe you don’t even have the alarm activated…maybe it was just a night where you fell asl**p on the couch. It doesn’t matter at this point…I am inside. There is almost no ambient light; my eyes take a minute to adjust. So while they are doing that I quietly sort through my bag pulling out the things I will use on you. I wrap the rope around my forearm, fold the bandage and put it in my rear pocket and just in case I need it.

I can see slightly better now, there is light coming from the kitchen window, the room I am currently in and dimmer but useable light coming from the room in the front that I can only assume is your living room. I hear a strange noise from the back of the house, I start to wonder if I fucked up, maybe you were in your bedroom, or maybe your bedroom was in the front of the house. As I remove the knife from my pocket, I swing its blade out; my fear is that you aren’t alone. I look down the surprisingly short hallway and there are two opened doors. The one to the right, I’m sure, is the bathroom and I am fairly certain that you wouldn’t be in there without a light on. This all has to start at some point. So I make my way down the hall…

The bedroom is empty, the bed is covered with a few clothes but there are no blankets on it. I lower the knife and quickly fold it in and slide it on to my belt. I look around and this room seems suitable for what I have in mind...but you aren’t in it. I now know that you are either upstairs, a room where the lights are never on, in the basement, highly unlikely for any single woman, or in you your living room, still blissfully unaware of the stranger that just got an erection while sorting through the handfuls of sexy underwear on your bed. My knife is now out and ready. I have no intent to hurt you, but you won’t know that, I already know I’ll have to make threats about hurting you. Now certain of where you are I make my way from one end of the house to the other. I am quick but quiet to get through it, and seconds later I’m standing over you, I don’t initially understand why you have your coffee table to the left of your L shaped couch, making it U-shaped, but it makes everything I am going to do that much easier. I can vaguely make out your silhouette from under the multiple layers of covers, your feet are sticking out and your head is mostly covered, one of your arms is under your head and I can only assume where the other is. You look pleasant.

I have my knife in my left right hand, however I do this I have to do it timed right so I can grab at least one arm. I don’t want you kick so I place my left hand on your ankle and then finally i f***e my right hand to cover your mouth as best I can, making sure you can feel the metal body against your skin; these actions happen simultaneously. You are now alert to a Stanger, but you don’t react, I can see with the soft light in the room the green in yours eyes as soon as they open.

“Don’t fucking move. If I got in here then you don’t know what else I know.” I say with a clear and focused tone. “If you feel the need to fight me, I know you can feel the knife against your face, if you are good and quiet, then I’ll put it away, but you can’t fight me, I don’t want to hurt you, but I will if I have to. Do you understand?”

You randomly breath and move your head around, I can’t tell if you are trying to fight my hand off your face or if you trying to nod yes but cant.
“I’m going to take my hand off your mouth and start taking your clothes off, and then we are going to have some fun.” I sneer; even slightly laugh….my first thought is how easy this is going to be.

My hand is barely off your mouth for a second when I feel your free leg come up and smack me squarely on the side of the head, it’s not much of a hit but it surprises me enough to knock me over onto the short side of the couch. You make a run for it, but it is less then successful as you are tangled up in your blankets and come crashing to the floor but not in any way that’s going to stop you, you quickly get untangled …almost as quickly as I get back to my feet. I reach for you but you are just barely out of arm’s length. You are now moving pretty quickly as I start to give chase. You randomly smash the glowing wall panel for your alarm, setting off the external alarm. The clock is now ticking.

You keep making your way to the other end of the house, only seconds pass and I am still right behind you, the alarm is unbearably loud and I don’t know what I am going to do; you haven’t seen my face, but I decide against it, because people might be looking for someone leaving the scene now. I chase you to the other end of the house. You stop at the sliding door in your bedroom trying to get it open to make a break for it, but you just can’t do it fast enough. I grab you and f***e you against the glass. You are strong, stronger then any woman I have ever dealt with, and it’s taking a lot of strength to keep you standing. You are trying hard to kick me but I have my legs to the side to your blows don’t have much impact. I f***e your arms over your head, pinning them with all my weight to one of my arms. Now my knife is on your throat and you aren’t fighting quite as hard.

“WHAT DID I TEL YOU ABOUT FIGHTING ME?” I shout over the alarm. My knife slides down your skin to the neck of your shirt, the serrations grab the fabric and I start to cut down to reveal more cleavage, dragging the tip of the blade across your heaving chest. “IS ANYONE GOING TO CALL…FUCKING ANSWER ME NOW!” You nod no. I grab your hair; surprised at its length and thickness, and then start to drag you back out to the room that had your alarm panel. You are kicking and screaming the whole trip, but I have listened to you getting fucked, spanked and whipped before through your windows and I know how far your voice carries from your house….and the alarm is going off anyway, drowning out your cries for help.

It feels like an hour that the alarm has been going off, but it’s been less than two minutes. You are still fighting me as I shove you against the wall that has the panel on you.

“ENTER IT!” you look at me like I didn’t have any right telling you that, at which point I finish cutting your shirt open and then put the blade back on your neck. “I DON’T HAVE ANYTHING TO LOSE AT THIS POINT…YOU CAN STILL GET OUT OF THIS!” I’m still shouting over the alarm, but I’m making my intent clear.

You shakily enter the code wrong two times; it’s clear you are fucking around, so I grab one of you nipples and twist, dragging the blade against you as I do it. This time, it’s done and done right. The alarm stops and you are sobbing and breathing as hard as you can with your eyes closed. I then f***e you against the wall as hard as I can; I want you to feel everything I am doing to you. I unfurl the rope from around my arm and quickly tie it around your wrists; it took me just a few seconds to pull them behind you. I take the bandage and wrap it around your head and mouth tightly, I don’t want you screaming. I shove you to the floor and with the other rope start wrapping your legs tightly. I can’t start right away. I know that the police take about 20 minutes to respond…that’s if any one called them. I keep an ear open for any sounds. I can see more of your body know that you are laying there, in pajama pants and your cut open t-shirt; the light coming in from this second room complements your body so well. While I am waiting I pull my cock out and slowly start jerking off in front of you.

It’s an excruciating wait, I need to fuck at this point, and your body looks amazing. But if any neighbors came to the door I could explain my way out of that. I tell you what I do to little sluts like you as I wait. I tell you how I have every intention of cumming inside of you and how much you are going to like it, I didn’t even realize how much talking to you like this was turning on... at minutes 15 I starting to cut your pajamas off. Your legs are supremely strong, but as I cut the pants to shreds it doesn’t matter, the quickly fall off you. I tell you that the only reason you won’t spread your legs is because you don’t want me to know how wet you are. You haven’t made eye contact with me since I started stroking my cock; you were watching me pleasure myself to your full restrained body. I tell you not to move because I’m going to cut your underwear off. I cut them at the crotch only, leaving the skimpy underwear barely clinging to your curvy hips.

Its 20 minutes now… no noise, no interruptions. Everything is quiet and I’m ready to fuck. I need to calm down a little first. I was jacking off to you pretty hard and needed a minute before I moved on to anything else. I grab you by all the pretty long hair and pull you up to your knees.

I put the knife against you face. “I’m going to take the gag off, you aren’t going to yell or scream. You are going to take what I give you as hard as I give it to you.” You don’t say anything, you don’t look at me, my cock is hitting your face on one side and the knife is on the other. I’m not happy at your lack of a response; you are still struggling against me. So I grab your hair and pull it…keeping you at your knees, I slap you hard across the face. “DO YOU FUCKING UNDERSTAND, SLUT?”

Looking up at me I can clearly see your eyes and mouth as you plainly and flatly say “YES.”

I start to push my dick into your mouth; you try to fight it off. Your lips are dry, you are clearly exhausted and after a few second a resistance you finally drop your jaw as you gasp for air….sucking my suck into your mouth in the process. It feels incomparable, especially after being so hard for so long. You aren’t offering me much of a blowjob, my cock is wet but your lips are still dry. I take my wet cock and f***e your over your mouth. Everything feels so slick and good, you have a sad look on your face, but I don’t care. Grabbing more of your hair I tangle it in my fingers. My hips are now thrusting even harder, I hear you gagging and its only making my go harder. It’s almost like you have done this before….and I tell you that…intentionally going harder and harder, giving you almost no time to breath.

I am done. I pull your mouth off my cock and shove you to the ground. You sob and gag at the same time, but it’s nothing that’s going to stop me. I f***e you to your tummy, pulling your legs out so you are lying flat on the ground. I am amazed at how perfect your body looks. I start untying your legs but I stop occasionally to grab and smack your ass. I hit your butt hard enough to leave hand prints on your deliciously smooth skin. When your legs are untied grab you by your hips, your hands are still tied behind your back as I drag your torso up so you are propped up with your ass in the air.

“Spread your fucking legs, slut.” You don’t comply, I think that’s pretty cute, so press my cold knife blade against the back your legs. “SPREAD THEM.” This time you are much more compliant.

That’s when I see the juices literally running down your inner thighs. I take my fingers and rub up to your moist little pussy, feeling how everything is trimmed and smooth and hot and wet. I drag my blade across your inner thigh, you flinch but I suspect you are getting wetter. I lay beside you and tell you to stick out your tongue. I slide the moist blade gently over your tongue.
“That’s how much you want this.” I tell you like I have revealed a deep dark secret to you. You seemed ashamed that this is what you need as you turn your head the opposite way.

I can’t wait any longer, I have to know how you will feel like wrapped around my cock. I get back up and get on my knees behind you. My cock is almost instinctively guided into your dripping wet cunt. I slowly slide in; you stay motionless as I start to put more and more cock inside of you. You feel like nothing I have ever felt, every inch of you seems to be pulling me deeper inside, I give a final thrust to fully sink my cock into your pussy. It almost feels like you are resisting me as I start to pull away for my next thrust, like your body wants me to stay as deep as I can inside of you. I can feel you flexing every little muscle you have almost like your pussy is teasing me. I’m able to thrust more, and it’s hard to resist the feeling: you feel different from most women, responsive and strong, even though mentally you are still fighting back, your body couldn’t be happier. I can look down at your face which has a very conflicted look about it. You are gritting your teeth as breath hard through your nose. You want to hate this feeling so much.

“You don’t know how good this feels…you are what have needed for a very long time.” I said as I grab your hips and pull you down hard over and over again on my cock. I don’t even know when the feeling hit me, but I was about to cum, maybe I was doing this for a few minutes but I just couldn’t take it anymore, the way you feel is just too much, it was like your body was trying to make me cum inside of you. Maybe you were hoping that if I came faster I would leave and you would be safe. I took my hands off your hips and stopped thrusting, but you backed up into my hips two more times …without my assistance. I shoved you to the ground; I didn’t want you to make me cum, not yet. I am going to cum how I wanted to. When you hit the ground you gasped hard and continued to breathe deep as I untied your arms.

Once your arms were undone I flipped you over and sunk my teeth into your perfect pink nipples as hard as I could.

“Now I’m going to cum in that little white pussy. You aren’t going to fight, and when I’m done, you are going rub your pussy until you cum” I tell you this as I climb on top of you and spread your legs. You offer me no resistance. You are completely limp, I pin your arms down, threading my right arm around knee and lifting your leg into the air so I can have full, deep access to you wet tight pussy.

I can’t believe I have waited so long to feel this, but the wait was worth it, all the planning and at this point even being caught is worth it. You are much more willing to take my cock this time, it slips in with no resistance, and you take a deep breath but keep your eyes shut. I fuck you slowly at first, just because I need to adjust to the new position and because I’m still close to cumming, but I know this can’t go much longer. Every thrust feels deeper and more pleasing; every part of your body seems to be trying to making me cum. I start going harder; I release your hands and put one of mine around your throat. I keep thrusting harder each time, I’m very close, and then you scare the shit of me , I feel sharp points dig into my back and then I realized you were digging your fingernails into my back and pulling me closer. I can’t take much more of this you pull me closer and closer you your face…

“Please cum inside of me… I’m yours…Please….” You say between breaths, with an honest amount of need in your voice.

My hand tightens around you throat maybe to an uncomfortable point as I cum. I resist the urge to scream about how good it feels by biting down on your shoulder. It was completely uncontrollable. It felt like my orgasm didn’t stop as you slide your hand down and start to rub your clit while I am still filling you with my cum. It doesn’t take you long, barely a minute to cum all over my still twitching, hard dick. we both laid there breathing heavily for about five minutes.

“This stays between you and I, you are my property now and I’ll do this any time I want. And you don’t want to know what I’m going to do if anyone finds out what I did for you.” it’s almost the last thing I say to you. I get up and hastily put my clothes back on. I gather the handful of things I brought with me. I take my knife and cut of the what’s left of your cum soaked underwear.
“These are mine now.” I laugh as I stuff my new trophy into my pocket. I don’t waste any more time. I leave the room and make my way to the back door. I toss the rope, knife and whatever else I am carrying into the bag I left there. Within seconds I am out of the house.

I make my way around the same way I came in. Sticking close to the walls so the cameras don’t see me and the security lights don’t go off. I slip out to the alley and I cross the street where my car is parked. I decide to wait for thirty minutes out front to see if there is any activity …no lights turn on, no one comes by. As far as I could tell you were still lying there and there were two out comes, you were either laying there in the spot I left you crying or were so satisfied that you didn’t want to move.

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