How I became a Granny-Fucker, pt. II

Then I took my clothes off. She watched closely as I undressed ;) So I stood there now. A young boy in boxer shorts, in the apartment of an old lady.

Of course, there is one possibility how that continues ;) I wanted to fuck her! I wanted to fuck her without any mercy! Wanted to turn her into a bitch, into my bitch! But I still had inhibitions to take the first step. The Granny also noticed that, so she took the first step.

She came to me, caressed my chest hair, my beard, my arms, gave me a kiss on my hairy chest, then on my bearded cheek. "You're a beautiful prince," she said. I smiled; I liked that she called me a prince :) Then she went behind my back, caressing it and grabbed my ass. "What an ass, I would like to bite off," she said. I took her in my arms, hugged her, pulled up her dress, caressing her ass and kissed her.

After we kissed long, she took her clothes off except of her slip, than she knelt, took my boxers off, caressed my leg hair and began to suck my dick. She did that so good! First she sucked slowly, enjoyed my dick in her mouth, then she sucked faster. This made me extremely horny! I held her head with both hands and fucked her mouth, pushing my dick deep in her throat. I almost came, juice came out of my dick, so I took out my cock. I also wanted to fuck!

I lifted her and put her on the kitchen counter. I slowly took off her panties. She spread her legs, her cunt was so beautiful, so flawless! I licked it copiously, pushed my tongue in her cunt and licked it with fast tongue moves. Then she said, "Fuck me, my prince. Make me your wife." Then I put her legs on my shoulders and pushed my cock into her cunt. First I fucked her slowly, kissed her and sank my head between her tits. Then I got harder and harder! Without mercy! She caressed my chest and chest hair while I fucked her. That made me more horny, so I fucked her even harder! She moaned and screamed, I put my hand on her mouth and or kissed her to avoid that neighbors hear us.

Eventually she said, "Let's go to our bedroom, my prince." While I fucked her, I asked "our bedroom?" and smiled. "Yes, my boy, now I'm yours, I am your wife," she answered, smiling coquettishly.

I carried her into the bedroom with my cock in her cunt. I literally threw her on the bed :) I wanted to spread her legs to fuck her, as she stood up and pushed me onto the bed, mounted me and rode on my cock. She apparently wanted to dominate and she did it for the next few hours. She determined how I should fuck, how hard, how fast, in which position.

Mostly she rode one me. The view how she rode on me is indescribable ... How this little old woman wildly jumped on my cock and how her tits hopped at the sametime. She put her hands on my hairy chest as she rode and cried; I played with her beautiful tits, caressed and kneaded them. It was so damn hot to have these huge, plump tits in your hands and feel it! Sometimes she stopped riding, blew my cock, mounted me again and rode on my dick. That made me crazy! I just lay there like a pasha and enjoyed the "show" ;)

As I fucked her in missionary position, I sank my head between her tits, she caressed my back and my ass. She wanted me to fuck her hard, harder and harder, faster and faster. The insatiable Granny :) My sweat dripped from my forehead on her; sometimes I stopped to fuck so that she could lick all over my sweaty body. Now and then I pulled my cock out of her wet cunt, stuffed it in her mouth, fucked her mouth, then licked her pussy and fucked again. I was so wild, so aggressive of lust!

Fucking her doggy was a great pleasure, how much I wanted to fuck her in the ass! Her ass was very big, very sturdy, I grabbed her sturdy ass and fucked her cunt from behind, giving her claps to the sweaty ass and roared of lust! I took her in my arms from behind, kissed her and squeezed her tits.

Finally I pulled out my cock out of her cunt, stuffed it in her mouth and pumped my warm jizz and fed her.

After sex she huggled against me, lay on my hairy chest, I took her in my arms and we slept in the bed, which was wet of sweat and jizz.

I have never had such a hot sex! That was the ultimate experience! We had a kind of sex relationship, I fucked her at least three times a week. After that I got to know other Grannies, the sex with them is just great! This is confirmed by all young Granny-Fuckers that I've met over the years. And that's why I developed ne huge passion for Grannies.

95% (25/1)
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7 months ago
Wie ist ihre Adresse? Da würde ich gerne mal vorbeikommen ;-)
8 months ago
Grannies are the best!!
Great story!
8 months ago
Great story! I love grannies too
8 months ago
Grannies get my vote also.