How I became a Granny-Fucker, pt. I

There are not many young men who love Grannies so much as I do. I don't just love them, it's a kind of obsession! I will now tell you how I became Granny-Fucker.

I was 19 when I moved to Cologne to get an education. I lived in a narrow street where the houses opposite are close to each other (there are many streets like that in Cologne). The Granny (I call her that way), an old lady (later I've learned that she was 66), lived directly opposite; my balcony was right against her window. Shortly after I moved into my apartment, I realized that she was watching me. At first I thought nothing of it. I thought, "she's an old woman and watches the people." But no, she observed apparently only me. And her looks were not "normal", I could tell that she desired me.

Somehow I liked that too. Everybody loves to be desired ;) So sometimes I went shirtless to the balcony, sometimes wearing only boxer shorts. Sometimes I took my shirt off on the balcony. I pretended as if I would not notice her. But The Granny was fully focused on me :) I made a joke of it to make her hot, maybe that was mean. But I would have never thought that I would fuck her.

How wrong I was ....

It was on a very cold winter day, when I decided to go to an indoor-swimming-pool. And who was there? ;)

She was very small (later she told me she was 1.53m), had beautiful sturdy tits and a big sturdy ass. I could not believe that an old lady could have such a hot body. I could not let my eyes off her, of course she also looked at me ;)

Eventually she went to the sauna and although I did not intended to go to the sauna, I went after her after a short time. I wanted to see her naked. When I entered the sauna, she was actually naked. I wanted to sit next to her, but there were already two young boys. I sat somewhere down and looked at her "unremarkable". How the sweat dripped over her big tits ... indescribable! She wiped the sweat with her hands from her tits; she pretended to do that "casually", but it was obvious that she wanted to make all the boys horny, who were there. Everyone looked at her, she knew that and she enjoyed it. I wanted to lick her whole body and then fuck her! I had such a boner that I could'nt take my bath towel.

After that day I could'nt get her out of my head. Whenever I stroked, I imagined her. How she blows my cock, how I caress her tits and lick them, how I titfuck her and how I fuck her! I also felt strange because of the fact that I was attracted to an old lady so much ...

One day when I came from soccer, I saw her with a heavy shopping bag on the road. THE chance! :) I went to her and offered her to carry the shopping bag up to her apartment, which I did. As a thank she wanted to offer me something to drink, so I also went in her apartment. We had a small-talk while I was drinking a cold ice tea. She told me that she had been a widow for twenty years, that she had four c***dren (all older than me) and nine grandc***dren. I also told something about me; that I was an apprentice and living alone etc. "You poor boy," she said, "you have to take care of the whole household by your own?". I replied that my parents would live far away and that I had to do all these things by my own.

"Your workout clothes look dirty , let me wash them," she said. For a few seconds I had hesitated. Should I do that? For real? I did come with a certain intention in her apartment, but was I really ready?

to be continued in Part 2

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