How Mom became my SLUT part 1

Hello let me introduce my f****y to you. My name is Steven, my dad is Kevin, mom is Liz and my younger s****r Candy. I am twenty now and have owned my mom since I was fifteen almost sixteen. The day it happened started as any normal day. My Dad is a lawyer. Mom is a stay at home mom. Mom said she had plans with some friends at lunch. Dad had to hurry and get to court he was in the middle of a big murder case. Dad is a very prominent lawyer. He always hated the lawyer television shows and said "no one ever breaks down and admits they did it." So that morning he was putting on his shirt when i knocked on his door. "Dad I really don't feel good but i have some tests this morning i can't miss can you write an excuse for me to get out at lunch time." He looked at me and said how proud he was that I was being so responsible but said "Can't your mom write it I am trying to get dressed to get to the office before i have to be at the courthouse." I looked at him and said "really you know she is to busy trying to get Candy ready. Please i have a pen and paper here it will just take a minute and I am (I stressed that) trying to be responsible." He laughed and said okay. He quickly jotted the stuff on the paper saying I was allowed to leave and be able to walk home as he would be in court and my mother would be across town. The office staffed loved my dad and i knew that would carry more weight than mom writing it.

As lunch came my stomach was hurting so i showed my note to the Assistant Principal and he told me to get better and he would see me tomorrow. I began the walk home. As i got close to the house i saw a car in the Robertson's drive which is next to our house but they are on vacation and I have never seen that car before. It struck me as odd. The next thing was even odder. My moms car was in the garage with the door open. I used my key and opened the door. I heard sounds coming from my parents master bedroom down the hall. Mine and Candy's rooms were up stairs. As i got closer I knew the sound. I had heard the sound many times when mom and dad had sex. Our house isn't very sound proof and mom liked to be a little loud. I thought no way can dad be done with court today? Well maybe if they had to prepare for something but he would be at the office. I snuck down the hall and heard my mom moaning then the sound of a guys voice saying "yes bitch ride my cock". I was frozen in my tracks. OMG I thought. No way. Was my mom committing adultery. Now I had to look as anger and a whole lot of other emotions took over. I slowly walked towards the door that was barely shut probably because they weren't expecting anyone to be home. I saw mom she was riding his cock and she was backwards moaning and saying "Yes OMG give it to me". Then everything was kind of a blurr I could hear him saying something but I cant tell you what it was. I reached in my pocket and pulled my cell out and began to take pictures. Pictures of my mom naked riding him and of him. That is when mom saw me and screamed OMG Steven. I ran and went up to my room. When I got to my room I locked my door went to my computer and saved pictures to a file and began to type a message to my dad from my phone. Thats when there was a pounding on my door as mom tried to get in. "Steven come to the door please son. Mommy wants to talk." I shouted back to her that I didnt want to talk to her and i was typing dad a message and gonna send him the pics. "No Steven please you cant. Please" I began to hear her cry. "Just who the hell was that mommy."
"Steven please don't send that message. Please open the door so I can talk to you." mom cried. She was crying and begging i put my phone down and walked to the door and just unlocked it, turned around and walked back to my computer desk. Mom opened the door and came in tears streaming down her face." Steven honey what are you doing home?" I gave her a very dirty look and said "Really is that what you wanted to talk about why i was home ... REALLY" I shouted. "Steven I am so sorry you saw that." she began.
I cut her off with "Oh I am sure you are. I am really sure you didnt intend for anyone to see you fucking some guy that wasnt my DAD."
She looked at me and said "First off young man don't you ever talk to me like that again. I am your mother.
Thats when i cut her off and said no you stopped being my mother when you made the decision to be on another mans COCK."
Mom looks over and see's that my phone is on the desk and asks"Are you sending a message to your father?"
I haven't yet, but I have started it." I replied.
"No Steven please don't. I don't want to lose my husband or my f****y." Still crying and begging. Even as mad, and hurt as I am at this very minute my mind races back to mom riding that cock and as i look past her I see ME. That ignites a spark in my cock and it instantly gets hard as I picture my mom riding me.
"Steven are you listening to me? Please don't I will do anything, anything as long as you don't send that message to your father."
"You will do anything I tell you to". I start. "Okay Liz lets test that statement. Take off your robe now!" I tell her stearnly.
"Why did you call me Liz? And I can't its... its not right" She says.
I walk over with my cell in my hand showing her the message with attached pictures ready to hit the send button and say "well then i guess I hit send.
"No no no please Steven look I am taking off my robe." As she pulls it off slides it down her back and it falls to the floor. The sexiest woman i had ever seen stood before me naked, and i was in control. I began to love this as my cock strained against my boxer briefs and my jeans. Now let me tell you what i saw. My new slut stood 5'5 about 125-130 hardly any fat on her at all. Her tits were amazing natural and big 36D. Her stomach was tight and toned. she had time to go to the gym everyday. She is not a natural blonde as i found out by the almost black stripe of pubic hair that was above her pussy. Her legs were long and her body completely tanned. The smell of sex was starting to fill my room and was making my mind crazy."Now you can call it blackmail or as you said doing anything I want since you dont want these pictures sent."
"Steven please I am standing here naked please erase that message so it doesn't accidently get sent. I agree to that but tell her I still have the pictures. Its now going on 1:30 and my s****r will be home in 90 minutes. I reach up and grab her hair and tell her to get on her knees.
"Steven what are you going to do?" she questions me.
"Liz right now were going to talk." I start. "Stop calling me Liz I am mom." she says
No from now on the only time I will say that is if someone is around otherwise you will be Liz, or Slut or even My Dirty Little Whore. Do you understand me?I ask She nods that she understands. As she is listening to her son make his demands she notices her nipples are very hard and erect. Also that there is a fire burning between her legs as she spot the very erect cock of her sons in his jeans. "Next you will do whatever you are told when you are told to do so .... no matter what it is. As he jerks her hair he says" do you understand slut." Hearing him call her that makes the fire in her crotch burn stronger. She nods she agrees. I will always keep the pictures as i have already put them on a flash drive and hidden it. If for any reason you choose not to hold your end of this araingment the pictures will be sent to dad.
"This is so wrong but i have no choice. You wont reconsider will you?" she begs.
I begin to laugh at her." Heres what you need to understand I OWN YOU. Now I have been noticing you looking at my hard cock. So since i disturbed you. Take it out now." I my command to her. As i stand in front of her, her hands begin to shake as she starts to cry again. "
"Stop your crying you were moaning before so get my cock out. You will address me as sir from now on." I tell her
"Yes sir" as she fights to stop crying and undoing my pants reaching her hand in and grabbing my cock to pull it out. I almost spurt my spunk right there right then. I push her head to it take it. Suck it i command to her. As her mouth slowly begins to open I shove her head on my cock she gags at first and since this is the first person to touch me since she bathed me as a k** I think I only lasted five seconds in her mouth as thick white ropes of sperm came shooting through the piss slit in my cock. Moaning and throwing my head back as she again gagged at first and began to swallow what seemed like a gallon of sperm. Having watched porn on my computer and videos we stole from my friends parents I was knowledgeable of positions and where to put my cock but again it was uncharted territory for me. I then basically dragged her to the side of my bed and bent her over it. Getting in behind her I told her I was about to give my dirty little whore my whole 7" cock deep in her pussy. With that i used my feet to push her legs as wide apart as they would go. I then pushed my cock into her almost dripping cunt. I once again took a picture of my cock in her pussy and made sure that my pants and shoes were in the picture as proof. No so.... I mean sir no more pictures please. "Oh slut this one is even better your cunt is being stuffed by an u******ed cock. This is more leverage that you will remain my slut." I told her. As i pumped my young hard cock in and out of my new sluts pussy i began to feel the boiling in my cock so I pulled out and pushed on her to remain where she was saying I had to stop for a minute. "No sir please your s****r will be here in 30 mins and she cant see this." she says.
"I definately agree with you on that so lets go slut" as i grab her by the hair and take her back down to the master bedroom. Dragging her by the hair I open the 2 person shower my father had installed and push her in. Pushing her to the granite seats that dad had installed because this can also be used as a sauna. I sit and tell her to mount my cock. She comes over turns away and is about to lower herself when i say "Turn around and face me you dirty whore".
She obeys and turns around. Slowly she starts to slide on my cock. As I go completely inside her i hear a soft moan from her. "So does my dirty little whore like being on my cock or just any cock." I ask her.
"Oh ... Oh sir yes i do like your cock." she replies.
" Then ride it slut. Ride it hard." My commands are even shocking as i hear them come from me. I begin to rub and squeeze her tits. Licking and sucking on them. Nibbling one nipple as i pinch the other. Louder moans now come from her mouth as her breathing gets rougher and faster. I cant hold out much longer but i lean her back and tell her to turn on the shower. When she does a cold burst hits us and helps stop my orgasm but sends mom rocking and fucking me harder as she has such a powerful orgasm. I feel her pussy tighten around my cock so hard it almost felt like she would cut it off. That was more than i could handle and again rope after rope of hot sticky gooey white jizz came from my balls through my cock and this time into my dirty whores soaking wet pussy. When we were finally both able to stand i told her she had 10 mins to be cleaned and out of the shower as Candy would be home in 15 minutes. She bowed her head and said "yes sir". I quickly washed my cock grabbed a towel and ran to my room. Once in my room I began to run through everything in my mind again and noticed my cock was still rock hard. I began to stroke it and realized I dont have to do that anymore i have my own personal slut for that. I got dressed and ran back down into the kitchen where my slut was fixing her daughters snack so she could eat as soon as she walked in. Then i said "my cock is still hard and your gonna suck it til i cum or she comes in the door. She dropped to her knees fished my cock out of my shorts and began to deep throat my whole cock. No licks or kissing the head just straight deep throating which was fine with me i just needed to blow another load. As she sucked I instructed her that after dad falls asl**p she is to come to my bed. She looked up at me eyes as big as I had ever seen. With my cock stuffed deep in her mouth and nodded yes. as she bobbed up and own on my cock I held her head. Fucking her face i was so ready to cum when the door opened and my dirty little whore stood up pulling my shorts up and hugging me saying let me get your s****r started with her juice and her snack and i will bring something for you since your sick. You just go back to bed as i feel her hand squeezing my cock. "yes mommy" I say patronizingly. I go back to my room and lay on my bed in ten minutes my new slut walks through the door with a tray and sets it down grabs my cock and starts to work it in and out of her mouth. Stopping just long enough to say "please sir cum down my throat". and begins to suck me harder. My cock begins to shoot my third load just as powerful as my first but maybe only half a gallon this time. I make her clean my cock and tell her to go tend to my s****r. She obeys her command and starts to leave stops at the door and says "I will be here tonight sir but please don't expect me to stay all night. I certainly don't want your dad finding this out. I agree and she leaves.

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1 month ago
I think it was good, anyone heard of a saying "if you have nothing nice to say, keep your fucking dirty mouth shut".
4 months ago
Well that's just gross.


I meant from the overview it was gross. If it sounded at all real my answer would be different, but I just meant it from what I saw and the amount of imagination that went into it. I may not be into these stories, but I always like to see how others minds work. People with thoughts like this really go into deep well written stories I feel that are interesting to read as you get to know them and their mindset. Reading this story it just came across as something that was written by a 14teen year kid thats only friends were the ones in his porn videos. The story, the plot, the characters, the display of words, the overall impact to the world that the story takes place in. It makes no sense. Like I said, I like reading different stories because I like seeing how other peoples minds work. I did not mean gross to the story (Not 100% anyway) I meant it more to the way it was written. Still xhamster is not a is not a place to impress as most people here have most of the blood in their cocks. So, the brain does not really pick up on a lot of stuff. Since I was just interested in reading I guess I just found it to be different.
4 months ago
well 67 people tend to disagree with you but you are entitled to your opinion and most of it is nonfiction
5 months ago
not a lot of imagination
5 months ago
corny, ridiculous, poorly told and nasty, too short, very predictable etc, case and point, I hated it so much my cock went soft after reading the first line.
5 months ago
I loved thanks for posting it for us