Favourite Fanstasies #9

I am now forty-nine years old, and I was forty before I found out how to turn women on! I met a twenty-two-year-old blonde who was aggressive because she was splitting with her old man. We met in an airport waiting room and made arrangements for our first get-together during a short flight when we’d both have a couple of hours in a distant town before changing planes to fly off in different places. It was the first great fuck for either of us! She had never gone down on a man before; and I taught her. It gave her such a feeling of power to be able to make me come that way, that she was more aroused than she could have believed! My wife never showed any aggressiveness, but this blonde was after my cock as soon as I climaxed. She wanted to drink every drop. We would stop along the road and go down on each other in the daylight and she always screamed when she cli-maxed, which really turned me on!
Having had some experience with professionals, I discov-ered that high-quality, expensive call girls were very gifted in sex. My fantasy is to be in charge of several girls; my duty is to break each one into the art of fellatio. I discovered that most call girls are amateurish at fellating a man and have some undesirable tricks they use to conceal their feelings about the client’s semen from him. But if they are taught correctly, they grow to love it! And I would train them to do it the way my French girl friend did it. I fantasize having a training session with redheads, blondes, brunettes, blacks, Orientals, and Latin girls – all beautiful and lusty, with the types of bodies I like. First the girl should have her hair done up in a tight bun or be able to toss it charmingly from side to side as she worked over my throbbing cock! She would be instructed to face my feet so that I could play with her ass and cunt as she played with me! I would have a pillow under my ass to raise me about six inches so she could have access to all the sensuous zones and explore them! She would start out by testing my reflexes with a light kiss on my tummy to see if my cock would rise, then progress down lightly kissing my pubic hair and then to the inside of my thighs (this is the reason for having the pillow) and finally to the perineum area with light darting flicks of the tongue! I would instruct the girls in exercising their tongues so that they could vibrate like a tuning fork. Mostly, I would teach them the joy of drinking men’s semen.
When a girl was finished with her training, she would be able to fully arouse a man and then start to work on his cock (using mine as a training device) by flicking the head of the cock with her tongue, then taking it up to where it was com-fortable, slowly withdrawing on the upstroke and fast on the stroke down) Encircling the rim of the head with her tongue and vibrating her tongue against the draw string (the most sensitive area), never once touching the cock with her teeth. This she would do by curling her lips over her teeth to form an oval with her mouth! As she progressed, her mouth would become quite wet with saliva (a necessary art for the great fellator) and her cheeks’ would pull in simulating as closely as possible fucking naturally! Finally, if the man had trouble coming, she would use her index finger and gently massage his prostate gland by inserting the finger gently but quite deeply into the man’s ass! This always makes them come (and is another reason for the pillow), and she would come with him (he has been playing with her delicious ass which has been turned toward him all the while). She either waits until the spurts stop (three or four) and swallows the sacred fluid or lets it spurt on her face as a beauty treatment) Never, never refuse it by spitting it out or letting him come in a towel or tissue! Then she cuddles up quietly alongside him while the passions subside! Then she refreshens his genital area with a damp cloth and soft towel! I would also instruct the girls in the art of developing and using a snappy pussy! This is delightful to a man and a treas-ured possession of all women) First I would instruct the girls in how to develop their inner vaginal muscles and give them exercises to make them strong! Next, they would practice their exercises on my cock in various positions until they could squeeze at least sixty times a minute and could expel a cock from their pussy they would be so strong! However, the real purpose is to do the opposite. That is, to actually keep the cock inside and so milk it during the final strokes before cli-max. None of that wonderful fluid is wasted. By making you know she loves your semen, you can tell she has given you everything!

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