Favourite Fantasies #8

My profession is the law. I am thirty-four, six-one, one hundred eighty pounds, dark complexion (I’m half Mexican), enjoy women – their touch, their taste, their smell, and ulti-mately their sexuality.
I have the usual male response ego-wise to seeing a woman I am making love to experiencing a particularly satis-fying orgasm or series of orgasms. But I really get off when my partner totally loses her control while I’m keeping mine (at least for the moment). When I can feel my woman raising her hips to get more of my tongue in her cunt or to press her clit harder against my mouth, I get unbelievably turned on. Even if we’ve been fucking all night, that kind of response gets me hard again almost all the time.
I also get turned on by a proper woman’s use of bedroom language particularly under sexual tension. “Please fuck me – now,” “I want your cock,” “Give it to me,” “Don’t make me beg you,” are enormous turn-ons. The ultimate, of course, is that inarticulate scream or cry at orgasm, when her legs go rigid and her face becomes red and contorted. Afterwards, I like to lick the perspiration off her back, neck, breasts and chest, while she’s coming down.
The foregoing has been to give you some kind of feel for my own sense of sexuality, however inadequate. This may help in seeing why or how the fantasies I have impact on me.
Fantasy One: Samantha was a receptionist for another law firm in the building. She was my type – slim hipped with well shaped legs and ass, with small breasts and supersensitive nipples. I used to love to slowly tongue-stroke her clit while touching her hardened nipples as lightly as possible – the climaxes she felt were shattering. One night, after an unusu-ally long session of this type, Sam turned the tables and rolled me on my back. At first, she simply tongued my cock and balls, but after a few minutes she got astride, facing me. She had super muscle control and was able to squeeze my cock with her cunt as if it were a hand. I can still picture her smiling confidently at the effect she was producing on me and by her own incredibly sexy appearance. A couple of times she bent over so that I could lick her nipples. My hands roamed between her breasts and her incredibly smooth thighs. Suddenly she came – and almost as suddenly recovered and continued milking my cock in her cunt. I was going out of my mind. I started to moan and then just at the moment of cli-max, she jumped off, took my cock deeply in her mouth, sucking and swallowing my come – I nearly had a heart at-tack! In fact, I experienced aftershocks of sensitivity at the tip of my cock as many women do. I think the thing that reached me was the incredible intimacy and closeness of wanting to better feel and taste my climax. And, while this was a true event, it is an old favorite if I need to masturbate.
Fantasy Two: A client had an interest in a court case in another city, where he was expecting to testify. Although I was not trying the case, my client wanted me to sit in and evaluate the developments as they pertained to him.
I noticed the court reporter right away – she was not beau-tiful but attractive and appealing. Long slim legs and very lithe figure. She was wearing a see-through blouse through which her bra was visible. As luck would have it, we ate at the same lunch counter and were able to make some small talk. After the afternoon recess, I wanted to ask the reporter out, but was expecting to brief my client at 8:00 P.M. I com-promised by asking her to have a drink after work – she ac-cepted and we went to the cocktail lounge at my hotel, which was on her way home.
We got on fabulously and in no time at all, it was seven thirty-time for me to go to meet my client. The only alterna-tive seemed to be a “late date” for whenever I finished. She came with me to my room and while I picked up my brief-case, she went to the john. When she came out, she had a gleam in her eye and no bra under her see-through blouse. I took her breasts into my hands – rubbing the sheer fabric of her blouse against her nipples. She pressed her mound up hard against my cock, telling me at the same time that she knew I had to go, but that her cunt had been dripping hot for the last hour. How (or why) I had the control to leave there, I don’t know, but I wanted more than a wham/bam/thank you ma’am from that woman. In any event we agreed that I would see her immediately after I finished with the client. We went out into the hallway and while we were waiting for the eleva-tor, she whispered in my ear, “I just want you to know where I’m going to start when I see you later.” With that she un-zipped my pants and took my cock in her mouth. The eleva-tor came and left (fortunately empty) before she stopped. She looked up (she was kneeling in front of me) and said, “I just won’t be satisfied until I have your cock – I want you to come in my mouth and then I want you to fuck me and fuck me.” Then she zipped up my pants, dusted herself off, and another elevator came.
To make a long story short – it never worked out. The cli-ent was unusually nervous, and by the time I finished the court reporter had been asl**p for hours – and probably felt put down. The next day I left. I tried again the next time I was there, and discovered a boyfriend in the picture, and so I gave it up – but I often fantasize about that incredibly sexy court reporter and what might have been.
In thinking about it, the most incredible fantasy might well be that my letter would be included in your next book and that a woman reading it would intuitively and correctly know that she was “my type” and I hers. And, in her mind’s eye, she might even picture a blue-eyed, dark-haired, half-Mexican lawyer. He would be a man who would undress with his eyes a woman for whom he felt an instant appeal. His crotch would bulge but not unusually, because his circum-cised cock would be an average length, although perhaps a little thicker in girth. His dress might be conservative law-yer’s clothes, or jeans and a T-shirt.
In the end, the only thing to do would be for the woman to approach and ask, “Pardon me, aren’t you ...? To which he would instantly reply, “Yes – I’m the man from the book. I’ve been waiting for you to ask me!”

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