Favorite Fantasies #4

I’m writing to tell you about my husband’s favorite fantasy. I didn’t know he had this fantasy until it happened. He knows I am writing and doesn’t object.
Several days ago, I was reading your book and one of the letters excited me. The writer spoke about “whacking off her cunt” which referred of course to playing with her pussy. I had never heard that expression and I thought I’d like to read about her whacking off her cunt, while I whacked off my cunt. My husband wasn’t due home for two or three hours. So I gave no thought of being discovered, my only thoughts were of rubbing my clit and coming.
I keep my pussy shaved because I find I reach orgasm much more easily and my clit is free to be stimulated this way. It also keeps my husband more excited. I sat on the sofa with my legs wide apart. I had a vibrator and my electric toothbrush beside me, also an ice cube which I rub my clit with sometimes and in front of me I had a large mirror. I was jerking off and watching in the mirror, while my pussy was pouring out juices and bouncing around like Jell-O. I was engrossed totally with how much I was enjoying myself.
Suddenly, without warning, the door flew open and there stood my husband. We were both surprised, especially him, because we’d never discussed people playing with them-selves and he had no idea that I did. I couldn’t stop, but I soon saw that he wouldn’t want me to. I never saw a dick get hard so fast. We still hadn’t said a word, and I was still play-ing with my pussy. He started taking off his clothes, and he was rubbing his dick while he moved my mirror and stood in front of me. By this time, he was jerking and squeezing his dick and although he rarely ever said a word in bed, he started saying things like, “Fuck that cunt,” “Play with that juicy pussy,” “I’m beating my peter.” I never saw him so excited, his dick was red, his face was red, he was nearly out of breath, his eyes were fixed on my pussy and my hand that was playing with it, and he was jerking his dick off faster and faster until I made it and then his sperm shot out onto my clit. With one hand still on his dick, he kneeled in front of me and rubbed the hot liquid that had just come out of him into my pussy in the same ways that I had been playing with it while he was watching me. I came again and the look on his face was sheer joy.
Later we discussed the episode. He confided that he had often wondered if women really did play with their pussies, and he spent a lot of his time imagining scenes in which he caught a woman beating off. This was usually what he was thinking about when we were in bed. He said he had seen this in stag films and X-rated movies, but it did nothing to con-firm in his mind that women really rub their clits. Then when he discovered me, he knew at last. He also said he was think-ing of going to a prostitute and paying her to jerk off and let him watch, because then he could tell if she was really enjoy-ing it or not.
Although I’d always thought being caught would be terri-ble, I’m really glad it happened. We are much more open about our fantasies, and try to act them out now, because neither of us wants the other to look for other partners. His favorite fantasy is still the same, but now instead of becoming obsessed with it, he can enjoy it because we play with our-selves together regularly now. I never imagined I could be so free and my husband says he’s now the happiest man in the world and completely fulfilled.

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