Favorite Fantasy #2

My sex life began at an average age with my cousin, who was a year younger than I. My father left Mother when I was a young c***d, so I did not have any idea as to the feelings of having a father around. Mother has worked since she was deserted, having been hired by her former boss because she was very well educated in his particular field, patent attorney. During that time, after school, I would stop off at my aunt’s home until Mother finished work. My cousin was very tal-ented with a baton and did fancy dancing while she was per-forming. She would always ask me to be with her when she was practicing in the yard or the large room in the lower level of the house. While she was doing head turns, cartwheels, head standing, etc., she wore a very skimpy outfit. The pants were loose and it was while she was doing cartwheels that her little cunt was exposed to my view. It excited me to be able to see her cunt so plainly. During the warm weather, she would wear an even skimpier outfit; and the shoulder straps always dropped down, which would get her irritated. Her breasts were not yet showing, but just the sight of her nipples gave me a thrill. As often as her straps dropped, I would kiss her nipples and she wanted me to do that often. She asked if I would suck them like a baby, and I did. Well, soon I was exploring her bottom; and she never made an effort to stop me. It soon was a regular event with us, each time leading to more and more types of sex fun.
At night when I was in bed, I dreamed about what I would do. Jacking off became a regular event.
Whenever my cousin and I could get in a hidden place, we would take our clothes off and play with each other. While I was up, close to her cunt, my cousin asked me to kiss her cunt. That did it. Soon I was sucking her cunt, and she re-turned the pleasure by sucking my cock. Well, as time went on, my fantasies became a lot more elaborate, dreaming about girls who I saw at the pool, on the street, or met at a show.
One time when I was about twelve years old, I was in my room and really beating my meat. I had a mirror between my legs and was watching the hand jacking off my cock. The event happened I was so afraid of: My mother came into my room to wake me up for school and found me beating my meat. All she said was to get dressed when I was finished. Well, a guy hates to face his mother after he gets caught red-handed, so I did not leave my room to come down for break-fast. Soon Mother was back in my room and wanted to know what the matter was that I had not come to the breakfast ta-ble. She hugged me, kissed me, and told me to hurry as though she never saw what I had been doing. After we ate, she stood up, came over to where I was, took my arm, and had me stand up. She gave me a kiss like I had never had from her and whispered to me that she loved me very much and to have a good day.
That evening after we had finished the dishes, Mom spent a bit of time helping me with my lessons. She kept kissing me more than she ever had before. When it came bedtime, she told me to be sure to give her a kiss before I went to bed. That was a complete surprise to me. I did go to her room. She was in bed. She opened the bed sheets and told me to lay down by her as she wanted to have a talk with me. I knew then what she had on her mind. She started off by saying, “What you were doing this morning is a natural thing for all boys to do, so do not think you are alone.” She told me that girls and boys all over the world are doing the same thing. She made me feel so relieved about playing with my cock.
The next night when she called me to bed with her, I was surprised to find her without a bit of clothing on. She told me to remove my p.j.’ s. She liked to have me lay up against her body with my back to her, and she reached down and held my cock while we were talking. That soon led her to jacking my cock, and she asked if I enjoyed what she was doing. Sure I did. Then she asked if I would suck her nipples, and she placed herself in a position so I was underneath her breasts. I was sucking her tits like a baby would. That led to other sex acts. She asked if I would be willing to suck her cunt, if she showed me how.
That was nothing new for me. All during the time I was having sex with Mother, I often imagined that it was Donna (my cousin) I was sucking or fucking.
Today I am very happily married. Can you be surprised to hear that it is my beautiful mother I often think about, dream about, while masturbating? Who could ever forget such a mother?
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3 years ago
That was hot. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
3 years ago
that was a surprise ending-great stuff