Favourite Fantasies #25

I’m a man in my late sixties-healthy, vigorous, and still very much interested in sex. My wife, age sixty-one, still enjoys sex to some extent – but too slight for my taste. My sea fantasies are myriad.
In one of my favorites, I’m a k** of about thirteen, and I’ve just found out what a thrill it is to jack off. My teacher is a doll by the name of Pennwell – we call her Penny. Every time she starts writing high on the blackboard her dress goes up, and every cock in the class rises in tribute. I’ve never seen a cunt but I daydream constantly of Penny’s and every time I jack off I imagine I’m plunging into her.
One day I cut up in class – not unusual – and when the bell rings, Penny sternly tells me to stay. When everyone’s gone, she tells me severely that she’s got something very private to talk to me about, so we’ll go into the anteroom, which is fur-nished like a sort of restroom with a couple of comfortable chairs and a daybed. Penny closes the door, sits in one of the chairs and makes me stand facing her about five feet away. She tells me she’s heard something terrible about me – some-thing I did with Buzz Jones in back of Dodge’s barn yester-day afternoon. .
“Now, Vern,” she says, “I’m going to teach you a lesson you’ll never forget. I want you to show me exactly what you did yesterday behind that barn.”
I protest, but she threatens to tell the principal. It’s too embarrassing, I plead. She answers that it will be harder for her than for me; I might find it embarrassing, but she’ll find it utterly revolting. So, red as a beet, I reluctantly take out my prick. It’s limp.
“That isn’t all you did,” Penny says. “Continue, please.” I drop my pants and shorts. “Go on,” she says. “Do exactly what you did yesterday.”
I implore, but she’s adamant, so I start pulling my cock. Pretty soon I get real hot and I’m enjoying it – the more so now because Penny is watching. She stares at my rod. It’s hard as iron. The veins are standing out. The head is purple and swollen so it looks like its gonna burst.
“Imagine! Thirteen years old!” Penny murmurs.
I’m getting hotter by the minute. I can feel the flush in my face. I start to breathe hard. I can feel the pulsing and throb-bing in my stiff cock and suddenly the thick white juice spurts out – shooting in an arc toward Penny. One gob lands right on her dainty shoe.
“Oh!” she cries, startled. “Very well, you may go now – dirty little masturbator!” Penny says sternly.
So I scram as fast as I can – but when I get a little way, I remember I left my cap and books. I hang around a while to give Penny time to leave, then I go back. She’s not in the classroom, and the door of the anteroom is ajar, so I slip qui-etly in.
Penny’s lying on the bed. Her eyes are closed. Her shoes are off. Her gorgeous satiny white legs are spread wide, wide apart and, the knees are drawn up. For the first time in my life I see that most wonderful of sights – that feminine flower nestled in her crotch, the moist, soft, pink lips of it, framed in fragile curly hair, and the dark red of its depths. It’s Penny’s lovely cunt and she’s masturbating it with her long, slender fingers for all she’s worth. I watch fascinated. Suddenly she opens her eyes. “Oh!” She’s startled, but her fingers linger on her cunt. “Lock that door and come here,” she says. I lock the door and approach her. “This is what you and all the boys want to see, isn’t it?” she asks. I nod. “Then take a good look at it.
She spreads her legs more. I devour her cunt. with fam-ished eyes. I could look at it forever. It draws me as though it were the center of my being. She plays with it a little to show me the inner and the outer lips and the way they open up, and the clit and the little pee hole.
“It’s just – beautiful, Miss Pennwell,” I say. “I – I’d like to – can I kiss it?”
She whispers yes. I kneel on the bed and put my mouth right between her legs, right on that lovely pink twat that’s the center of her femininity. It’s soft, yielding, wet, and it has a musky odor. I press my mouth in gently. I hear something between a sigh and a moan. I take my mouth away.
“O, don’t stop, don’t stop!” she begs.
So I put my mouth back. Then she starts telling me how to eat her – how to flick my tongue gently around the lips and the clit, now slowly, now quickly; how to move it slowly from the bottom to the top. As I do it she makes sweet little excited sounds; she starts pumping up and down, fucking my mouth; my face is wet with her cunt juice.
“Can you fuck me? Can you get your prick up again?” she asks breathlessly. I tell her it’s up already. “Wonderful thir-teen! Perpetual hard-on!” she says. “Shove it in, then! Oh, God, fill me up with that male meat!” I slip off my pants and shorts.
She guides it in. I feel my rigid cock slide slowly right up to the hilt in the soft, warm, wet depths of her.
“Oh, jeez. It’s heaven! It’s paradise!” she whispers. “I can’t wait – I’m coming – “
She’s moving her hips in a circular motion, breathing hard. Her eyes get glassy. She shakes convulsively, uncontrollably, making little cries. I keep on pushing my prick in and out with long strokes and she keeps coming and coming. I speed up a little; I’m near the top. She’s crying, tearing at me, dig-ging her fingers into my back, biting me. She’s shaking from head to foot. I feel the deep surge in ms prick and with a long, pulsing discharge I flood the soft, wet, dripping honey mouth of my teacher’s cunt.
That was a lesson I’ll never forget.

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