Favourite Fantasies #24

The first time I saw her, I wasn’t prepared for that kind of a happening:
I had been thumbing my way west, hoping to reach the Pa-cific coast before I ran out of money, and doing all . I had been on the road for two days, and had covered a thousand miles.
The red convertible came over the hilltop like a rocket. Its pipes were screaming and the chrome glistening in the sun. I could tell by the speed it was coming that there was no room for me in there, so I didn’t even put out my thumb. Then to my amazement that big red monster fishtailed to a halt a dozen yards up the road. I was so surprised, I just stood there gawking. The tires screeched in protest as she gunned the motor and reversed back down the road to where I stood.
“Want a lift or don’cha?” she asked in a husky southern drawl.
“Yes, ma’am!” I replied, getting my head together. “Well, plant your butt and let’s git it on the road.” She was smiling, and the twinkle in her eye told me this was going to be one good ride. I dumped my stuff in the back and slid into the bucket next to hers. She drifted into low and come off the clutch like a teenybopper. She went through the gears like Parnelli Jones and when she was finished we were sizzling along at eighty miles per. Then she looked at me and winked.
“Hold on, honey, I cain’t drive but I sure do aim this thing,” she said. Then she laughed. It was a deep throaty laugh, rich and full like she was. She was tall, maybe six foot, with long legs and big beautiful feet. She was clad only in the briefest of summer frocks, that crept up those long legs al-most into her lap. She drove barefoot with her legs and arms stretched out straight in front of her. Her ample bosom bounced freely as the car hurtled over the uneven road. I just watched her, fascinated, as she drove. She was almost a part of that big red machine, coaxing every last ounce of power and performance out of it, her long slender fingers wrapped loosely around the wheel. I had ridden with fast drivers be-fore and had even felt safe with one or two of them, but she drove with such ease and self-confidence that in no time I was completely comfortable at her side. The phrase “she drove like a man” comes to mind but I can hardly remember any man who drove that well.
Her skin was like black velvet, smooth and soft; it almost glowed with life. Her bold Afro features were like an ebony carving. Her mouth was full with sensuous lips and big white teeth that flashed at me as she talked. Her nose was large but perfectly formed with a little upturn at the end. Her neck was long and graceful, tapering to good square shoulders that rippled with her almost masculine strength. Her ribcage was big and her breasts sat high and handsome on it, full and firm with a glorious valley between them. The skimpiness of her dress revealed large firm nipples that strained eagerly against it. It was obvious that this girl was turned on with her driving and the power she controlled. Her body tapered beneath her breasts to a small waist and immediately flared again, flowing into large firm hips and a flat plane of a stomach and round soft buttocks. My inner eye ate her up like a big piece of chocolate cake.
To make matters worse for my warming loins, that dress, as she drove, crept ever upward into the luscious lap. Soon I was able to glimpse the stark white of her panties and the glorious arch of her mons jutting against the thin material. I couldn’t help but stare. She carelessly let her left leg slip sideways as she pushed her pelvis slightly forward in the seat. The effect was electrifying. The taut material of her panties dug into her pussy, outlining the firm pouting lips.
“You sure look hungry, boy,” she said, coyly grinning. “If you don’t talk to me I’ll have to cover it up.”
I felt the bl**d rush to my cheeks as she laughed that deep throaty laugh. My cock was twitching like crazy, trying to make an erection in my tight jeans. I felt like a schoolboy who had just been caught jerking off in the john. I wanted to apologize but her freedom about the matter stopped me cold. She knew what she was doing to me with her body and just plain didn’t give a damn.
Her left hand lay in her lap and her index finger was idly stroking the indentation in the crotch of her panties. I wanted to reach out but I was paralyzed. Then, pushing up the hem of her dress, her hand slipped beneath the elastic of her panties. I watched, spellbound, as her fingers slid over her abdomen, and down between those waiting lips. I saw her middle finger arch and bury itself within her. She was masturbating, right there in front of met I raised my hand to reach for her but she stopped me cold with a word.
“Don’t.” Her voice had picked up a bit of an edge. “We are going eighty miles an hour and I am running this thing. You seemed to want a show, well, I’m giving you one, but don’t reach for me, it could kill us both.” I couldn’t help my-self. My eyes were riveted to her crotch. Then as if it weren’t enough she lifted her ass off the seat and pushed down on her panties. There it was, in all its voluptuous glory. A huge puff of curly black hair, the crimson head of her clit just barely peeking out. The full inner lips gleamed with a coating of her sweet juices.
“Isn’t it pretty?” she asked softly. “It tastes even better than it looks. I may even let you have some later, but right now I just want you to see me. Now I’m going to ask you to do something for me, but I don’t want you to get carried away. I want you to take these damn pants off, but that’s all. Don’t try to touch me or we may both wind up dead.”
I was ready to do anything, so I reached forward slowly and hooked my thumbs beneath the elastic of her panties and pushed them down toward her feet. She pulled her left foot free and spread her legs. From where I was positioned I could look right into her sweet little honey pot, and I could almost taste the sweet moistness of it. I sat back and watched as she thrust two fingers into herself. She sighed, and her finger came out wet. Then she reached out slowly with her hand and ran her glistening fingertips across my lips. She dipped them again and repeated the move. This time I opened my mouth and sucked the sweetness from her fingers.
Then when I thought I couldn’t take another second of just sitting there watching that beautiful pussy, her foot came off the accelerator and slid onto the brakes. A side road was coming up fast on the right. The tires screamed as she brought the big car to a halt just past the turn. She jammed it into reverse and backed around out of sight of the main road. Then she reached forward and killed the motor; flopping back in her seat, she puffed like a steam engine.
Then she opened the door and slid out of the car, flopping on her back in the tall grass at the side of the road. I needed no invitation, I was out of the car and around to her side in two seconds flat.
She closed her eyes and smilingly held out her hand to me. I dropped to my knees beside her and slid my hand softly up her thigh. My fingers felt numb as I touched the crinkly curls on her mons. She reached down with her hands and scooped up her dress, drawing it off over her head. She was magnifi-cent, lying there with the sun bathing her in her naked beauty. I moaned with joy as I lurched forward and buried my face in her. Her velvety thighs closed around my head and I could feel the soft skin against my ears as I stretched out my tongue into her tunnel of love.
I ran my tongue back and forth across her throbbing clit; then, pursing my lips, I drew it into my mouth, sucking as hard as I could. I thrust my chin against her buttocks and drove my face into the very depths of her. I felt her fingers in my hair pulling me even tighter to her. My face was smeared with her juices and I could barely breathe. Her legs were locked so tightly around my head that the muscles in the back of my neck ached, but I was oblivious to the pain. That hot sweet cant was on fire in my mouth, and she was like a wild thing, thrusting and bucking as she came again and again. Finally I could stand no more. I tore my head from between her legs, clawing at my clothing in my frenzy to be free of it. Then I was nude and my cock found its own way, piercing the lips of her cunt and sinking deep inside. I could feel her throbbing pussy practically eating me alive. I wanted to just stay there and savor it, but there was no controlling her. She arched wildly, thrusting her pelvis up to me in her panic to have more of me. As we came closer and closer I could feel nothing but that hot cunt sucking the very life from me. Then like bolts of lightning from deep within my guts came the hot cum coursing through my aching cock and filling her. Her legs wrapped around my hips like a vise and she screamed and sank her teeth into my shoulder.
After a long time I rolled off of her and she came to me and pressed her warm wet body against me and we slept.

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