Favourite Fantasies #22

I am twenty-four years old, a college graduate, and have a very sexy girl friend. She is still somewhat reluctant to dis-cuss her fantasies with me; but after reading your books, she has become a little more open. I have admitted that I have had sexual fantasies, but have yet to tell her about a single one.
One fantasy goes like this:
The couple next door have been transferred to another, section of the country. He has already left to start to work, and his wife is staying here to try to sell the house. She (I’ll call her Betty) is about twenty-six years old, five-nine (slightly taller than I), 37-26-36, and sexy as hell. I receive some of their mail, so I go over there. It’s about ten A.M. I go to the back door (as usual) and find it open. Looking in, I see Betty lying on her back completely naked, with her "companion" licking her cunt. Betty is wriggling around on the kitchen floor, moaning with pleasure, urging the "companion" on. She spreads her legs wider and pulls the "companion"’s nose and tongue into her. I am watching silently, getting a tremendous hard-on. Suddenly, she pushes him away, and spinning around on the floor, she grabs his prick and begins to suck him off. She swallows practically all of the pink, fleshy cock. I begin to strip off my clothes as she shifts positions again. She rolls over and gets up on her knees. The "companion" knows what to do. He’s up on his hind legs and over her ass. She reaches around and guides his cock into her dripping cunt. His cock plunges in and out as Betty pushes her ass back to him. Before I can finish stripping, Betty lets out a low, long moan. The collie shoots his prick into her harder and faster, and is ready to come. Betty lets out a scream as the "companion" shoots his wad into her pussy. After a few moments, she pulls away from him, leaving him whimpering. The "companion" licks her cunt when she rolls onto her back to rest.
Now, for the first time, she notices me. She smiles and tells the "companion" to go downstairs. Then she takes my cock and leads me to her bedroom. I lay on my back as she begins to suck my cock and stroke my thighs. She drives me crazy – licking, nibbling, stroking, sucking, pinching my cock and balls. She then mounts me, her boobs bouncing up and down as she rides me. When I near the point of no return, she hops off and kneels next to me on the bed. Her boobs surround my cock when she leans over and rubs her breasts together. In a few moments, she’s back on her knees with her ass sticking up. I get behind her and drive my throbbing cock into her slippery cunt. Reaching around, I grab her boobs, stroking them and pulling on the nipples. She yells for the "companion", and in runs the panting "companion". “Let him fuck your ass,” she moans, “he knows how.” The "companion" jumps up behind me and begins to search for my asshole. I reach back and grab his cock, place it at the hole, and push it in slowly. He shoves it in quickly and begins humping. I’m going wild!! My cock is ready to explode as I feel Betty’s cunt tighten around it. The "companion"’s cock is filling my ass to the point of tearing it (and me) open. Heavy breathing is interrupted by Betty’s loud moaning scream, followed by my orgasmic gasp and the col-lie’s LOUD high-pitched yelping. We collapse on the bed, the "companion" pulling out and hopping to the floor – my cock still in Betty.

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