Favourite Fantasies #21

I have never written anyone on a subject like this before but was so pleased to see so many of your female readers honestly expressing pleasure in expanding their sexual en-joyment, that I’m glad to see you explore the little-known subject of men’s fantasies, and want to contribute my own experience to the search.
Since my wife and I have raised our c***dren and seen them happily married, it has been our custom to take half of our vacation together and the other half separately. She usu-ally goes visiting or shopping with friends or relatives, and I go deer hunting in the north woods. I usually do my hunting from a blind made of balsam boughs and I rarely see another hunter except when I come out of the blind at night to head for camp and pick up my companions on the trail back to camp.
In the blind I am truly alone for hours at a time except for the wild creatures of the forest and I have lots of time to think back and relive past experiences. It is a lonely but restful experience and after a few days of fresh pine-scented air and mild exercise, I find myself missing my mate and getting more and more horny! As I think back, I remember one occa-sion that I shall never forget. The following is what actually happened to me!
I was a boy of about eleven or twelve, living on a big farm, and as boys do at that restless age, I roamed the fields and the woods far and wide. On a very hot summer day, my faithful companion and I came to a deep pool in a creek that flowed through the valley. We were hot and tired and it was far from other people and farm houses, so I didn’t hesitate to strip to the buff and jump in with the "companion" joyously joining me. The running water was so cold that I soon became chilled and crawled out on a grassy bank with my "companion", Ted, right behind me. I came up on the bank on my hands and knees and before I could even dry myself on my shirt (or in the sun), Ted mounted me like I was a female. I tried to move out from under him but he weighed almost as much as I and was now covering my whole back and gripping me with his forepaws – meanwhile pumping his stiffening weapon closer and closer. Suddenly after several sharp jabs that made me yelp, he found my rec-tum with his juicy prick and rammed it in full length. It hurt fiercely – yet it felt good! Suddenly he gripped my sides so hard with his forepaws, he drew bl**d and began spurting into my virgin passage. It was like an electric shock and trig-gered a new and unfamiliar reaction in me. My boyish penis suddenly began to swell like Ted’s, which was still in me, and I too had an “electric shock” in my own weapon. I began to spurt like a pulsating lawn sprinkler for the first time ever, and must have shot semen at least three feet from me for what seemed like two or three of the most glorious moments of my life to date. It was like the Fourth of July. Finally after sev-eral minutes in which I began to wonder if he would ever be able to get his gigantic, swollen prick out of me (and didn’t care much at that moment), we collapsed together on the grassy bank, and actually dozed off a while before another swim and the long walk home.
All of this came to me later in my deer hunting blind in northern Michigan, and I got so horny that I began to wonder how it would feel to be a female and get such a royal fucking. In my fantasy, I got to thinking of myself as a young widow who had lost her husband within the past few months and had as my only relief and comfort a young and virile German "companion". I now set down her thoughts as in my imagina-tion I was reliving her experience:
“I live in a small house on the edge of a little southern town in a sparsely settled suburb. My friends have insisted that I get myself a "companion" for both company and protection. Since I am only thirty years old, and don’t want to remain a widow the rest of my life, I decided it would probably be a good idea if I could find the right kind of companion in the meantime. So about a month ago, I found a beautiful light-colored "companion" about one and a half years old, owned by some people who were moving to Atlanta and couldn’t take him with them. They sold him to me and I was delighted to find him gentle, clean and housebroken. In fact, he is cleaner than some people I know, and loves to have me bathe him – especially when I slide his beautiful tool out of its sheath and splash warm water on it! He sl**ps in my bed-room at night and has his own shaded yard to run in during the days, but is fenced in (fortunately for me, I found out later!).
“One morning I had just finished my shower and had come into my bedroom to towel off, when I heard the local fire truck pull up across the street at the Browns’. I ran to the window and, not wanting to stand in the window before all those men naked as a jaybird, I dropped down to my hands and knees and was looking out to see where the fire was when I found out! Suddenly Duke padded up behind me and began licking my cunt with his long rough and wet tongue. No one had touched me there since my husband died five months ago, and it felt so good my nipples stiffened till they stood out like spikes! My pussy began to contract and expand and I began trembling all over!
“But I knew I shouldn’t let him do this so I wheeled around from the window to get up. As I did so, Duke mounted me doggie fashion, holding me down with his ninety pounds of weight, covering my whole back and grip-ping me around the middle like a drowning man. I tried to get up but my legs felt like rubber, so I tried to crawl over to the bed to lie down. As I moved, Duke began jabbing me with his dripping prick all along the inside of my thighs – and occasionally hitting the lips of my cunt – meanwhile, he was sliding further up my back and holding me so tight he was scratching my stiffening tits with his claws. But somehow now, I didn’t care! I wanted to feel more of that beautiful weapon! So I dropped down to my elbows and spread my knees just a bit – and BINGO!! He hit the slit and rammed his hot rod all the way in-deeper than anything had ever been before – it must have been buried in me at least eight inches! Suddenly he gave a little extra jump and I felt a bigger bulge like a knot go inside my cunt lips and then we were locked together and he began to cream! I came so many times that I fainted and collapsed on the floor.
“When I came to, we had separated and Duke was lying quietly licking a long, but very red – and much smaller – tool. I knew I had had the best screwing any woman had ever had, and I made up my mind right then never to let Duke out of my sight again. I didn’t want him to wear himself out fucking any neighbor bitch who might come around looking for ser-vicing!” I’m afraid the balsam screen in front of my deer blind got a liberal dosage of rich cream from the furious flogging I gave my throbbing member that afternoon. The next morning when I went back to the same blind, my screen of boughs was rudely trampled down and there were deer tracks all around the stump upon which I had sat. Do you suppose a suffering doe in heat might have come by in high hopes, and ended up frustrated?

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