Favourite Fantasies #20

In my fantasy I meet a gal who asks me – out of a clear blue sky – if I would come to her apartment. She says she needs help with something, but never says what and I do not press.
Once at her apartment she begins kissing me and I respond as I figure I know what she wants. Sex. As we’re locked in a kiss, I feel her unbutton my shirt, undo my pants, drop my pants and shirt to the floor.
Then she calls out and three other gals run out and grab me. They’re dressed and range in age from sixteen to thirty (which is my age). I’m half-carried into the bedroom where my hands are tied to the headboard and my legs are spread and tied. Before doing so, they remove my underpants so my cock is set free.
Pillows are stuffed under my hips to raise my ass off the bed and a pillow is set to raise my head up. Hands feel every inch of my body but they all converge on my half-raised pe-nis and they intently feel it, exploring it, my balls and my groin.
They gather around my cock so I can’t see what they’re doing, but I can feel a hand pumping it. It’s gentle at first, but it gets furious until I’m about to erupt. When I can feel them move in extremely close, that’s when a hand massages the head. I’m lost now in. ecstasy and I come. I can hear oooos and ah-h-hs as I shoot white sperm out.
When I’m finished, the gal who brought me licks me clean.
They leave.
I’m left alone for a long while. Then the youngest returns. She strips to show a young body with small, developing breasts. She’s as thin as I am, but very lovely with the prom-ise of more beauty to come. She lays beside me and kisses me. I return her kiss. Her hand reaches down and massages my rod back into bloom. Her kissing grows more passionate as she rubs her tits over my chest. I lose track of how long this goes on, when she mounts me and starts riding my organ up and down. Up and down until I come. She collapses on top of me.
We rest and then she leaves.
Again the first gal returns to lick me clean.
After some time gal number three, the next oldest, enters. She’s already nude with small firm breasts and as innocent looking as one of those bright-eyed portraits one sees at places selling pictures for the home walls. She’s about twenty-two or so with short hair. She looks down at me for a long moment, runs a hand over my limp penis, and then climbs on so her pussy is over my mouth. Without saying a word, I begin licking her, tonguing her, probing her and suck-ing on her and continue to do so until she comes. She tastes sweet and can really moan and groan up a storm.
She, also, collapses atop of me and rests for a while before leaving.
Again there is this waiting period as if planned, so I can recuperate.
The last woman enters, all of twenty-eight – or there-abouts, with the face and figure of a plain, ordinary girl next door. Oh, she’s lovely, but no fashion model. She climbs on me, face down, and starts sucking me. Playing little games at first, and continuing to a full-scale, first-class suck job. She drinks every drop of cum. Occasionally, I’m able to get at her pussy that moves past me, but she doesn’t stay long for me to do much, as it’s obvious sucking is her pleasure.
Once she leaves, the first gal I met returns. She unties me, bathes me, feeds me, then kisses me and drives me home.
Well, there you have it. That’s my wildest fantasy, but it’s by no means able to compete against others I’m sure. I’m not normally obsessed with sex, but would enjoy more on a regu-lar basis. I’m just too shy.

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