Favourite Fantasies #19

I am forty, married, with three boys ages ten to eighteen. I guess I’d be considered middle income class – over thirty thousand dollars. My fantasy is a little “far-out,” but parts of it are real experience.
The fantasy always involves my cutting the hair of beauti-ful women, and I do that a lot. It’s not my occupation, just a hobby, but I’m very good at it.
Anyway, this fantasy involves a beautiful brunette with very long hair. She wants “the works.” First of all she has a glass of wine as I seat her in the chair and fasten the neck cloth around her and raise the chair to the proper level. I be-gin by piling all of her hair on top of her head and then cut-ting it in layers, till we end up with a very short wedge. I then use an older vibrator-type electric clip per to taper her neck and sideburns. She is thrilled with the haircut and has another glass of wine.
When she is finished, I tilt the chair all the way back so that she is nearly fully reclining. I lift the neck cloth so that she is uncovered from her breasts down. I lift her skirt as she helps me remove her panties. I then put a soft fresh towel under her seat. By leaving one foot on the foot rest and let-ting the other one dangle, she completely displays her entire pubic area, and is at an easy angle for me to proceed with her haircut. My electric clipper is still warm from shaving her neck. I snap the clipper on and begin shaving her legs from the knees up. Her pubic hair is very thick and bushy. She comments on how long it’s been since her last clipping. As I get to her beautiful mound, I use a flat comb to lift the hair. I then press down softly with the vibrating clipper, and she squeals with glee. Once she’s entirely clipped from the knees to the navel, I brush her off with a soft brush and then cover the entire area with warm moist towels.
Next, with the old-fashioned shaving mug and brush, I lather her entire crotch and shave her till she’s shiny and clean. Finally, with an electric hand vibrator, I massage her pubic area and legs with a soothing hand lotion. I now lower both of her legs, so that I can sit on the foot rest between her legs, and go deep inside of her with a lively tongue, till she nearly falls out of the chair, as she has a massive orgasm.
Next I help her to an awaiting whirlpool spa in the next room, where she relaxes while I prepare for my next cus-tomer. This time a beautiful blonde with thick hair to her waist. She, too, asks for “the works.” My third customer is a very cute redhead with really thick hair. She wants an Italian “boy cut” and she gets it – everything. When I’m done, all four of us end up in the whirlpool spa and one at a time, we fuck till I can hardly move. I then simply pass out.
When I awaken, I find myself strapped into my own bar-ber chair. My arms are tied to the arms of the chair and my legs to the outside of the foot rest. My only clothing is the cloth around my neck and the towel that I’m sitting on. All three girls are stark naked. I see the redhead giving the blonde a crew cut with my clippers. The blonde is saying that I left it a little too long. The brunette is right behind me and with a tongue in my ear says, “Now it’s your turn, darling,” and she begins to cut my hair, really doing a great job too. Next the brunette tilts the chair all the way back so that my head is just level with her cunny, all smooth and fresh. She slowly turns my head so that I face her. I feel the redhead go to work on my upper legs with the warm vibrating clipper, while the clipped little blonde goes down on me, moving up and down ever so slowly with her flicking tongue and warm mouth. I’m busy with the brunette who has to hold on to the chair to keep from falling down. After about three minutes, the girls trade places with each other. I feel the clipper close to my penis which is now being sucked softly by the brunette. The redhead straddles my head so that I can just barely get my tongue inside her to tickle her clit. Everyone has a great time.
Finally they lather me up and the brunette does a great job with the razor. Not a single nick and smooth as silk. The little blonde has to use a stool to stand on so that I can suck her clit. She holds on for dear life as I am vibrated with soothing lotion and sucked by the redhead. She does the most fantastic job I’ve ever had. My right hand has been loosened so that I can massage the cunny of the brunette as we all come to-gether.
I’ve tried this with one, but I’ve only dreamed about three. Got two friends who need a haircut?

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