Favourite Fantasies #18

I am twenty-seven and have a B.S. in business. I have been happily married for almost four years; and my wife and I have a great life together, especially our sex life. Before mar-riage, I was a virgin, not because the chance had not passed my way, but because I felt that for me the best thing was to wait for marriage. I had about six to eight partners during this time and we did all but go all the way. I am truly turned on by women of all ages, sizes, and colors. To me it’s not so much a woman’s body that turns me on but a combination of personality and the physical. Women turn me on anywhere from age f******n to fifty. I have never had any relationship with a woman other than my wife since we wed; however, I would like to. It’s not that I’m not fulfilled, but variety is the spice of life.
The fantasy that I have most often concerns two women together. They are in a room and it is as if I am invisible. They cannot see me, nor do they know that I am watching. They start off talking and sipping on a cocktail. The conver-sation turns to sex. One woman is thirty-seven, about five-seven, slightly overweight but still very pleasing to the eye. The other is in her late twenties or early thirties, five-two with large tits and beautifully muscular legs. Both are mar-ried. They are talking about their own experiences as well as their friends. Dee, the older of the two, is telling Pat about how excited her husband was the first time she shaved off her pubic hairs. Pat said that she had wanted to do that but wasn’t sure of the correct way or how she would look after. Dee said that she had just shaved yesterday and invited Pat to see. Pat was a bit shy but willing. Dee then raised her skirt. She had on a garter belt, nylons, and a pair of white panties. Pat un-hooked the garters and proceeded to remove the nylons. All the time, Dee was telling her how her husband loved to nib-ble and suck her out when she shaved it. Pat was getting very excited by this and began to feel Dee’s soft, smooth legs, caressing them softly. Pat now was on her knees, slowly pull-ing the white panties from around Dee’s hips. Slowly the smooth soft mound appeared. Dee then moved her fingers to part the lips of her cunt which was now wet with anticipation. Pat moved closer and watched Dee finger herself and began to move her fingers over the clit. The smell of sex was in the air and suddenly Pat’s tongue was moving over that beautiful, warm, wet pussy. Dee remained motionless, just resting, laid back on the couch. What seemed like hours later their eyes met and Dee stood up and removed the rest of her clothes. From there, they went up to the bedroom where Dee un-dressed Pat and then shaved her pussy. The two then engaged in their new form of lovemaking until they heard Dee’s hus-band drive up in the car and they both made a dash to get dressed and act as if nothing more than a cocktail get-together had occurred.

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