Favourite Fantasies #17

I am nineteen years old. This fantasy is my favorite. It probably originates from my reading because I have never seen anything like this (unfortunately). The people in it are real, but most of the events are only in my head:
Linda is a high school English teacher who is very popular with the students. She is very friendly with everybody; but best of all, she has a fantastic body with huge tits. Quite often her class has a party at someone’s house. Everyone is invited, including Linda. One of these is a swim party at Ellen’s house, and eventually most of the people go home. Linda and another girl, Laurie, help Ellen clean up. Quite exhausted when they finish, they plop down on the sofa; but Ellen sug-gests that they take a sauna to relax.
As the temperature rises and the sweat runs down their bodies, the suits feel uncomfortable; and at Laurie’s sugges-tion, they remove them. Linda is almost asl**p; but Ellen and Laurie can’t help but stare at Linda’s beautiful body, espe-cially at her glistening cunt and large, firm breasts. Finally, Ellen asks Linda if she would like a massage. Turning on her stomach, Linda says yes; and the two girls jump beside her, starting their caresses at her back. They switch to her legs, one girl on each, moving upward toward her lovely ass. When they reach it, Linda turns over, revealing her moist tits and cunt. Unable to contain themselves, Laurie and Ellen move their fingers to her tits, squeezing and fondling them, finally rubbing the nipples. By now, Linda is fully awake and very excited, watching the two pretty girls massage her breasts. Putting her hands on the girls’ heads, she pulls them down until their faces are at her breasts. Together, Laurie and Ellen begin sucking the very erect nipples, still squeezing the masses of flesh; but now each with one hand on her own cunt, working their fingers to a frenzy. Linda pushes Ellen’s head to her own cunt, while also pulling Laurie’s cunt toward her own mouth. Laurie sees Ellen’s cunt unoccupied and awaiting a tongue. The three of them suck and lick each other, building to a fantastic climax, bathed in sweat and steam.
Later, as they shower together, the girls again suck on Linda’s enormous tits, while at the same time fingering her cunt and ass. Finally, in the bedroom, Ellen produces a dildo and a vibrator, and once more the girls bring Linda to a series of unbelievable climaxes, fucking her in the ass with the dildo and rubbing the vibrator around her cunt lips and across her clitoris.
Three people or more in my fantasies are typical. The way I see it, two people can do much more for a third than one can.

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