Favourite Fantasies #15

My wife did not fantasize before she read Secret Garden. Now she asks me to tell her wild stories while I masturbate her.
First let me tell you a little about us. I am twenty-six years old, and my wife Brenda is twenty-five. We have been mar-ried for six years and have one c***d age three. I have a high school education with a little college (two months).
Brenda’s body is perfect except for a couple of small stretch marks on her stomach from the baby. Her breasts are beautiful with large brown nipples. She is really a knockout. The reason for such a description of her will be clearer after you hear my fantasies.
My experiences with sex didn’t start until I was about thir-teen, although I started masturbating at about eight. When I was thirteen this couple moved in next door to my f****y. She was about thirty and a beautiful brunette. Her husband traveled a lot, and she was home alone a lot. She never closed the curtains in her bedroom and I used to watch her undress from my bedroom window. However it was only from the waist up that I could see without getting closer, so finally one night, I sneaked over and looked in the window. Finally she came into the bedroom, and started to undress. My heart was beating wildly as she pulled off her bra and panties and lay down on the bed. She started to caress her breasts and then her fingers found her cunt. As she started to masturbate, I felt my dick strain to get free. I quickly unzipped my pants and tried to pull it out, but as I did, she climaxed, raising her hips off the bed, and I came in my pants.
They lived there for two years, and I saw her on many oc-casions after that, and even though she went out of her way to let me see her naked or partially dressed, nothing ever hap-pened between us. Probably because of my shyness. (I think she was willing.)
She was my fantasy girl and I dreamed of her until I met Brenda. We only dated for five months before getting mar-ried. Brenda was a virgin and I really had a time trying to teach her about sex. Our sex life is really good and it was several months after we got married before I masturbated again. Fantasized about this little doll who lived next door in the trailer park where we lived. I admit to peeking through the windows at her undressing two or three times.
After Brenda became pregnant, we had a lot of time to talk about sex, and not so much time to do it. We used to lay in bed at night and talk about screwing while we masturbated each other. As she got bigger and more out of shape, she also got sicker and we couldn’t screw at all after the sixth month. That’s when my present fantasies started. I would get out the nude pictures of Brenda that we had taken after we got mar-ried, and we would lay there and I would look at her picture, while she beat me off or ate me, and then I would stroke her clit and tell her how beautiful she was, and how exciting it would be if someone saw one of her pictures. She used to go wild when I would talk to her about undressing in front of someone or getting caught naked or wearing a short dress and showing off her lace panties or some other sexy kind.
After the baby was born, she exercised and worked hard until she had her figure back in perfect shape. Then she went out and bought all kinds of sexy panties and bras. As soon as she was back to normal, I started to talk to her about it more and more. But she is very shy, and I could not get her to go through with it. I was anxious and rushed her a little, but she never got upset. She just told me I would have to wait until she could get her nerve up. In the next two years I fantasized constantly of her undressing in a motel with the curtains par-tially open, so that someone could walk by and see her. Then last summer, while on vacation in Florida, I waited one night until she went to sl**p and then I opened the curtains and uncovered her. She was only wearing a pair of yellow bikini panties, and they were sheer. She was lying on her back with her legs spread and her breasts sticking straight up. I hid in the bathroom and watched as five different men and one boy about fifteen stopped and stared at her. (I left the lights on.) The next night I told her what I had done, and she made me tell her every detail, as she masturbated herself to three cli-maxes before we screwed each other. She loved it, but still could not do it when she knew what was happening. How-ever, I did do it one more time before we left, and she knew I was going to, but again she would not knowingly participate.
Since then she has slowly worked up to wearing short dresses and sitting carelessly and getting out of the car with her dress up to her hips in front of men. We do all of this in nearby towns or places where we are not known.

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