Favourite Fantasies #13

I’m twenty years old and have enjoyed many times the company of a female as well as fun with a few of the guys whom I have known since school days.
Let’s go back to the time I was about eight years old. It was when I was jerking off my cock in the storage room in our home. Guess the room was to have been a bedroom but our parents never finished it and it became the back room where we kept everything from camping gear, Christmas ornaments, clothes, to a bed which was my play bench. When I wished to jerk off I would go to this room, strip my clothes off and lay on a mattress which was stretched out on the top of a bed frame and play with my cock. I tried to roll up into a ball and suck my cock but could only get the tip to my mouth. So it was just fun to play with my cock and to imag-ine I had a girl or boy with me. Guess I must have been no-ticed by my two older s****rs because I got caught stark ass naked by both of them. Scared boy I was as they told me they were going to tell Mom what I was doing. My older s****r, who was sixteen, laid down by me and kissed me and told me that neither one would tell Mom so to relax. Then my other s****r laid down on the other side of me and both of them kissed me like I was a lost friend. In a very short time both of them had me locked in their legs and were running their hands all over my belly, neck, sides and the big surprise came when my oldest s****r got my cock in her hands and asked me if this is the way I was playing with my cock. She was pump-ing my cock real fast. My other s****r was kissing me, giving me a suck mark on my neck, and when she got her lips up to my mouth she f***ed her tongue into my mouth and that was all I needed. Then I felt a funny feeling at my cock. My older s****r got completely undressed and was taking my other s*s-ter’s clothes off. We were all naked. Both of them went down on my cock, sucking until I started to squirm. The more I squirmed the bigger the hug I was getting. I told them my cock was getting sore so they quit. We laid there for a long time and both told me that if I would not tell Mom we could all do this a lot. We got dressed and after that day when ei-ther one was alone I let them suck my cock.
Both are now married, and while we sometimes try to get together for more sessions, my sex life with my s****rs has been mostly reduced to thinking about how it would be. The big turn-on in my daydreams is that if my b*****rs-in-law knew, we would be in a hell of a mess, but since they don’t know, it just adds more to the fun. My favorite fantasy is to imagine one of my s****rs lying naked in bed with her legs spread apart, and my other s****r, she is naked too, she holds the cunt lips open with one hand, while with the other, she is guiding my cock in. Then while I’m pumping away on the one, the other gets on the bed, ass backwards to me, so that while I’m fucking one, I have the other’s juicy cunt facing me to suck out.

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