Favourite Fantasies #11

I am fifty-one years old, married and have two c***dren, now away from home. I am a businessman in a small town. A sporadic sex life with my wife led me to have an affair with a younger woman, a divorcee. We would meet a few times per year. The hassle of avoiding prying gossips in a small town made us break off and she is now married to another.
I have fantasized all my life, on a variety of sexual themes. My current favorite puzzles me since it is full of paradoxes. First, I am a rather strong-willed person while my former mistress was not, yet in the fantasy we play the opposite roles. Second, I do not like pain in any form, but in the fan-tasy it is the pain and sexual domination of my partner that gets me off. I use this fantasy quite often during masturba-tion.
The fantasy begins as my mistress and I are together in a motel room. She is angry with me and will not let me kiss her. She makes me take off my clothes. After I am nude, she ties my hands behind my back. She then lifts her skirt and removes her panties and makes me step into them. As she pulls them up to my crotch she tells me not to get a hard-on or I’ll get a spanking. All the while she is fondling my penis and balls. Naturally I get an erection. She slaps my hard penis and says, “You disobeyed me ... now you are going to get your fanny warmed.” She sits on the edge of the bed and f***es me across her legs. She pulls down the panties and caresses my buttocks, running her finger down the crack. Then she begins to spank me with her open hand. The spank-ing lasts a long time and my buttocks get hotter and hotter, the pain gets stronger until I plead with her to stop ... promis-ing to do anything she wants.
After another swat or two she pushes me off her legs to the floor and commands, “Now eat me. Lick my pussy till I come.” She spreads her legs exposing her warm moist cunt. She has been turned on by the spanking. I crawl between her legs and begin to kiss and lick her pussy. She starts to moan and grind her pussy hard against my lips. She locks her thighs around my head so I can’t pull away. As she writhes against me she beats on my head and shoulders with her fists. At last she has her orgasm and slumps back on the bed. I fall to the floor, my tongue and jaws aching.
In a few moments she has recovered and says, “Now I’m going to **** you, but first you need to be cleaned out.” She grabs me by the penis and drags me to the bathroom. She f***es me to bend over the edge of the tub, parts my buttocks cheeks and stuffs a large-nozzled douche syringe into my anus. It has not been lubricated and I cry out in pain. The water is hot as it courses into my rectum and I whimper and moan. She then rams the douche in and out of my rectum. As I cry out, she crams the panties I had been wearing into my mouth as a gag.
In spite of the pain, I am more aroused than ever. My penis is hard and throbbing. Finally my mistress withdraws the syringe from my rectum and allows me to evacuate. While I am sitting on the toilet, she sees my penis standing straight and tall. “I told you not to get a hard-on,” she rages, “and now you get another spanking.” This time she throws me face down on the bed and proceeds to whip me with the belt from her skirt. I am still gagged so all I. can do is moan in pain. At last her arms tire and she tosses the belt aside. She rolls me over on my back and proceeds to mount me. “Now I’m going to fuck you,” she says, and she slides her cunt up and down on my penis. She is careful not to let me climax. My balls begin to hurt, but still she will not allow me to come. As she works up and down, she reaches behind my body and down between my legs. She grabs my balls and just as I am about to explode, she gives them a hard squeeze. The pain causes me to lurch and squirm. A few fast thrusts of her ass and she hits her climax. Then she rolls off me and collapses on the bed.
When at last she has recovered, she rises from the bed and gets a large double dildo from her suitcase. She inserts one end into her pussy and fastens the straps around her waist and thighs. She laughs and says, “If you thought the enema was bad just wait till I **** your ass with this.”
She ignores my silent pleas and f***es me over on my face. “Pull your knees up,” she orders, giving me hard slaps on the buttocks. I bring my knees up under my body. My hands are tied behind me and my face is buried in a pillow. My ass is raised in the air making a most inviting target for her big rod.
My mistress takes her finger, moistened by rubbing her wet cunt, and slips it into my asshole. Then she mounts me from the rear. I can feel the head of the massive dildo press-ing against my anus. It is beginning to f***e its way in. The pain begins and I writhe in agony. I feel that I am being torn apart. Tears come to my eyes. At last the dildo is in my rec-tum to the hilt and I groan as she makes the final thrust. Be-fore I can recover she begins to push it in and pull it out, fucking my ass with hard thrusts. There is pain. I can feel the dildo filling me completely.
As the movements continue, the other end of the dildo be-gins to do its job inside her cunt. The pace quickens and I know she is nearing another climax. She is breathing hard and thrusting faster and faster. Her reaction begins to trigger a response deep down inside of me. I feel myself building to a climax too. Finally the pace is too much and with a squeal of delight she has her orgasm. And that final quivering thrust as she goes over the top sends me up to a blinding orgasm too. My throbbing penis squirts its juice and I collapse in a trembling heap.
Usually by this time, I have masturbated to a climax, so the fantasy ends.

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