A new lesson for an old friend pt.5

I wrapped my arm around her waist started to rub her clit again while sucking on her earlobe.Once her eyes closed shut and she pushed her tight bubble ass back at me i knew she was ready.I guided my cock to her twat with my left hand and slowly entered her.My eyes never left her face as she took me, i wacthed her chin drop to her chest as she inhaled sharply and ohhed for me.If i'd had any doubts about her being a virgin before-which i did'nt-i knew for sure now,her pussy was so snug the walls squeezed his dick like a vice grip.As he began to stroke her pussy moans of both pain and plesure filled the bathroom.Samantha suductively moaned my name like a pro as she collased onto the counter giving me full access to her depths,i gribed either of her hips pulling her back and forth along the lenth of me driving more cries from her pouty mouth.I watched as her ass cheeks slammed against my thighs rippling like waves crashing,and as i pushed her away the sight of her twat w****d around my shaft nearly finished me.I had to keep reminding myself to take it easy or i'd hurt her but she was too dame tight and i needed releif.I grabed another handfull of hair raing her face to the mirror and using the ponytail like reigns as i fucked her cunt deeper and faster.
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